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It starts in the modern age, with a teen girl visiting a castle in France that her father inherited. She discovers some ancient books with the family crest, and she and her father begin the arduous task of translating. The majority of the book is the translated diaries of an ancestor minstrel. I think a young adult reader, with an interest in medieval time period would especially like this. Minstrels don't just sing and play the lute, but they were the story-tell As three stars says, I liked it. Minstrels don't just sing and play the lute, but they were the story-tellers, and carrier of news from village to village.

The stories he tells are also included, which get boring on occasion. The author's note at the end includes an invitation for readers to submit minstrel stories to include in a subsequent sequel. She thanked a fifth grade class and their teacher for helping her edit the book. Perhaps the minstrel stories in this first book were written by fifth graders.

There is plenty of action, particularly after Amos the Minstrel picks up an apprentice along the way. I'm not going to spoil it by spilling the beans on his identity, but his arrival in the story enhances the plot and makes it necessary for the author to write a series! There is nothing objectionable in the content either, unless stories about dragons or time period subjects are objectionable to you.

It was written tastefully, and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this book for kids. Jan 08, Djrmel rated it liked it Shelves: This is a book I think I would have loved as a child, maybe up to about 8 or 9 years old. The original fairy tales told by Amos, the Minstrel, have the detail that not only keep the reader reading, but also would have held the interest of a crowd of villagers who had plenty of experience with well told tales.

The actual Minstrel's tale, of taking on an apprentice with his own very interesting back story, works for a young reader looking for safe escapism. However, there's something uneven about This is a book I think I would have loved as a child, maybe up to about 8 or 9 years old. However, there's something uneven about the characters themselves, Amos and Richard, in that their life experiences and personalities seem to to weaken and strengthen depending on plot twists, that even a child might question.

Also, the bookends of the tale, a young contemporary girl who discovers the manuscripts when she begrudgingly accompanies her parents on a vacation to France is totally unnecessary. Jun 29, Tanya rated it liked it Shelves: I was hoping at first this was going to be a time travel story. Still it was a very pleasant read and I would recommend it to anyone.

My only disappointment is that it ends suddenly and seems to be part of a trilogy. Generally speaking I like my cliff hanger in the second book not with the first one. There does seem to be some over usage of some words, and the writing style didn't quite catch me as if it had been polished up a bit more. The stories are interesting, with a fable aspect I was hoping at first this was going to be a time travel story.

The stories are interesting, with a fable aspect to them. I love the Minstrel, he is an interesting character and I find his cloak a fun addition to the story.

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I got this as a free kindle edition. If I were in a book club I would suggest having this book on a list to read.

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I think there could be some very fun discussion, with the stories and the historical aspect. Sep 20, Ashley rated it really liked it. When I got this book as a free promotion, I was interested in the premise. It was about one of my favorite eras in history, and it was a mix of modern and historical elements. My favorite part of the novel, to be honest, we're the tales within the tale. The minstrels stories were refreshing and new, and the illustrations within we're amusing to see.

Outside of the minstrel tales, I thought the story could have used a bit of work. The way this author writes, it's almost like the storyline takes a When I got this book as a free promotion, I was interested in the premise. The way this author writes, it's almost like the storyline takes a back seat.

There is nothing wrong with that, but I enjoy a little more substance to my story lines. Jun 12, Anne rated it liked it Shelves: Anna and her family have inherited a family estate in France. They go there to visit for the summer and decide whether or not to sell the place. While looking in the rooms, Anna finds some old books, written in Olde English, in a trunk. She and her father spend the summer deciphering them. May 10, Lesley Sudders added it. It presents an accurate insight into a moment in history, and the engaging characters bring it to life.

Adventure, secrets, and wonderful tales combine to create a novel that is delight to read. Jun 30, Joanna McDarby rated it liked it. I got this book not realising that it was a childrens book and enjoyed it immensely. I loved the interludes of the short little tales and liked the way the story moved along at a nice pace. I liked the characters but felt they lacked depth, but I know that isn't fail I keep having to remind myslef that it's a kids book.

May 11, Eduardo Cervino rated it really liked it. I remember every book my father read to me, lying in bed by my side until I fell asleep. The Minstrel's Tale is the type of book one enjoys reading with one's child tucked against the ribs, building together another loving moment to remember. Oct 12, Euraylie rated it liked it Shelves: A book for the younger crowd, but quite delightful. The tales the Minstrel Amos tells throughout the book are wonderful and they keep you guessing until the end.

However, while the tales are great, I feel that the main story gets a bit neglected in the process. Jan 13, Kathie rated it liked it. Nice easy read - I like period pieces. It's Youth Lit, though, so typical. Dec 22, Jennifer rated it it was amazing. This is an excellent read. It is written for pre adolescents but I had too keep reminding myself of that. The fairy tales that are incorporated into these books are wonderful. Aug 28, Laural rated it really liked it Shelves: I wasn't sure as I got going in this book, if I would like it.

By the middle and end, I loved it! Feb 25, Matthew rated it it was amazing. A wonderful story for all ages! Highly recommended for young, old, and everyone in between! Nov 29, Linda Harrison rated it really liked it. An enjoyable period fiction! Jun 21, Kylie rated it it was amazing Shelves: I loved every second of it!! Author of the Spirit Animal Series you listed. I read them first and am sharing them with my kids now! What I love is that at the end of the books there are discussion questions you can ask your kids. The Five Kingdom Series 4 books so far one yet to come.

Also by Brandon Mull. Dare I say even better than Fablehaven??!!! Dunno but your kids will love them. I really enjoyed the Beyonders series by Brandon Mull as well. There was one character that freaked me out a little. Ferrin was his name. Totally brilliant and cool concept for a character! But you should find him and read about his particular abilities and judge if you are ok with letting your kid read it.

They are even better than the first series of books. It ties in the Roman personas of the Greek Gods and introduces you to another camp of Roman demigods. Of corse Percy and Annabeth are still major players. About the Egyptian Gods told by a brother and sister who are always making snarky remarks while the other is speaking.

The storyline is amazing. The Sisters Grimm series by Michael Buckley is a hilariously entertaining series! When my mother bought me the Charlie Bone series, she also got Artemis Fowl. I love them both! Artemis is a brilliant, rich criminal mastermind, but he may be in over his head when he kidnaps Captain Holly Short of the LEPrecon Unit. These fairies are armed and dangerous. Anything by Stuart Gibbs! I have read many of the ones you listed Autumn and loved them as well. Thanks for this list! These are all wonderful series! One other I think you should add is the Fablehaven series by Brandon Mull.

Next to Harry Potter they are mine and my kids favorites! Savvy, Scumble and Switch by Ingrid Law are some of our favorites.

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The main character in the first book is Mibs Beaumont, is about to turn 13, and with a grandpa who can move mountains, and older brothers who can create storms and spark electricity, she is anxiously awaiting her birthday. The second and third novels are about different members of their extended families. Both my son and daughter enjoyed this series, and we all hope there will be more to come. My son loves reading and is starting the 2nd grade. We are already running out of ideas for books to read that are not really scary but are at his reading and interest level. We have read Narnia over the summer so this is a great list of what we can read next!!!

My daughter started reading the Wings of Fire series by Tui T. Sutherland in 4th grade and it is her very favorite set of books! The very best book is Gregor the Overlander by Suzanne Collins! My 3rd grader through high schoolers love them. Gregor the Overlander is brilliantly written by Suzanne Collins! Perfect for any age! I enjoyed them as much as my 4th grader and high schooler! It has action from the first page. The sequel comes out May 30, The Redwsll series by Brian Jacques. My grandsons have enjoyed the Little House books so far.

Here are a few more: Floors trilogy by Patrick Carman. Grades 4 and up Cupboards trilogy by???? Grades 5 and up. I would like to see the Alchemyst series added. A very good series about two twin teenagers who must save the world, or destroy it with the help of wizard Nicholas Flamel. The Unwanteds by Lisa Mcmann is a 7 book must read series! Wings of Fire by Tui Sutherland. Land of Eyon by Patrick Carman. I just turned thirteen, but when I was twelve I read a book series called Eragon.

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It is after Harry Potter my favorite. I absolutely love the series and wish there were more like it. If you think it sounds boring or something I am positive you will love it. My friend said I should read it so I did. Absolutely a great series and if anyone knows a series like it please inform me so I can read it. The best thing about the Land Of Stories is that it is awesome for all ages no matter if you are in 8th grade or in 3rd grade.

I think you will love it! I know it was long! Wings Of Fire is a great series about a movment called the talons of peace that wan tto end a war taking place in the kingdoms. My grandson and I have enjoyed the Unwanted series 7 books. Its a cross between Hunger Games and Harry Potter…. I survived series by Lauren Tarshis. Read every book with my 3rd grader. Have real history with a fictional story. Highly recommend for younger readers. There so many fantastic books I have loved in blog and comments thread. I have been scribbling down recommendations and my Amazon basket is already filling up — time to complete a library search first!

I have 3 little readers who have read a fair few but would recommend Katerine Rundell — Rooftoppers and The Explorer as a wonderful author to discover. Aso visit Kids Baby Club it provides the most entertaining and educational video for kids. You will also going to enjoy it with your toddlers.

Do not forget to like our page and visit our YouTube Channel. For more videos click on this link: We stumbled upon the Muzz Series, and my kids 10 and 8yo absolutely loved them. My son is 11 and in 5th grade. Only reads for 30 minutes a day because he has too. My 4th grader picked up a Pegasus book, the first one in the series. She was kinda freaked out so I read some.

It was very graphic in parts. Like blood splattered on the chandelier described.

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Definitely not what I would recommend for 8 to 10 which were the recommended ages on the book. I also really like these, a bit easier level than some on your list: Higgins Mister Max by Cynthia Voight.

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The Wingfeather Saga by Andrew Peterson is amazing! Princess Academy now has three books; the third is called The Forgotten Sisters, and is of course great. Both series are good for boys and girls and if your boy balks at reading a book about a girl, do his future wife a favor and help him get over that. Also, the sixth Incorrigible book just came out last month. I devoured that series, and I am Also written by that author is the Imaginary Veterinarians. If you were to ask people to name the most popular book series of the recent years, most of them will surely name Harry Potter.

I plan on reading them ALL! Your email address will not be published. Sign me up for email updates!

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Yea, how about Harry potter? There is actually a new book in the Princess Academy series! The Young Wizards series by Diane Duane 9 books. I think you should put Harry Potter in their it is awesome. Why is it so hard to find good quality books with POC. This is a 3 book series. Yes — my kid loves those. He also loves Story Thieves by James Riley. My fourth grader loves the Harry Potter series. Hearts blood trilogy by Jane Yolen is a good one. My fourth grader read 18 books in the Warriors series. The Pendragon series is a big hit in my sixth grade classroom!

The Spiderwick Chronicles is another great series!!! The ascendance trilogy by Jennifer A.