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Seymour Chwast is often credited as the designer who shaped contemporary design and illustration, thanks to his expressive and iconic style that worked to blend the two disciplines in radical, playful ways that directly counteracted the clean, minimalist nature of Swiss design. Alexey Brodovich was instrumental in introducing European design trends to America in the s, which triggered a new generation of designers who created simpler and modern designs.

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Max Miedinger was a Swiss typeface designer known for creating one of the most well known typefaces in the world, Helvetica or as it was formerly known, Neue Haas Grotesk. Helvetica itself is a paragon of Swiss design — clean, legible, flexible, and it had no sight of serifs anywhere, no naturally it caught on pretty quickly. Greiman is recognized as one of the first designers to influence and encourage the acceptance and use of technology in graphic design and the arts during the s.

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John Maeda is another designer credited for redefining the use of computerized media in the graphic design industry. This exploration and his resulting work became fundamental in the development of interactive motion graphics which are used so frequently in modern graphic design. El Lissitzky was a Russian designer, most well known for his political propaganda poster designs, whereby he used heavily stylized shapes and colors to create a powerful visual language.

Lissitzky was also a very influential player in the development of the Bauhaus, a school that would go on to produce some of the most revolutionary graphic designers and design trends.

02. Saul Bass: Design the Iconic

Ladislav Sutnar was a designer famous for making sense out of nonsense through design. His specialty was information design, the practise of using a clear and clever design to help make information more accessible and consumable for the general viewer. Alvin Lustig is a designer who radically changed the way book cover design was approached, displayed, and thought of.

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This approach was radical at the time and quickly caught on to the point where it is now common practise in most book cover designs. Muriel Cooper was a graphic designer at MIT who pioneered computerized graphic design. Over her career, Cooper was able to create visual depth, movement, size changes, shifts in focus, 3D type etc.

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These designs and developments from Muriel Cooper would go on to inform and shape a lot of modern day digital design. At a time when art nouveau was king, Lucian Bernhard forged a new path and embraced a more minimal, drawn back approach to design. While working as an art director, Bernhard created advertisements that consisted of flat colors, no slogans, just a simple illustration and logo.

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This small spark of minimalism from Bernhard would later grow into a raging inferno, and one that has very much carried on into modern design practises. Otl Aicher was an accomplished graphic designer, best known for his work for the Summer Olympics where he boldly used pictograms, vibrant colors and a strict grid system to create a stunning identity. Aicher also created an influential public signage system that utilized simple stick figure graphics which grew to have a great impact on graphic design.

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Hannah Lane, Communications Director at Redress shared with us way back in Episode 29 that they have made it their mission to make the Redress Design Award Competition truly global. This year, for the very first time, they have been accepting applications from all over the world. Contestants from 55 countries sent in their applications and 11 talented contestants joined the circle of Redress Design Award Alumni.

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