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I still get the missing plugin error: At the bottom of the logon screen I saw an icon for Universal Access settings, the time and date, and an icon for Shutdown Options. What do I do to choose the different desktop?

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How do I choose gnome as the seeion instead of Unity? As far as I can tell, there is no session dropdown box on the login page. I can't see a the whole message in a window. Here's part of it though Us the package manager synaptic or run sudo apt-get install" and then I can't see anymore.

Are you saying that the sutton appears only after I click on my name? Is there an Xorg tool, or wrapper that will modify an X app - so the mouse cursor cannot leave the app? None of the pages that I searched aid that the setting appears only after you select the user, which is one logical way to do it, but only obvious in retrospect.

Ok, now to actually start getting some work done: I'm watching syslog from another terminal while downloading the Ubuntu ISO. Is there a way I can choose to redownload language packs? I am asking bc I am unsure if I should install. I cant install software from kubuntu dvd, when the system is installed in hdd. Thats not my cup of tea. But if i play a netflex movie on my computer with or a new simpsons dvd i bought Please take this discussion elsewhere or abstain from it altogether. This includes linking to pirated software, music, and video.

When playing flash games certain keyes don't work, such as the asdfg. Please helped i have installed two different linuxes with the same result. I am trying to help my friend's wireless card work on meerkat. I mean, making the files and dirs inherit the user stuff? It died and then when I tried to start it back up, it would open a window and immediately close it. After repeated attempts and attempted re-installs it doesn't even open a window at all now. I checked the error logs and I'm getting a bunch of these: I'd say it's a bug in the current version of chrome except I've tried both unstable and stable and I hadn't updated chrome when this started.

Searching google didn't turn up anything useful. Anyone else have this problem? Anyone know what could cause it? How to fix it? I'm not sure but that might use the same driver that this article has a solution for http: Well, new install of Ubuntu All Hail routing gods.. I have a server with two uplinks, I need to ensure that traffic coming in, returns back on the same interface.

I was trying to copy a file from a local Samba share when it panicked. I just created a repository disc with APTonCD that contains the four main desktop environments, and I tried "sudo apt-cdrom add" and it fails. Ive done this in Debian stable and it works fine so I know what Im doing. I uninstalled the icedtea plugin and now it's working I can't see my Applications dropdown.

I have CompizConfig installed, if that helps with my problem: From there try to re-enable your compiz features and see if that takes care of it. Well thats it for me and Ubuntu. Sick of simple things breaking or just not working. Debian works and its way more reliable. For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https: I'm trying to understand more about threads.

If I pass a variable to a thread, can it modify the value of that variable in such that it takes effect in the 'parent' thread? Anyone have a suggestion on a next step in troubleshooting? Well i could use some help. Kubuntu is based on Ubuntu, but is not the same, so you do not need the Kubuntu package. Gnea, I want to pass an instance variable to a new thread, called 'x', I'm wondering that if I change the instance variable in that thread 'x' if outside of that thread, the instance variable will have the value that was set thread 'x'?

I know I play robot unicorn all the time. I'm trying to get my wireless to work using p54pci, and it's working to a degree, but it's having some connection issues. It takes forever to connect to sites, then usually loads stuff okay, and it sometimes loses its connection to the router. Anyone have any ideas? Please report this error at http: Despite my best efforts the game has been hacked again and user accounts have been deleted again. I am reviewing the situation. It would be awesome if I could see packages that I have requested to be installed so I don't have to shift though dependencys.

I see the submenus on the left, but there's no option to force the Applications menu to sort them. Pilif12p, the same way you update any other installed package on the system. Gnea could you go onto disputed galaxy and log in as guest then try to press S then enter. I periodically get "GPU Hung" error system freeze, and switch to console see that message , using kubuntu When I updated to I can only boot into a text only interface.

Please don't use cusswords, even obfuscated ones. Additionally, drop the attitude. I have wasted 2 CDs and an equal number of hours on this. I downloaded the The MD5 of the iso matches that on https: Okay, here's my problem. However, it appears as though I require root access to view that folder. My ssh account is in the sudoers file on that computer. How can I do this? I'm having some trouble with my wifi using p54pci. Thats what is failing I am following those exact instructions.

I am using the fglrx driver. Anybody have any clue on how to diagnose this? AegNuddel, some OS's are better for some functions better than others. Gnea, ok sure, but for my purposes I have found Winblows inadequate. AegNuddel see how working debian - i can say, that if you wanna work and relax - use debian All those methods are just different ways of verifying MD5, so I guess if 1 fails we can assume the disk is actually bad..

AegNuddel, yeah, I'm just using it in the interim until I get ubuntu working again I think it's the power supply's too weak, so the added graphics polish ups the load on the graphics card, which ups the load on the supply, so poof, power cycle. I don't know anything about that game and this is the first time I have even looked at it. I have the windows drivers, but ndiswrapper refuses to function, so I got p54pci to work, and it does to a degree, but I'm getting a lot of connection issues. I just updated from 9.

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What could be the problem? R0B0G3N3S1S, seriously, none of the keys on mykeyboard are doing anything to the game to make it react. I want to boot windows on sda1 current record is sda3. Windows 7 just made them worse, I Think because of how they polished everything up to make it all pretty and therefore more demanding on the graphics card. Makes sense to me. JoeCoolMobile, not to sound funny, how did you get into it? I gotta get this figured out. JoeCoolMobile, try issuing a 'sudo telinit 2' and see if it gets you in. Usually takes a minute or two to connect to stuff, then whether it's gonna be fast or slow is a coin toss, and it sometimes likes to drop all together.

JoeCoolMobile, if tieinv's suggestion doesnt work reboot and hold shift, and see if you have multiple grub entries, dont select a rescue mode. Why unity's global menu works fine but indicator-app-menu is so glitchy? JoeCoolMobile, sorry my thought kinda ended there lol, select a different entry that does not say rescue mode, you can use rescue mode but it wont start x. Before I installed Ubuntu, while in Windows, I researched a bit and built a setup pack, which was ndiswrapper to compile from source and the windows drivers to use with it.

When that wouldn't compile, someone suggested using ndisgtk, which grabbed ndiswapper-common and -utils Type "man fsck" for information on running it manually. For instructions on how to set up bluetooth, see https: I unlucky set the boot record to sda3, windows boot loader and windows are installed under sda1.

I want to boot windows again. For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http: Linux requires grub to load the kernel I insert it and does not mount. I know a lot about systems, linux windows and mac the only thing is i never changed the mbr on linux shell. It was recorded on her camera.

Hi all, are there any good applications for syncing your ipod with ubuntu? For information on how to sync and add tracks to your iPod, see the guide at https: RockBox for information on liberating your iPod. I nither have a cd nor a second usb stick nor a burner. I would recomend using the usb stick and booting ubuntu. I'm having a problem with Ubuntu It takes a long time to boot and get to the desktop.

It also takes a long time to install and the install stalls in the download package and installing system phase. It also takes a long time to switch to console after pressing ctrl-alt-f1. Did not have any issue with Problem started with the new It is a live linux i used for showing some people linux. It is a live linux i used for showing some people linux liquidmeson. When you say you can't open the internet, meaning you can't get a browser to open? I have installed remastersys from soft center, but it haven't created any shortcut, how to run it, does it need any other supporting packages?

You might be able to recover grub, let me find the factoid. I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent: Are you sure your network is set up proper? Does it work with other machines? Why doesn't Ubuntu include the patch from Debian to fix b43 crashing due to the 3c59x in my lappy? Could it have something to do with my hardware? There is no problem running Ubuntu It sounds like you're not getting an IP address. Do you know if your network card is functioning properly? I'm trying to switch to Linux on a dinosaur of a computer. Is there a better distro to run on such an old computer, or can I free up some resources somehow?

There should be a light that stays on, and one that flashes on-and-off with activity. Module ndiswrapper not foudn. I will check it out. Not yet on the processes but even if I start a simple game like quad system resources max out. So, you have a link, but it's not giving you an IP. One of my runlevel 2 scripts is prevents my system from booting. Is there any way to make Ubuntu start in runlevel 1?

I kind of installed both netbook and desktop versions and its flickering insanely. Under 'Wired' you should see 'Auto eth0,' does that exist? Anyone know of a printer for me? For lists of supported hardware on Ubuntu see https: Package ndiswrapper does not exist in maverick. AHemlocksLie, then again it's been a while since I installed it.

Wireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https: Question that I hope is humiliatingly easy. The new Ubuntu installer is complaining I don't have 2. This is correct, right? But it still doesn't like it. I'd say re-ask the channel to see if someone else can help, also include more details like you have link light, no activity light, no IP, etc. I have two 1 TB drives.

The intent was to give Linux all of this drive. Anyway, worst comes to worst, I'll just use your advice, Parsnip. To set up disk space limits for users, i should go through the tutorials for Quota or is there something better? When I installed Ubuntu 8. Also makes backups easier. I installed ndisgtk, which installed ndiswrapper-common and ndiswrapper-utils Instructions for using webcams with Ubuntu can be found at https: I'm running the latest version of Ubuntu, how do I access an external hard drive from a terminal?

I'm currently trying out the Maverick Meerkat liveCD. Does anyone know how to change the video drivers? I want to record my guitar. Which audio capture devices work with Ubuntu? Ertain, if you are using the LiveCD you are very limited when it comes to graphics card drivers, to need to do a real install to install "real" drivers.

Finally mac is beeing punished for beeing way worse than microsoft when it comes to closed platforms! Could someone explain where I'd stick this? I'm trying to verify that ubuntu server any recent version will work 'well' with a Dell PE server -- specifically with the PERC5 raid card -- the ubuntu hardware compatibility website seems horribily outdated -- am I looking in the wrong place?

What is the difference between ubuntu desktop and ubuntu server edition? Well this is frustrating. For those tuning in now, I'm trying to convince Ubuntu that there's a whole 1 TB hard drive waiting for it, but it can't find it. The auto-installer complains about not enough space with no elaboration or options. I just installed quota using apt-get but when i type 'quota' it returns empty. I end up with just "fsck from util-linux-ng 2. Which makes sense because Ubuntu's GUI based stuff sees no disk drives either.

I found the server directly on there -- i want to double check the PERC card specifically though. Snowflame, try not to use enter so much - use 1 line to describe you problem. Thanks, but I already have the physically server - or rather I'm acquiring it this week. Is it possible to set up ubuntu in such a way that it can be remote-controlled using ipod? It's not what I'd expect but might explain the missing hard drives. This is off a CD-boot of Has anyone other than me ended up with a stuck raid device in a I've just had an install fail, now I can't remove the device.

Hi, I have Ubuntu Does any one can help? How do I turn the colors on? Hi there, in a persistent USB run via virtual box, the default user is ubuntu, but it dont let me run synaptic, or use sudo in the terminal Is recent terminal output recorded? If so, how can I access it? There is not inough info to answer yet, please be more specific. I believe I'll be good with my new hardware and Ubuntu. The video drivers are installed and working perfect, but not the sound.

I think I finally found the root of my ndiswrapper compiling problems, found a. Is there a way to view recent terminal output? I just asked this a second ago and was told nano. Ah, then I'm afraid no, you have to rerun the commands. I showed someone the output of my failed compiling, and they said it looked like kernel mismatch, so someone else hunted down the patch for me.

Gryllida, the command Enigmatil The linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Sickler, if you have xfce installed, yes. In Ubuntu its only showing 2 gb though and it generally feels a bit sluggish im guessing because of the ram issue and I'd also like to try and make ubuntu look a bit more like KDE but im not having any luck. Ask your questions, help others. The channel guidelines are at https: To install from Ubuntu: I have same question I was able to remove it only along with volume control. And is this package installed only on Ubuntu by default.

Is there a reason that I'm not automatically presented with the login prompt? All it said was "Your system is up-to-date". I didn't get a box offering to let me upgrade. I installed a 64 bit ubuntu and its only giving me 2gb out of 6. Interested in remastering the Ubuntu! I thought I would need special perms, so I didn't try Also, that is mentioned on that page: I logged back in windows so I can't do that right now..

Good to hear that linux deals with the issue more gracefully than windows: Pardon the cut-in, but the code red is wearing off and I have A question before my typing loses all intelligibility: Is this a known issue? It's a controversial decision, most of the community disagrees with that statement. Can you name one that will not work even in a 32 bit chroot?

What I can say is a couple of 32bit emulators do NOT work with the 64bit ia32libs method. There has never been a 5. Both of those releases have not been supported for a long time now though. Please install a supported release of Ubuntu then, like If so, is there a place I can find a fix? That has been a popular question recently for some reason: What is the difference between desktop and server? I mean I can run and addapt a desktop to run servers and so on, so what is the "real" difference?

Ubuntu desktop runs a lot of stuff that a server doesn't need. Could you try to be more clear. Are you using an obsolete version of Ubuntu because recent versions run too slowly on your hardware? If so then you should instead look at Xubuntu or Lubuntu which are lightweight yet fully up to date and supported. I have it on my t Also, most people create servers which have to be locked-down and hardened for security purposes, and desktop Ubuntu probably would need a lot of work to get tere. Your right, you can install services on desktop JUST fine ;.

The only difference is in the packages installed by default. Any "desktop" install can be completely transformed to use the same packages as the "server" install, and visa-versa. I am fairly sure you can't change that stuff while the computer is running. Whats with this stuffed up distribution!! Why the hell doesn't the desktop partitioner have raid in it? Couldn't configure pre-depend xcommon for xxkb-utils, probably a dependency cycle.

Do USB devices only show up in lsusb if they have a driver loaded or something? Or should I be able to see any USB device? Trying to get a Powerware UPS to work with nut but the bloody thing doesn't show up using lsusb on any ubuntu system. I've seen posts from others with the same UPS and it does show stuff in lsusb How can i move all my files name songs1. MTec, i'm guess that was only an example - it moves everything starting with "songs". Just came to quickly say, updated my server to Also, desktop upgrades always seem to fail lol. I had to reinstall my desktop many times over before it worked right.

Fresh install is better anyhow. ZykoticK9, unfortunatly i cant remember the correct command to do so.. Im using ubuntu Oh, by the way, anyone using KDE in I've had it happen in quite a few apps. It's got to be one of the worst bugs afaik, worse than my mouse. MTec, the bash number would require a [] but i couldn't tell you the proper placeholder's either, so mine might fail ;. Is there any way to properly test the connection between two computers?

Allegedly this network is supposed to be gbps, so I'd like to confirm that. What is the the exact command you used? I'm guessing you had an extra space. I'm sure it did before Which package installs the proper xchat and not the gnome skinned one? I seemingly cant access any features lol. I've used that before. Is there any easy way to do this without having to reboot to my windows machine to linux? Is there any way to make everything on my screen appear slightly smaller so that my netbook's screen can show more stuff at a time? I have a lot of dialogs cut off by the gnome-panel.

Mtec still same, cannot move XX to a subdirectory of itself.

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I know it worked in the same physical configuration, with an older kernel from Lucid. Do you have any other machine you can test that adapter on? You just want to test your download rate right? That will be bottlenecked by the file read speed. I know this sounds stupid. But is there like, a weight loss program application thing for Ubuntu? Hi, I'm having trouble with wireless on my laptop. An error has occurred in the Pastebin software. Please notify the administrators.

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I can't create a new account on launchpad to report a bug. It won't send me a confirmation code.. I can't seem to get my hard drive to mount read and write even though the fstab seems to be good. I don't like Debian beacuse they're missing a lot of the Ubuntu stuff.

I'm gonna go ahead and assume that even on a 1gbps network, the memory thoroughput is much faster: I ask because I do see some really old issues with the belkin adapter using that chip. I'd try to revert to the older kernel and insmod it debug and see what happens. Is there any way to get Banshee in the sound menu like Rhythmbox? I'm noticing more problems than benefits on my hardware, with the new kernel. Hey, this is progress, right? ZykoticK9, I found my answer. Just a simple plugin install. Just installed Ubuntu karmic along side Fedora.

Grub doesn't see fedora anymore, ideas? Thanks for the help in advance. How do I add new mime types to my server? Do you want Nautilus to add these permissions? I don't know of the graphical way, I deal with it via command line. Well yeah, putting it there wasn't MY idea that's where it put it by default. My mirror has updated, now I can join the cool people in Shotwell's upload feature is useless if it cant see your Facebook albums.

I'm under the impression XFCE requires mb to run well. How do I enable netbios name resolution for programs like 'ping'? I tried adding 'wins' to the hosts line in nsswitch. Why does Maverick message: I think synaptic or aptitude can resolve these conflicts. I came here to ask what "Sticky Windows" are and how they could be applied to my windowing habits.

Just stuff like ping doesn't work. I'd advise against dist-upgrading.. I had it installed but apt-get must of uninstalled it during dist upgrade.. I was in there and could not progress much. In fact, try that -- Change the theme and see if the color difference affects other themes. I'm thinking you might be stuck without a lot of work. I am having a very hard time figuring out how to add mime types to my magic db. Anybody here familiar with mime types?

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To remove my data is too much work. I only know where to point you to find out yourself, I have no interest to do this homework for you sorry. I'm not requesting you do any "homework".. I never encountered this problem. Maybe removing the applet, then adding it back in again in the hopes it refreshes the colors? I know only that it has something to do with selection statuses, and I have no interest to find out what those are really, so good luck to you: Again, not a problem I can quite investigate Somehow you can manually set the status of what is desired.

Truecrypt is a free open-source on-the-fly disk encryption software. I don't like modifying my system beyond that provided by Ubuntu. Sorry anyone ever had the problem of not being able to "sudo chmod" a file? Why isn't ndiswrapper working? It used to work before, on RudyValencia, you might want to make sure b43 is fully unloaded and maybe its deps.. And what the hell were Canonical thinking letting this error slip?

Predefined backgrounds for applets are no good Who the hell thought having pre-defined applet backgrounds was alright?! I found this problem before, but I shrugged. Now I'm getting angry. I'm not on gnome and I'm not using the latest version so I can't assist. I think ntfs has issues even if you did specify mounting as users, you need to mount it under your id and group id specifying that in the mount. I has an idea. Is there an area where the themes are stores? RudyValencia, weird, but does manually unloading of drivers work? I am thinking it's a special entry in a theme file's text that invokes the background on applets.

An application can't change the environment variables of its parent process. You need to source the script, not execute it as a separate process. An application cannot change the environment variables of its parent process. I manually removed both ndiswrapper and ssb and then modprobe ndiswrapper.

Style to set the toolbar to use a flat style. This is because the "New" button in. Evolution is not drawn transparent. So if there is a gradient in the background it will. I don't want to break my usual habit of using LTS releases but I'm tempted to try When I want to mount it's error: Failed to read last sector There are some changes if you are using the default theme.

Active buttons and stufff will appear more orange. Install a Debian system. In component universe, is extra.

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I think I'm eating some bad pasta sauce, my stomach is making weird noises and my screen is getting wavy. I'm trying to merge directories and from what I've seen until now the tools are right down Pathetic. That is not a bug, it's a harmless warning you can ignore. Is there a way to tell apt to always install -dev and -doc versions of packages? I untarred some elf executable files, and now they won't run saying "No such file or directory" does anyone know what's wrong?

Or you can make a new launcher with compiz as the command and have it as a startup application I tried moving the file to another directory and renaming it, does untarring mess up executables. I am having trouble with mime-types: But still, if you cannot resolve this issue so compiz loads without a nudge from a startup launcher, then Samba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments.

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