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Reflecting our wishes "Overcome the demerits of conventional membrane: This was made real by drawing on our ceramic manufacturing technology developed through our experiences of production and supply business of our surge arrester called "SORESTER" and our ceramic inserts.

Membrane Basics for Wastewater Treatment

After going through the various experimental tests and trials, we promoted the product improvements. In , we built a ceramic flatsheet membrane factory in Meiden Nagoya Works, Nagoya. We built a serial produciton system of "Made in Meiden" ceramic flatsheet membrane.

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These are links for moving within this page Go to the common menu for this website Go to main content Go to footer information. Ceramic flatsheet membrane unit Ceramic flatsheet membrane element Sectional drawing of the element Image view of membrane filtration Surface structure of the element.

Membrane Wastewater Treatment System

Industrial wastewater treatment systems Ceramic flatsheet membrane system For conventional membrane treatment systems, high replacement frequency due to clogging and rupture of the membrane filter has been an issue. Scope of ceramic flat membrane Comparison of performance for each membrane type.

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  6. Robustness This membrane has high resistance to chemical damage and thermal degradation. Maintenance saving Daily maintenance can be reduced with automatic cleaning control.

    Membrane Filtration

    High recoverability Surface of membrane has resistance to dirt and dirt can be removed easily from the surface, so this unit can maintain its filtration performance long. Bortoluzzi a Julio A. Dallago c Juliana Steffens c Giovani L. Zabot d Marcus V. Abstract This work evaluated the performance of double-stage integrated filtration systems using membranes.

    Membrane Systems for Wastewater Treatment

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