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Attempts have been made to formulate a logical theory of war and violent action, and violence in the form of government has been treated by political philosophy and by praxeology in tracing the effects of violent intervention in the free market. A theory of games has been elaborated, and interesting beginnings have been made in a logical analysis of voting. Rothbard's mention of games apparently contradicts Mises's disparagement of games as a possible field of praxeology; and Rothbard's mention of the logic of voting seems a bit like public choice economics, but I am not sure.

What other possible fields are there? Arguably Hoppe's extension of praxeological type reasoning to the field of ethics might fit under Rothbard's category E, as Rothbard himself hinted at: Especially interesting in the context of this post, Rothbard concludes his piece,.

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Interesting how Rothbard talks about possible extensions of praxeology as well as "axiomatics," the logical-deductive approach of Hoppe that is compatible with, if not a type of, praxeology. Mayhap Hoppe's use of praxeology to investigate political ethics is a case of the Ethics of Action: It is no wonder that, in drawing from the economic and methodological insights of Misesian-Austrian economics, Austro-libertarian theory is so powerful and sound.

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View the discussion thread. Skip to main content. Up to now the only part of praxeology that has been developed into a scientific system is economics. A Polish philosopher, Tadeusz Kotarbinski, is trying to develop a new branch of praxeology, the praxeological theory of conflict and war as opposed to the theory of cooperation or economics. Knott writes, Specifically, praxeology has not succeeded to date, in arriving at cause and effect laws in the social-ethical realm.

In the strictly scientific sense as understood by praxeology, there are no known laws of ethical phenomena akin to the various economic laws established since the beginning of economic science several centuries ago. Interestingly, in his Reply to Schuller , Rothbard writes: The categories of praxeology may be outlined as follows: Praxeology --the general, formal theory of human action: With Medium of Exchange a. Thomas Mayer has argued that, because praxeology rejects positivism and empiricism in the development of theories , it constitutes nothing less than a rejection of the scientific method.

For Mayer, this invalidates the methodologies of the Austrian school of economics.

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However, economist Antony Davies argues that because statistical tests are predicated on the independent development of theory, some form of praxeology is essential for model selection; conversely, the praxeology can illustrate surprising philosophical consequences of economic models. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Austrian business cycle Catallactics Creative destruction Economic calculation problem View of inflation Malinvestment Marginalism Methodological individualism Praxeology Roundaboutness Spontaneous order Subjective theory of value Theory of interest.

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