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Short 'n' Black espresso reads. The Strange Tale of the Blood Stone. Confira o seu carrinho. Continuar a comprar Check-out Continuar a comprar. Chi ama i libri sceglie Kobo e inMondadori. World renowned chef Jason Wade is contacted by an ex-girlfriend—a covert agent who needs his help desperately. But then she mysteriously disappears. Wade is suddenly thrust back into his dark past, and tied to an agency he has long since tried to distance himself from— the ultra-clandestine International Intelligence Agency, INIA.

Once again, he finds himself trapped in a web of espionage and anonymous killers. The couple is on the run across two continents forced to play a bloody game of survival as Wade tries to solve the puzzle left behind by his ex-girlfriend. Finding the answers will stop G. Wade is the only one who can piece together the clues…the only one who can stop them!

Gostei 4 estrelas - Gostei 5 estrelas: Or did Chamberlain and Daladier squander a chance to confront Hitler? In his Commons speech, Churchill rebuked the idea of a comfortable detente with Hitler: Tragically, Neville Chamberlain never fully comprehended the nature of Nazism how it was much more than gangsterism, and how its toxic ideology transcended the traditional nation-state , and millions paid the price for his failure. Traitor by Jonathan de Shalit. Among the more prominent penetration agents were Lt.

Israel Bar, a military analyst; Marcus Klingberg, an expert on chemical and biological weapons; and Col. Shimon Levinson, a senior Israeli intelligence officer. Many of these agents betrayed their country on ideological grounds, with Communist sympathies trumping Zionist patriotism. De Shalit is the pseudonym of a former Israeli intelligence officer. Aharon Levin, former head of the Mossad, is called out of retirement and tasked with finding Cobra. The hunt leads to Europe, Russia, and the United States, and takes on an increasingly political cast. The Israelis have always taken a hard line on the question: Soviet spy Marcus Klingberg, arrested in and tried in secret, was sentenced to 20 years in prison and served the first 10 in solitary confinement.

Ten classic British spy novels. It offers the best of Hemingway clean descriptive prose, memorable characters, an eye for detail, and a powerful depiction of the horror of modern war with the worst of Papa macho posturing, repetitive and wooden dialogue, lame inside jokes, and maudlin philosophical musings. I first read the novel as a teenager, drawn in by the story of Army Colonel Richard Cantwell, a profane, hard-bitten professional soldier with a wounded leg, mangled hand, and failing heart who loves both Venice and his year-old girlfriend, an Italian countess, Renata.

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On a trip to Europe this fall, I decided to make a brief stop in Venice. As a historical novelist, I always look for traces of the past when I travel, the lasting aspects of a place. What has been transformed? He would find the physical beauty of the city intact even as the local authorities strive to save Venice from the rising sea levels caused by climate change. Many of them do not behave particularly well.

'Raazi' title track: The song follows Sehmat's journey to becoming a spy

In English, it read: You are not allowed to behave indecently. Today, on the salary of a colonel, Cantwell would be priced out of his familiar haunts. His favorite hotel, the Gritti Palace, offers rooms at euros a night; a Longhi club sandwich in the terrace restaurant runs 30 euros. Hemingway drew upon his time in the city in the late s: He modeled the character of Renata on her: She told Hemingway that a nice girl from a good family in Venice would never spend the day drinking or joining her lover in a hotel room.

In some ways, the novel is surprisingly insular. Hemingway largely ignores, or trivializes, Italian collusion with the Germans during the war. Before its publication, Hemingway believed Across the River was the best novel he had written, and he was unprepared for the savagely negative reviews from New York literary circles. The old wolf had something left. This piece appeared on History News Network as: We have learned since the end of the Cold War that the West had well-placed spies in the Kremlin, and that those double agents provided timely intelligence about Soviet aims and intentions.

All three were discovered. Polyakov lasted the longest; the other two—Pyotr Popov and Oleg Penkovsky—were betrayed, it is believed, by British mole George Blake who is in his 90s, living in exile in Moscow. He approached an American diplomat in Vienna in and offered his services as a spy, motivated in part by anger over the harsh treatment of Russian peasants, including his own family.

Popov passed along information about Soviet nuclear submarines and missile technology and alerted the CIA that the GRU had classified technical information about the U-2 spy plane. He was exposed and executed in Penkovsky is perhaps the best known of Soviet double agents. Penkovsky passed technical information about the Soviet nuclear missiles sent to Cuba that helped steer the Kennedy Administration away from a military response. As the CIA has noted: For this reason, Penkovsky is credited with altering the course of the Cold War. Popov lasted six years; Penkovsky, only two. He knew the specifics of worldwide GRU operations.

He knew the identities of GRU agents and their modi operandi. To spy in the Soviet Union, a totalitarian society, required nerves of steel, with the danger of exposure real and constant. In Spies in the Family , Dillon captures this tension, and the moral dilemma Polyakov faced—he felt compelled to continue spying, even as he knew it placed his family and their future at grave risk.

I am doing this for my country. I was born a Russian, and I will die a Russian. Polyakov must have had few illusions about how his countrymen would view him, even those who welcomed the fall of the regime. And yet he persisted, driven by his own sense of duty and an old-fashioned patriotism. These sources might offer concrete information about the extent of Russian meddling, and possible collusion with Trump associates, well beyond the gossip, rumors, and conjecture of the dossier compiled by ex-MI6 officer Christopher Steele.

The fear of a leak, or inadvertent disclosure by an erratic President not known for his self-control or caution, is real. Putin is, after all, a creature of the KGB. If history is any guide, there are covert Western intelligence sources in Moscow. If there are not, then the CIA is not doing its job. How to shield them, and yet fully explore what they can tell us about the extent of Russian hacking and disinformation campaigns, is a pressing challenge for the leaders of the intelligence community. Before too long we may learn what they know, and what it means for the health of our democratic institutions and the rule of law in our country.

Jefferson Flanders is an independent journalist and author. This essay first appeared in the Mystery Tribune. That should come as no surprise: With these conflicts came heightened covert activity—false flag operations, code breaking, sabotage, and spying by all sides. As the capital of Germany, Berlin served as the center of political and military power for both the Kaiser and Hitler. After the war, occupied Berlin became a place where East and West intersected, a unique Treffpunkt meeting point , a cloak-and-dagger venue for the Western Allies and the Soviets. The city swarmed with agents.

By the late s, the U. Berliners have proved remarkably resilient. Russell wants to stay in Germany; he has a glamorous girlfriend, an actress named Effi Koenen, and a young son, Paul, from a failed marriage. As the Third Reich moves toward outright conflict, Russell draws the attention of the Soviet, German, and British intelligence agencies, who all see him as a potentially valuable operative.

To protect his family, Russell begins to cooperate with various and sundry spymasters, reluctantly compromising himself in the process. When he can, Russell tries to help Jewish friends and acquaintances escape the roundup in Berlin, the beginning of the Final Solution, but there are limits to what he can accomplish—the Gestapo is a watchful and ever-present threat.

Downing paints a harrowing portrait of the impact of the Nazi regime on Berlin and the brutal consequences of German militarism, the devastation of the city by Allied bombing and by the rampaging Red Army. His plots typically follow the thriller outline established by John Buchan in The 39 Steps: The goth Sophia Deveraux is the head cook with some useful skills with her air elemental power…she does good "clean-up".

She uses her air elemental power in the beauty salon she runs. Rosco is her basset hound. Lorelei Parker and Jade Jamison are two of the underworld bosses and friends of Gin's. Lacey Lawrence went missing after her shift. Sandra Reeves was his first victim. Ryan Colson is the head coroner, grateful to Gin. Detective Sykes is one of those lazy slobs. Gerald and Tim are a couple of the giant bouncers. Five Oaks is… …a very upscale country club managed by Marco. The Circle is… …a super-secret organization that runs Ashland and its criminals with Hugh Tucker as their number one vampire enforcer.

Damian Rivera , a trust fund drunk and womanizer, is one of their members. Maria and Richard Rivera had been his parents. Some of the thugs include dwarves Ken and Henry. Harley Grimes had been a serial killer in Heart of Venom , 9. Mab Monroe had been a vicious part of the Circle. Barry , Chuck , and Carlos had been with her that night.

Glo-Glo is a makeup company out of Bigtime , New York. The Cover and Title The cover is deep purples of a stone wall and house in the background, a bright orange light shining from an upper window. Gin, her hair moving in the breeze and wearing black jeans and tank top and a brown leather jacket, with one of her silverstone knives on her hip, is contemplating the blood flowing from the spider runes burned into her palms.

My best guess on the title is the trap, for they Snared the killer. May 30, Jennifer Bad Bird Reads rated it really liked it. At A Glance I do love a good serial killer. The Good It's up to Gin to find a missing girl before Ashland's secret serial killer strikes again. I loved the serial killer aspect. I just find them fascinating. Those rascally psychopaths are straight up bananas, and who doesn't love bananas?

Anyways The action was awesome, like always. Hugh Tucker is becoming one interesting character. We hate him but we are oddly fascinated by him. I have my guesses on what's up with him. He's in deep with The Circle and killing Gin is his goal Gin's flashbacks were very informative. Oh those twists and turns. I love getting another piece of the puzzle. The Bad This series is getting pretty predictable, and each book has a similar format that can get tedious after 16 books. Doesn't mean I didn't love this book, I just wanted to warn anyone who plans to start this series.

Owen and Gin are so cute together but their fire is gone. They are getting a bit boring. Final Thoughts Even though this series is getting a little stale, I still love Snared.

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I had a good time with it. Quotes "I felt like I was Snared in someone else's spiderweb, and everything I did only made the sticky threads twist and tangle tighter and tighter around me.

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Apr 24, Adele rated it really liked it Recommends it for: I received an ARC of this novel with thanks to NetGalley and he publisher, in exchange for a honest and voluntary review. Honestly i had given up reading the series at book But reading this book has ignited my curiosity in the series now i'm regretting leaving the series.

But you all know what that means Yes thats right folks i am willing to do a re read because of this book. Either way this book just made me want more! I should have known really. I mean the series has made it to number 16 after all. This book is to be experienced and i honestly feel like i could give out massive spoilers so i'm going the less is more option Should you buy it?

View all 20 comments. Apr 20, Sarah rated it it was amazing. I was given a copy of this book to read and review for Wicked Reads. I almost forgot how much I love this series! In book 16, Gin is back in all her badass glory. In this book, Gin and her friends track down a serial killer hunting young women. Gin is one of my all time favourite fictional heroines. I love that there is absolutely no romantic angst in this story.

As always, she is fierce and loyal, brave and strong.

She uses her powers and her brain and she enlists the help of her friends and family. This is also a wonderfully crafted murder mystery. This is a wonderful addition to the series. Nov 17, Barbara rated it it was amazing. As usual, another outstanding story filled with danger, mystery, and Gin's determination to right a wrong and rescue an innocent from an insane serial killer. She's still trying to figure out who the mastermind running the criminal group the Circle is, so she can end his reign once and for all. This is the group that is responsible for the death of her mother and sister and she has vowed to hunt them all down and put an end to their criminal activities while gaining vengeance for her loss.

After As usual, another outstanding story filled with danger, mystery, and Gin's determination to right a wrong and rescue an innocent from an insane serial killer. After a young woman is kidnapped and the girl's sister begs her to help find her, Gin and her friends agree to help, and they plan to put an end to the activities of the kidnapping serial killer while they're at it. Of course this will entail plenty of deadly action, the use of Gin's stone and ice magic, and her strong determination to let nothing stop her, no matter what it takes.

I have to say, I wasn't that impressed with this installment. While I did like the idea of Gin going up against a bona fide serial killer, it wound up being rather anti-climactic at best. The clues were spelled out for the reader, so much so that I was yelling at Gin for being so thick headed with regard to figuring the mystery out.

It was just so predictable! Even the overall story arc wasn't furthered that much, and the books are getting rather repetitive. At this point, I am very grateful tha I have to say, I wasn't that impressed with this installment. At this point, I am very grateful that my library is carrying them, because I'm not so sure I'd want to spend money on them! Apr 25, Boundless Book Reviews rated it it was ok Shelves: This review is hard for me to write because for the first time I found it very hard to get into a book from this series, and it was a bit of a chore to finish.

I think this was more of a mindset thing with me. But then I am not sure if it is all my fault. A series needs to stay fresh and keep things new and interesting to keep me hooked. I have lost interest with many long-running book series. The same goes with TV shows. If it is just the same formula plot reproduced with a slight twist over and over I am beyond bored and ready to move one. Unfortunately, this is how I felt with most of Snared.

I am not sure if I am going to continue this series after this book. I may give it one more shot. The plots are becoming incredibly tedious, and this series needs a boost of some originality.

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Gin stumbling around not being able to figure out what is so clear to the reader becomes tiresome. Her hunting a serial Killer was new, but it really was the same, she is pitted against Ashland newest big bad.

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She winds up going head to head with big bad and if you have read any other of these books you can guess the ending. Because they are all the same. I am on the fence If I will give this series another shot. This may be the nail in the coffin for me. Apr 11, Erica Chilson rated it really liked it Shelves: I received a copy of this title to read and review for Wicked Reads 4. Jennifer Estep is a master at creating captivating urban fantasy worlds, while simultaneously keeping it fresh in a long-standing series.

Gin Blanco The Spider is a kickass-badass heroine. Ordinarily, authors shy away from creating such a fierce character, one who doesn't experience shame or guilt for doing what needs to be done. No woe-is-me, second-g I received a copy of this title to read and review for Wicked Reads 4. No woe-is-me, second-guessing inner monologue, where the character asks if she's a good or bad person for her actions. Gin owns who she is, recognizing someone has to do the dirty work, so it might as well be her. On the case to locate a missing girl, Gin is led to Ashland's underbelly, where she encounters the Circle.

Gin follows the clues, ties the pieces together, and shows her many talents in the process. Estep also shows her talents as a writer, by weaving a storyline that isn't obvious and predicable. In a formula that has stood the test of time, Snared fits perfectly with its 15 predecessors. Action-packed, comforting as the characters don't act out of character, and heartwarming to see Gin interact with her nearest and dearest, Snared was pure entertainment. This is an Urban Fantasy series, where the world-building and mystery-solving are the main focus, not romance and between-the-sheets action.

I don't recommend Snared be read as a standalone- it's best to start all the way back to the beginning. Aug 05, Dark Faerie Tales rated it really liked it Shelves: Being an assassin meant knowing when to kill—and when not to kill. While busy investigating one of the members of the Circle, a friend comes to Gin asking her for help in finding a missing girl. The killer is escalating, and the time is quickly running out for Gin to find this girl alive.

I will admit though that it felt like something was missing in this one. I was never fully on the edge of my seat, despite enjoying myself while reading. This one was also a bit more predictable than the others in the series, I felt. In this one, the identity of the Dollmaker is a mystery to Gin, but it seemed really obvious to me, which took away some of my enjoyment. The highlight of this particular book comes in the flashbacks. Gin continues to flash back to the night her mother and older sister were killed, and we the readers continue to obtain new information on what happened that night.

These scenes were just riveting for me, and I wish there had been more of them. I will say that, despite the slight predictability of this particular entry in the series, it still feels fresh to me. I, for one, am in this for the long haul and am very excited to see where the plot is going. For the first time, I wondered what had happened to Hugh Tucker to turn him into the man he was today. I wondered what the tipping point had been, the one thing that had dragged him down, down, down into the darkness, never to surface into the light again.

My own downward spiral had started with the murders of my mother and Annabella. His own ruthless ambition to get it all back? The ones that had chipped away at his soul a little bit at a time until now there was nothing left? Or the fact that I would kill him, when the time came.

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Snared was a great way to pull me back into the criminal world of Ashland in the Elemental Assassin series. Gin is the assassin the Spider but she has also recently become the boss of the underworld. Although, she now knows the Circle is a group of powerful men and women who are trying to hurt her and her friends.

Gin is done waiting for them to attack her. She's ready to go on the offensive. Her first mark is Daniel but when a new friend's sister goes missing and the clues point to a serial ki Snared was a great way to pull me back into the criminal world of Ashland in the Elemental Assassin series. Her first mark is Daniel but when a new friend's sister goes missing and the clues point to a serial killer, Gin can't look away.

She's determined to find the killer and made him pay for all his prior transgressions. After sixteen books, I'm pretty sure Jennifer Estep knows where things are heading. I'm positive Gin's going to be fighting several members of the Circle and in the end, I'm pretty sure she's going to be victorious. Hopefully, without losing any of the main characters. I also think I know who the big baddie is and that's going to be a shock to our poor Gin. I liked that this book had the serial killer vibe. I was feeling the same desperation Gin was experiencing. I knew she was running out of time in finding the girl and the culprit before it was too late.

There was a lot of action and even better, someone I had come to dislike is making the transition to someone I might consider liking in the future which is great because Gin needs all the friends she can make to be able to keep fighting.