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I have to thank Mae Clair for generously sharing her blog with me today. Please take a moment to support Mae. They say everyone has a story t. Lynn Hill left a difficult childhood behind when she turned eighteen. The s were going to be the beginning of a great life. Then what started as an ordinary evening out with her best friend, Stacy, turns into a nightmare.

Howell for sharing their blogs today. Both authors are extremely talented.

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Suzanne Burke resides with her daughter and grandson in a small country town located hundreds- of-miles to. She is not only a great writer, but very supportive of other authors. Take a moment to show your s. January 15, Genre: The Button Blog Tour Link for She lives in sun. So, it was a limited time frame to explore and add my limited knowledge and research to this book. It has been tucked away in my closet for years without the asterisks. The one who might have pushed some boundaries. The one with an attitude. It made me laugh so I bought it.

Manay I loved Ms. I wondered if a new story line could rival that…yes it could. In fact, it could even surpass it. Shiloh grew up considered unclean by the population even though the laws against her kind had disappeared. Shunned, she was being educated to use her strong magic. Dealing with illness and deformity she develops an inner grace and strength. My daughter Danielle, who you met in a previous blog, got my husband and I involved in a worldwide scavenger hunt or what was installed on my cell phone—GISH. She was our group leader and worked on many things including earning money for charity.

I was given tasks to do during this week-long event. The first task was to write a poem that rhymed and included world history. I got that done in less than a half hour and sent it off to her to submit. Another task I was given was to. I did a survey a couple years ago on my blog: What was your favorite adult book? I obtained responses from either over the internet or in-person.

I wanted to share those original results again: Part 2 of Summer Short Stories Reviews! The characters were so well done I found myself disliking the groom, Johan. I liked all the twists this story took. Summer Short Story Reviews. I found this to be an inspiring read about a girl finding her faith and applying it to her life after a tragic event. It shows we can overcome loss—if we have faith. Noises in the Dark…. The trailer is parked in a space above the house, but near the garage and back yard.

I appreciate seeing the douglas firs, pines, oaks, dogwoo. I talked about a road trip to Southern California I took 35 years ago with my husband in a previous blog: In May, my husband and I hit the road again, this time pulling the long, long trailer behind us. We went south and settled in Anaheim after a long nine-hour drive on Highway 5. After relaxing to an already cooked dinner thanks to a day of cooking before we left we headed outside to watch the Disneyland fireworks from our RV park.

We got six days of it! July poetry and book reviews. Here is the cover for The Button: But, it still needed. There is the thrill of baseball games or the Fair when it comes to town offering food, rides, and farm animals. And it happened more than once in here.

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I think I get the picture McCarty. Please for the love of g-d move on. Spare your readers and your characters the continuous torture. I really hope so. The first encounter or I should say 'meeting' of this character with a certain guard was really telling and stood out to me. I hope McCarty takes it somewhere. I just finished reading this book and it was just magic. I give five stars VERY sparingly, but I thought this one deserved it as I couldn't put it down; it had a totally amazing H and h, the story was fascinating and moved along at warp speed, I had that pain in the chest thing happening so many times in this book, and cried numerous times both in commiseration with the characters and in happiness.

On top of that it had a totally awesome epilogue, one of the best I've ever read. This series is al I just finished reading this book and it was just magic. This series is all the more fascinating and wonderful as the author has gone to a lot of trouble I love books where you feel like you're actually there, the descriptions make you feel the surroundings, the cold, the pain, suffering, despair of the characters and so when you get some happiness you feel like you are going to burst. What this poor heroine went through from her early teens on to the events in this book.

You couldn't help but want so much for a happy ending for her. The hero and heroine were just so perfect for each other and it was one of these books where I was DESPERATE for them to be together, they deserved happiness so much, and I totally got them as a couple - they were meant for each other. I'm adoring this series, and that was one great book. I was so in need of it as it seems to be getting harder and harder to find books that make you feel so much. I understand that this may be because I've read a lot of books and so my standards go up all the time. Books I found amazing four years ago may not even rate much with me now, so it makes this book all the more special that I can say without reservation it deserves one of my not-much-given five star ratings.

Again I loved this book! Bella MacDuff is a passionate and devoted woman who stands up for what she believes in. Upon capture Bella was put in a steel cage and hung from a tower to be made and example of what happens when he is betrayed. Lachl Again I loved this book! Lachlan feels responsible for her capture and is on a mission to rescue Bella and return her safely to Bruce. I gave it an A- only because of the strange time gap at the end. Mar 30, Elaine rated it really liked it Shelves: It was a good read.

A bit long in parts but the underlying story was quite interesting. I like this one more than the others in the series, probably because Bella stands up for herself more than the other women did, that and there is more to Lachlan than meets the eye. Lachlan and Isabella make a fascinating couple with lots of fireworks from start to finish.

I seriously don't know which of these characters I liked better, Bella or Lachlan. I really enjoyed this book but I think it would have been It was a good read. I really enjoyed this book but I think it would have been nice to have a better solution to the Joan-situation as the book is full of Bella's captors holding her to ransom against this which is really frustrating. Pffff je ne comprends pas. Du coup, faire une romance sur ce terrain, bof.

It seems like it took forever to read this, but I really loved it. Bella's story is so heartbreaking, and even so much more so when you stop to think what is described in this book is largely true. I really appreciate all the research the author puts into this series: Feb 15, Ivana rated it liked it. Oct 19, Angie Lippard rated it liked it. Oh Monica, Monica, Monica! I waited till midnight so I could download it.

Ended up being 3am my time so I scratched that idea Lachlan wasn't my favorite character from the previous books but I still couldn't wait to read his story and get to know his past along with revisiting my other favorite Guardsmen.

See a Problem?

But why the language? Yes, I understand he is supposed to be crude and uncouth but two "F" words before page 50?! And crude he was! Using that same word many more times throughout the book, with it often aimed at demeaning the women he supposedly loved. I didn't like it. I don't allow that kind of language in my own life and reading it was more than difficult.

The first time he used that word to me would have been the last time. As the story goes, it was good. I love all the history and the coolest part is that Isabella is a real, honest-to-goodness heroine. That made it even better! I don't think I could have survived what she went through. Of course, in the end, Lachlan finally succumbs to Bella's love and becomes a better man for it.

The story line was intense and hard to read at times. The abuse Bella suffered from her husband, jailer, and Lachlan himself, started to become depressing. Then add Lachlan's backstory, Bella's daughter and the betrayals, punishments, torture and rough sexual encounters - all of it started making me wonder if I would ever see a ray of sunshine in their lives. I actually started skimming over the rougher stuff because it was so discouraging.

One thing I missed in this book that seems to be more prominent in Mrs. McCarty's other books, are the battle scenes. I love those battle scenes of power, team work, brute strength, sweat and weapons. This book was pretty much Lachlan getting Bella out of numerous scrapes, traps and seeing his own final mission completed.

Yes, the other warriors were mixed in but not in the same way as previous books. I felt some of the camaraderie was missing. I know many people won't agree with me about the language but as an avid book reader and reviewer, I felt bound to disclose that the "F" word is used many times.

Just like I don't frequent movies with that kind of language, I wouldn't have purchased this book - even though I was dying to read it. I just had to say it because there are people who would like to be aware of that information before purchasing. Jun 28, Hackmops rated it it was amazing Shelves: There were many things I enjoyed about this book and the author's foreshadowing in the previous instalments certainly paid off.

Certain bits and pieces of the story were already hinted at, such as the unsuccessful rescue attempt and Lachlan's growing frustration with hi Wow! Certain bits and pieces of the story were already hinted at, such as the unsuccessful rescue attempt and Lachlan's growing frustration with his failure in rescuing Isabella MacDuff, the noblewoman who had defied her husband and crowed Robert the Bruce King of Scotland.. I love it when paying attention pays off!

Isabella is a fantastic and self-aware character and I really admired her inner strength. At first I thought she was the usual buxom heroine with generous curves in the right places tm but the way that the author used Bella's knowledge of the effects of her body on others was superb.

Her self-awareness was a nice change from the usual innocent female lead and her struggle to be seen as more than her body were compelling. Lachlan and Bella's relationship is not an easy one and it was a pleasure to see their connection intensify over the years. Both of them are hurt and tortured souls in their own way and yet being together brings out the best of both.

The plot was very dense and very gripping and I could hardly put the book down. I enjoyed the snark and banter in The Hawk a lot and it was certainly the most entertaining read out of the series - however, The Viper just packed the best emotional punch. The stakes are much higher and now with an established Highlander force, the author is able to play more with the characters.

I think I'll take a bit of a break before the next book in the series because The Viper was just so good and I don't want it to impact my enjoyment of the next instalment. Feb 20, Xia rated it it was amazing Shelves: The Viper is definitely one of my favorite historical romance books. The story was full of intrigue, betrayal, and lots of steamy scenes. The beginning of the story is from Bella's point of view in captivity, but then takes us back to when Lachlan and Bella first meet and he's come to take her to Scone to crown Robert Bruce. Bella is forced to leave her daughter behind which tears her apart.

She hates Lachlan for it b The Viper is definitely one of my favorite historical romance books. She hates Lachlan for it but can do nothing. Then there's that instant attraction that both of them try to deny, but of course can't. Bella doesn't trust Lachlan especially since his reputation is pretty bad and he was rumored to have killed his wife. But as they spend more time together she begins to think that there may be more to Lachlan than meets the eye.

After crowning Bruce Lachlan is tasked with escorting the ladies north, and after the ladies' capture, the story jumps back to the present. Bella and Lachlan's relationship was very well written. Bella never backed down from him, which I admired. She was a strong and courageous heroine that would have done anything to get her daughter back.

Lachlan, I absolutely loved. His past story was heart breaking and full of betrayals. But his character was wonderful. He's the ultimate male hero. I loved watching the two of them fall in love, especially Lachlan. He went from a distant, cold man, to a loving, sweet, and caring one. This was a wonderfully written story with a bit of history in it to make it really interesting. I was really looking forward to Lachlan's story was not disappointed at all.

I especially loved the epilogue. I think it was really sweet and I greatly enjoyed it. I am anxiously waiting for The Saint to come out next year. By the way, their children are absolutely adorable, especially Erik!

Oct 22, Monique rated it really liked it. This was a great book, I really enjoyed it! A lot of people said this was one of the best books in the series. I don't really have a favourite in this series so far but that doesn't mean I'm not enjoying reading this series. The hero and heroine were great. Lachlan is so misunderstood. He's considered a snake with no morals who would do anything for money. But it's so not true and that become blatantly clear over the course of this book. He's actually really thoughtful and it warmed my heart at a This was a great book, I really enjoyed it!

He's actually really thoughtful and it warmed my heart at a lot of the things he did for Bella and even for his men. I liked Bella as well. She's an incredibly strong character and she's a survivor. I felt sorry for her in the way that all men objectify and see her as nothing more than a pretty face with a hot body. It was getting ridiculous at times how many male characters in this all seemed to paint her as some sort of goddess of sex or something. Sometimes it gets tiring when the hero and heroine spend a lot of the book denying their feelings for one another. But at least they managed to work things out sooner than the Arthur and Anna did in the last book.

There was a lot of chopping and changing in regards to the time in this series. There was a lot of flash forwards and then flashbacks. Quite a long time passed over this book.

Sternberg Press - Amar Kanwar The Sovereign Forest

I missed the camaraderie in this because Viper is considered to be a snake. But it was nice to slowly finally make Lachlan see that these men in the Highland Guard are friends, whether they know it or not. I'm wondering who Joan ended up with. The identity of the guy was deliberately left out but I have a feeling I know who it is and I'm hoping I'm right.

I guess we'll have to wait and see. However much I'm enjoying this series, I think I'll put this series aside. I want to read a series that I can't get enough of. Jan 26, KarenF rated it it was amazing Shelves: I have to admit that when I started this series I thought the whole concept might be pretty cheesy. Boy was I wrong. In this book the heroine is Bella MacDuff, a real life Scottish heroine who risked a great deal to c I have to admit that when I started this series I thought the whole concept might be pretty cheesy.

In this book the heroine is Bella MacDuff, a real life Scottish heroine who risked a great deal to crown Robert Bruce and was punished in a horrible way for it. The hero, Lachlan MacRauri has been in previous books as a surly, out for himself type. It takes most of the book for his whole story to come out but there are plenty of times along the way when you see that there is more to him than he wants others to see. It is a romance though, so it's no surprise that Lachlan is honorable at heart and that Bella gets a happy ending that she probably did not get in real life.

I saw some reviews complain that there was too much historical fact and not enough action or romance. I thought that there was plenty of action, they were on the run for much of book and there were a couple of escape scenes. I also thought the romance itself was strong. There were many lovely scenes between the two.

And if Lachlan was on the edge of being too much of a jerk sometimes for me, he never truly crossed the line and always redeemed himself. I do enjoy straight historical fiction, as well as historical romance, but often the characters who are living interesting lives don't have the greatest outcomes. It's fascinating but sometimes a little depressing to read. For me this book fulfilled my interest in history and my desire for a happy ending.

July 7, 46 37 Aug 01, What do you get when you mix a legal career, a baseball career, motherhood, and a love of history with a voracious reader? In my case, a Historical Romance Author. Growing up in California there was always plenty to do outside, but all too often I could be found inside curled up with a book or two or three. I started with the usual fare: The Little Ho What do you get when you mix a legal career, a baseball career, motherhood, and a love of history with a voracious reader?

Once I cleared off my bookshelf, I started swiping books from my mom. After that rather brief conversation, she paid a little closer attention to what had disappeared off her book shelf, and steered me in the direction of Harlequin and Barbara Cartland romances. I quickly read through the inventory of the local library and was soon buying bags of romances at garage sales.

Some of them were tough going for a teenager, but the experience would prove an invaluable foundation for college. For some reason Monica decided to go into writing and not fashion. Ah, the good old days. Once I survived the stress of the first semester, law school proved to be one of the best times of my life—garnering me a JD, life-long friends, a husband, and an unexpectedly intimate knowledge of baseball.

Law School was also where I fell in love with Scotland. So I immediately dropped out of law school and went on to write Scottish Historical Romances…well no, not quite. You see, I always knew I wanted to be a lawyer.

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So I finished law school, got married, passed the CA bar, moved to Minnesota with a few stops along the way , waived into the MN bar, worked as a litigator for a few satisfying years, moved back to CA, had a couple of kids, realized that a legal career and being a single parent for most of the year due to husband's career would be extremely difficult, and THEN decided to sit down and write.

And how did I end up writing romance? What I loved about being a lawyer are the same things I love about being a writer—research and writing. Other books in the series.

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