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It tells you something of the depth and durability of the love.

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So, you really have nothing to lose in finding this out. And, potentially, everything to gain. But how do we speak these fragile vulnerabilities, these hurts and pains, when our fear is that if we do, it will just make things worse? This brings us to another spiritual principle, which is: Truth is a precious commodity. Your innocent and uncensored truth, the truth of your heart, is valuable to your relationship. By telling the truth to your partner, you are opening up the possibility for more intimacy in your relationship.

So often, this can be difficult. We can be afraid to say the most important things in our heart for fear of being rejected or abandoned.

We can be afraid that they will never understand. How you share your truth is a delicate matter. People's feelings can and do get hurt. It's hard to hear that there may be a difference of opinion or a problem. But not sharing your truth doesn't allow anything to change at all. You need to be vulnerable so your partner can hear you.

Otherwise, they likely will feel attacked, disparaged, unvalued, belittled, criticized, and mostly, unloved. I'm not saying you should be manipulative or strategic - I mean the opposite, in fact.

I am saying to speak your vulnerable truth without righteousness or design, without tactic or need to win, but simply, to speak your unguarded, vulnerable, ever-loving truth. Which means, speak your truth with love. When you put these two principles together, truth plus love , you have power. Now your truth makes an arrow that pierces through, to the heart of the matter - safely - because it is founded on love.

You then are gifting your partner with loving truth. It's like lancing a wound. Now, it can heal. This is not so easy to do. It takes courage - heart courage - partly because we have to first face our own demons and realize what we really feel, and how we really feel. Telling the whole truth may bring dire consequences, but it is also the only way to experience complete forgiveness and restore trust in a relationship.

It is also the only way to free oneself from the paralyzing guilt that comes with living a lie.

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Exaggerating the truth is a lie. I know, because I do this for a living.

The difference is that my audience knows I am lying and laughs with me at the ridiculous notion of this kind of lie. But when the truth is exaggerated in a deceitful effort to give it more credibility , it is no longer the truth and loses all credibility.

The Power Of Telling The Truth

In this case world laughs at you instead of with you. In that moment I chose to lie. A boss called one of his employees into the office and asked. I have suffered the consequences of telling the truth, and of telling lies. One leads to freedom and the other to bondage.

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The choice is made in a single moment. Living with a lie is like running a race with an anchor tied around your neck.

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Know the truth and the truth will set you free. Has your life ever been affected by a lie? Have you ever witnessed the freedom that comes with telling the truth? Ken Davis Menu Skip to content. Three Genius Improv Artists and One Tell The truth There is no such thing as an accidental lie. The whole truth If there is anything that destroys credibility more than lying, it is the slow leaking of only enough truth to resolve the immediate conflict.