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Facsimile and translation of Europe's oldest manual concerning martial arts. Every single page of the manuscript has been carefully reproduced and the latin texts from the medieval original have been translated into modern English. Extensive anthology about numerous concerns of historical fencing. Facsimile and translation of the manuscript by Filippo Vadi, a fencing master in Italy from the 15th century. A substantial overview concerning judicial duels based on German fencing treatises.

Transcriptions, translations and illuminatiing essays cover the fighting in armour on foot and on horse, and with a multitude of weapons.

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Numerous sources are being referred to, e. The first book about the longsword by Christian Tobler.

Helpdesk im Mittelalter (German / Deutsch)

By means of the writings of Sigmund Ringeck Tobler explains Liechtenauer's teachings very clearly. Since Ringeck not only dealt with the longsword but also with sword and buckler, wrestling, and fighting on horseback, these items are also addressed. A voluminous coffee-table book with a vast number of images that enable a concise look at the techniques presented. Since the publishing of this book, Tobler has come to a different conclusion in some of his interpretations.

Because of that there are some differences to be found between "Secrets" and "Fighting with the German Longsword". These are explained in the latter extensively. Another attempt to approach Liechtenauer's teaching according to Sigmund Ringeck. This book is also very methodical in its structure and a huge advantage are the hand-drawn illustrations.

A number of direction arrows explain very efficiently the movements of the body and the blade. However, some of the techniques seem to be a little awkward, particularly as footwork is concerned. The follow-up volume to the longsword deals with the remaining passages of the Ringeck manuscript, except te sections about fighting on horseback. Again, the book is illustrated with drawings. This time, however, they seem to be a bit rougher and cruder.

This is the first volume of an ambitious project to interpret the famous fechtbuch by Hans Talhoffer in its entirety. This book presents high-quality full colour facsimiles of the manuscript and photographical sequences of the reconstructed techniques.

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Since the historical illustrations show only a snapshot of these techniques, it is not an easy task to transform them into plausible and complex movements. Sometimes the realisation is successful but sometimes it is not. Particularly with some of the core principles - that go back to Johannes Liechtenauer's teachings - one would have desired a bit more of precision and understanding. The second volume of the series deals with not yet widely reconstructed fighting techniques with such weapons as the head-high "Stechschilde" thrusting shields for medieval trials by combat.

The book contains also a number of techniques with the longsword and the pollaxe. Also the third volume deals with the thrusting shields that appear already in volume 2. This is accompanied by Hans Talhoffer's techiques with the dagger.

German-English translation for "Mittelalter"

Like in the two volumes before, a number of essay provide interesting additional information about Talhoffer and his time. Enjoyable publication of another of Talhoffer's fight books. The whole manuscript is presented and occasionally supported by additional images from other sources. Unfortunately, the quality of the images is rather poor. A concise and descriptive manual for beginners and advanced students. Numerous photographs elucidate the basics as well as the more sophisticated techniques.

"Mittelalter" English translation

Valuable additional information about test cutting and equipment for freeplay make this volume a perfect guide. An attractive lay-out adds to the overall good impression. Herbert Schmidt presents his second book in the usual good design, this time with his interpretation of historical techniques with sword and buckler. After an informative and well illustrated introduction he describes the techniques following the manuscript I. Despite some rather stiff photographs and the somewhat unfortunate combination of historical and an own made-up terminology the book offers a solid start into fighting with the buckler.

The reconstruction however is void of an absolute consensus. This book explains clearly and well structured the medieval art of fighting with the longsword in the tradition of Johannes Liechtenauer. So-called decision charts explain effectively even the more complex sequences. Each technique is explained and illustrated precisely with a large number of black and white photographs. A small handbook for the reguar training. A book for beginners who smoothly get to know the essential basics. A profound and affectionately illustrated compendium.

Nevertheless, Wolfgang Abart mixes techniques and principles of fighting treatises from multiple centuries and regions, thus destilling his very own enclosed system.

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An attempt to recreate I. They present basic knowledge and advanced techniques with sword and buckler in great detail. Unfortunately, they have taken some considerable liberty according to some conclusions they've come to. A training manual concerning the Italian school of the longsword. Some of the theoretical issues in the beginning are universal nevertheless. Additionally, a glance at a different variety of instruction is often rewarding, and it certainly is no disadvantage at all to peruse the differences between the German and the Italian way of swordfighting.

A lavishly designed boook, that makes the dagger and wrestling techniques of Master Fiore dei Liberi comprehensible with the aid of elaborate timelines. The text appears in both, English and German. In a simple and very convincing didactical manner, the authors present the basic principles of the longsword.

Subsequently, they deal with the five meisterhaue master strokes and other advanced techniques. This DVD is a good starting point to study the intricacies of the art of medieval fencing. An excellent introduction to the art of the "langes messer", a weapon wielded one-handedly. Because of the long runtime 90 min the whole topic can be explained in great detail.

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