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George Martin did his part to help the track with a string arrangement that was understated in comparison with the one he added to "Something". In keeping with the cosmic image Harrison had developed by the late '60s, the song also features early use of the Moog synthesizer, again in an understated fashion that underscores the song's upbeat mood instead of overwhelming it. AllMusic relies heavily on JavaScript.

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Here Comes The Sun expressed Harrison's relief at being away from the tensions within The Beatles, the troubles with Apple and the various business and legal issues which at the time were overshadowing the group's creativity. Robert Moog's then-recent invention was a rarity in the UK at the time, and The Beatles were keen to experiment with its sounds. But it was one thing having one, and another trying to make it work. There wasn't an instruction manual, and even if there had been it would probably have been a couple of thousand pages long.

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I don't think even Mr Moog knew how to get music out of it; it was more of a technical thing. When you listen to the sounds on songs like Here Comes The Sun, it does do some good things, but they're all very kind of infant sounds.

Here Comes The Sun

John Lennon didn't appear on Here Comes The Sun; he was recovering from a car accident at the time of the first sessions, and later on Harrison largely completed the song alone. The rhythm track was recorded in 13 takes on 7 July Harrison played acoustic guitar and sang a guide vocal, McCartney played bass, and Starr was on drums. Harrison spent an hour re-recording his acoustic guitar part at the end of the session. The next day Harrison recorded his lead vocals, and he and McCartney twice recorded their backing vocals.

On 16 July handclaps and a harmonium were overdubbed. The orchestra — the names of the players undocumented — was recorded on 15 August. The song was completed four days later, when Harrison taped his Moog part. The tapes revealed a hitherto unheard guitar solo which was left out of the album mix.

It is likely that this was recorded by Harrison on 6 August It took some time but I learned how to play this song on Acoustic guitar. I love playing it.

Ah, that was an error. Thanks for spotting it. I hear it too. You are correct sir! There is an Electric Gtr doubling the Acoustic Gtr and certain parts throughout the song.

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You can clearly hear it being played through a Leslie cabinet as well with the speed set to fast. Both different from each other. One left in, and one left out of the final mix. The more that you listen to it, the better it becomes. This is the 2nd best song on Abbey Road. I try to play this all the way through as clean as he did and I can never do it.

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Bravo, George that extra hour was well spent. George had finally reached the songwriting stratosphere that his bandmates John and Paul had occupied for much of the s. After All Things Must Pass there was a serious decline in songwriting quality from George until Thirty-three and a third in Cloud Nine and Brainwashed are excellent pieces of music but it was a long wait before they came along.

Have you listened to his Solo work from ? If anyone had a songwriting decline, it was Paul. With Me, I view a song by the melody and lyrics, not what the lyrics mean or secret meanings. Living In The Material World had some songs that were too strident in their beliefs for me, but at least it contains a majority of good songs and it was carefully made and recorded. Dark Horse,on the other hand was the nadir for me while Gone Troppo was weak and forgettable. Thirty three and a third was the best of them after IMO. George was not as good as John or Paul and he may have never caught up with them but he sure was coming up on them and l think they knew it.

What is different is his output. Ditto for his songwriting. Question; What is the copyright info for this song?

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Youtube is good at removing audio etcetera from videos which violate copyright laws, and I would like to at least refer to these maybe youtube will not remove the audio as a result?? The song recording and publishing is fully subject to copyright law. If you want to discuss copyright matters further, please visit the forum. Retrieved 5 March Castleman, Harry; Podrazik, Walter J. The First Complete Beatles Discography — The Editors of Rolling Stone The Beatles as Musicians: Revolver Through the Anthology. Archived from the original on 24 December Retrieved 7 January Harrison, George [].

A Day in the Life: The Music and Artistry of the Beatles. George Harrison — After the Break-up of the Beatles.

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The Words and Music of George Harrison. The Dawn of Indian Music in the West. While My Guitar Gently Weeps: The Music of George Harrison. Lewisohn, Mark []. The Complete Beatles Recording Sessions: Revolution in the Head: The Beatles Diary Volume 1: The Songwriting Secrets of the Beatles.

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Sagan, Carl ; Drake, Frank D. The Voyager Interstellar Record. Rubber Soul Revolver Sgt. The Beatles singles discography. I Love You ".

Here Comes the Sun

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