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Pastel colours will always be the most popular choice as they are so romantic and beautiful for a wedding. If you are having trouble deciding on one pastel colour, rose, blush pink, cool blue, lavendar or dusty grey, why not just have each girl wear a different shade and then choose floral bouquets that highlight a few colours to bring the whole look together.

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Here, they have struck a balance using a mix of blooms in bright, soft, white and green tones to give a beautiful bridal party look. I have had a few brides choose a colour like purple and then have each maid wear a different shade of that colour, like aubergine, voilet, indigo and lavendar. Again, the blooms bring this look together by choosing bouquets that have all these shades included. Another great idea, is to have each person carry a different flower variety and colour bouquet. One maid could carry pink roses, another pink sweet peas, or pink ranuculi etc. Best to let your florist work with what is in season in your choosen shade.

I once created wedding bouquets where each maid had a different single variety of flower and then the bride carried a mixed garden posy design of all those flowers together which I thought was a lovely idea. Flower baskets are a charming idea perhaps for relaxed outdoor weddings.

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Flower crowns are the perfect alternative to bouquets. They are very much in fashion and a gorgeous choice. Wrist corsages would be another great idea and while these do also need wiring they are smaller than a floral crown and use even less blooms so if you have a large bridal party and you are trying to keep costs down, wrist corsages can be great a great choice.

A wedding party covered in flowers, bouquets and flower crowns, now that is a gorgeous picture to look back on. Hopefully there are a few great inspiring ideas in there for your bridemaids flowers. What is the cutest and best idea that you have seen? I would love to hear what other great ideas are out there in the comments below.

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    Pastel Flowers Image by Michael Radford. Flower Baskets Image by Lara Hotz. Flower Crown Image by Jasmine Nicole. Your wedding colors are one of the first wedding decor decisions you need to make. First, determine your wedding style. The vibe you choose will have a lot to do with the wedding colors you choose.

    Do you love bold, modern looks?

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    Search through our wedding color combo slideshows for bright colors like aqua and chartreuse. Or choose an oversized pattern in black and white for your wedding motif and pair it with one signature color. They come in bright yellow and can range in size. They can be used fresh or even when dried their colour holds fairly well. They have a long thin stem, so can be threaded through bouquets tightly or left wild and carefree like this example from Victoria Fitzgibbon.

    Billy buttons also make for the most unusual and quirky buttonholes. Like carnations, geraldton wax has at times had a less popular status. When viewed closely it is actually quite pretty with tiny little blooms of five petals and while it appears delicate it is anything but. It is also a fantastic choice for flower-girl crowns as it will withstand even the toughest conditions. Like being handled a lot as little girls play and take their crown on and off, on and off again! They are available in a range of colours, pinks, purples, white and yellows.

    Bailey Occasions Image by Benfield Photography. Seen in all the pages of bridal magazines at the moment, King proteas South Africa are a giant statement flower.

    The Best Blue Wedding Flowers (and 16 Gorgeous Blue Bouquets)

    You will need two hands to carry your bridal bouquet when walking down the aisle with a King protea bouquet. What a show stopper!

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    They are available in white and pink and certainly stand out as the focal flower. Heart and Soul Flowers has created this beautiful bouquet with gerberas, flannel flowers, dusty miller and a pink King as the hero. While Chiara Anne Floral Couture plays with the blooms large size and uses other large scale elements like eucalypt foliage to balance the design. South African proteas are smaller in size then large King proteas but they are still an above average sized flower. They have a distinctive oval shape with the petals curving at the top around a textured centre.

    The petals are often soft and furry with many varieties having a beautiful black edge. The colour range of proteas is wide, ranging from soft creams and pastel pinks to dark reds. I love this soft palette bridal bouquet by Riverport Florist. For something bolder and more textured, try mixing the stronger, brightly coloured proteas with other striking textured blooms for a fantastic wild rustic design.

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    It is very on-trend at the moment to have swags of eucalyptus leaf running down long guest tables. The eucalyptus leaf, available at times depending on the season, can be seeded, which adds great texture to foliage garlands. Foliage garlands look so lovely on their own or with fresh blooms scattered through out. To add a bit of texture and fresh fragrance, eucalyptus can also be added to your bridal party bouquets.

    There are many types of eucalyptus, with this variety having white gumnuts as a feature. Banksias have an oval cone shape similar to a protea and their foliage is so interesting as it is variegated like it has been cut into a zig-zag pattern. Here, a few stems of banksia have been used as the bridal bouquet feature, complimented with blue-grey succulents and thistle.

    And for a pop of colour, billy buttons.