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Night Paths by Wil Bolton.

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The Garden by Porya Hatami. If only my garden were as beautiful as these sounds. The exquisite nature of this album cannot be overstated. If you need an oasis, you've just found one. Faded Covers by Paperbark.

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Paperbark buries short sample snippets in a deep ocean of electronics, to mesmerizing effect. Glitchy pieces get glued together to create a humming minimalist soundscape.

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A stunning ambient experimental album from Swedish composer Dag Rosenqvist, available as a limited-edition CD. Subsequently, that story may not appear readily in search engines -- so it counts as part of the deep Web. Where Are the Women of Wikipedia?

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Just Below the Surface. If you think of the Web like an iceberg, the huge section below water is the deep Web, and the smaller section you can see above the water is the surface Web.

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Related Content " ". What is more, this is reinforced by the fact that Kumar makes her learn things: His outer characterisation does not reveal anything about his physical appearance, yet we can deduce that he is a rich man, owning a few shops:.

… an invitation to slow down, look more deeply, listen more carefully, and just have eyes to see.

In terms of his inner characterisation, it is quite clear that Kumar is the dominant one in the relationship. He considers himself superior to his wife and even asks In the story, the British society is depicted through the characters of the two men from the Council, the police, the neighbour and the people that Indrani meets in the shops. Teksten herover er kun et uddrag.