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As much as I want to hate Ethan, even his anger, fear and doubt is reasoned in his mistreat, neglected and abused childhood. Then another character comes into play Emma, Alistair's deceased wife's sister. Will their love survive another trouble? So many parts of this book brought tears my wife's eyes.

It has so much depth, it's fat paced and story line is rich and well planned. It's not erotica, it's subtle and it enhances their relationship. I enjoyed this book and my wife much more, she asked me to say this. It is definitely a book you will want to read again and put on your favorite shelf or kindle View all 6 comments.

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Apr 23, Linda Sims rated it it was amazing. A New Beginning introduced us to most of the main players. Here in book two the story moves forward detailing the ongoing changes in the three main characters relationships with one another. There are many secrets that are revealed, all three characters have dark secrets in their pasts.

This is quite a long book in which much happens. It would be very easy to give the plot away. I don't want to do that. But what I will say is, that this is IMO a far superior read to book one. The characters are better developed and have real depth and are very easy to relate to. The story is full of twists and turns, the reader is never quite sure what's going to happen next.

As for the love scenes they are scorching hot, but full of emotion. But most of all it's the plot here that makes this book stand out from the crowd. Of the three main characters I found it difficult to have a favourite, all have their own distinct personalities, with good and bad points. The writing style is smooth and flowing, the story moves between the past and present. But not at any time did that interfere with the balance of the story.

I would like to thank the author for allowing me a copy of this book. I can only imagine what might happen in part three, but I will definitely be reading it. Mar 31, EJ rated it really liked it. ARC provided by the author for honest feedback - Thank you Cristiane.

I loved this book. The characters are deep and the plot has tons of twists and turns. Its a very intense read. I ran through the gamut of emotions - from happy to angry to sad and back again. For me, it wasn't a one sitting kind of book. There was so much information and so many emotions that I had to put it down and walk away every so often. The multiple POV's give the reader an idea of what is going on in each character's he ARC provided by the author for honest feedback - Thank you Cristiane. The multiple POV's give the reader an idea of what is going on in each character's head.

There is no unnecessary angst, or adolescent misunderstandings. Overall, excellent - 4. Great 2nd book in the series! Nov 15, Divya Nambiar rated it really liked it Shelves: This is a journey worth embarking upon by all adults atleast once, because it has so much more than what is considered to be the staple content in all romantic fictions. It is a tragedy yet a tale of hope, of happiness, regrets and a never-ending suspense and above all, a melanc Trust Betrayed Part-2 of the Trust Series 'Widowed were not those alive, but those who were dead.

It is a tragedy yet a tale of hope, of happiness, regrets and a never-ending suspense and above all, a melancholy that stays with the reader long after the story is over. Guess it's the author's stint with law as a lawyer who specializes in cases of sexual abuse and violence against children and women has brought immense depth and has provided a strong foundation to this story. It brings to light many of the silent tortures that women often have to deal with and sometimes do get used to it to such an extent that they become addicted to it and it ultimately destroys their lives.

Some might ask- What can possibly be achieved by reading an erotic fiction except for some noxious pleasure to the reader? And to them I say — for once, try not to read the book in a shallow manner and instead venture just a bit deeper. Surely the incidents revealed to the world might not have been conjured up from thin air. For a 20 year old Indian reader, it did prove to be an eyeball rolling experience once in a while but then on the whole, I was mesmerized by the characters. Sophia, a widow with Gabriela, her daughter, Alistair and Ethan, both fighting their inner devils and changed by the circumstances that life sometimes offers mind you, it can be so much worse than we think it is possible!

Delve a little deeper and the personality of Tavish can leave you spell-bound. Lachlanne, Alice, Leonard- I could go on and on about all of them. I would gladly give 6-stars for the characterization part alone. For review of Part-1 of the Trust Series- http: Cristiane, Trust - Encore! A New Beginning Trust: Pandora's Box The Modern Man: A philosophical divagation about the evil banality of daily acts Cristiane Serruya View all 4 comments.

Ooooh, I should let it all hang, simmer, be a bit evil and let Cristiane wait a bit longer just like she does us with all those scenes! I'm glad not so many use pure white pages nowadays, or it might have taken longer! But, here it comes — my completely honest review. Now, as I've said before, I've never really been a fan of the genre. Erotica has always seemed a bi So, my review Erotica has always seemed a bit too sordid for me, something trying to give you what you should have in a relationship, anyway.

Why do people need it? Isn't it like literary porn? Yet, I'm glad I got into this series. This is something that's far more than a quick sexual thrill, a peek beneath the sheets; this has bounds of intelligence inside its pages. What could so easily be a fuckfest of the rich, has thoughts and consequences flowing through each page. These people aren't just rich and famous, but are also thoughtful, intelligent, and realise the true worth of others.

But the thing I loved most was that here is a woman in charge of her own destiny. Not only does she now own a company, but she is domineering, strong willed. That is so refreshing to see in a world filled with women being thrown about as the playthings for men.

8 Steps to Overcoming Betrayal Trauma

This book is about mutual respect, love, pleasure and consent. Yes, you people in love with Fifty Shades of Grey and such like — did you forget that that word existed?! P show such concern and respect that they allow Sophia to go where she wants to, to choose her own limits. Every woman deserves a partner like that! I also love some of the secrets that are revealed here view spoiler [ oooh, I knew that Edward had to be gay! Boy is Alistair going to be relieved when he finds out!

One thing I also found intriguing - for an ARC copy, this had so few typos compared to the last one. Yet there was a really funny one in there: Oh dear, did that hurt to laugh! Mar 10, Raphaela Jackson rated it it was amazing Shelves: This is a book that will make you think. Think about you have read before and liked. Think about how a woman should behave.

How a man should behave. And how naive you should be with your so-called friends. Apart from the hot, hot, hot scenes, there are exceptional scenes with therapists that are wonderful profound. You don't need to be what the others want you to be. You don't need to fear or to face the bad things that happened in your life.

On the other hand, you MUST do it to have a better life and to admit others in it. If the first book was a great romance, this one is much more than that. It made me cry, it made me angry, it made me happy, it made me think. Apr 11, Aurora rated it it was amazing Shelves: Createspace Part of a Series: Trust Trilogy Type of book: Each one of them will need to overcome their Name of Book: He would do everything to have Sophia back in his arms Characters: How many licks does it take to the center of the Tootsie Roll?

My reply would be G-d only knows. How many layers does Sophia have? If you think you have fully discovered Sophia in the first book, boy you are wrong. Cristiane masterfully adds more and more layers to her, many I hadn't expected. In the first book I found her an adorable and strong woman who seems to be perfect in every way.

In this book we see her vulnerabilities and her dark secrets began to pop out.

Sidebar: That’s Why They Call It “Work”

Alistair undergoes through a lot of changes in the book and I no longer hated him but wanted him to have a happy ending. While Ethan is there as well, we do learn a lot of his past and he was not a very active character as Sophia and Alistair and were. Gabriella and Alistair's family were there too Am hoping for a character sheet near the future to keep all the family members straight Its possible to heal through love Plot: This is written in third person narrative from Alistair's, Ethan's and Sophia's points of view.

Just like in previous book the narration moves from Alistair's to Sophia's thoughts and so forth, but perhaps I am familiar with her writing style at least from the first book, the style didn't annoy me. Lack of transitions between past and present scenes did annoy me, however and I almost didn't give it five stars.

Betrayed by Work

That annoyance did last in beginning only, and towards the middle and end the flashbacks came with transitions. One question that I am curious to ask about is, what are the color of Sophia's eyes? Are they hazel, golden or brown? Sophia's eyes are always described as either hazel or golden There aren't a lot of mention of luxury brands in the book and its very tightly woven and has more action than the first book. I'm a lawyer, who specializes in cases of sexual abuse and violence against children and women.

I've always loved to read, write and listen to music. I lived and studied in England, France, Italy and Switzerland. Traveling is one of my passions - as is keeping fit and healthy. After twenty-two years of practicing law, I decided to give writing a go. And - amazingly - it was just the piece that was missing in my life. Wow, she has done it again, earned 5 stars on my book review blog. This is as good, if not better than the first book; Sophia is still smart and sexy and puts limits on herself and others; Alistair is struggling with accepting forgiveness; Ethan is absent for 98 percent of the book, although he does make appearances and the reader is treated to his history, just as more about Sophia and Alistair is also revealed.

If one found the labels annoying, I didn't, but in case if you did, then they barely appear in this book, and its more plot driven than before. I also learned to like Alistair and rooted for him almost all the time. Sorry Ethan, however I did have a few problems with the book: For example, one scene would be focused on Sophia and Alistair, but then without a transit or mention of why, we are switched to a scene from Ethan's past She does warn ahead of time, but it doesn't fit the narrative, these switches really bugged me the first half of the book though. I would like to thank the author for the opportunity to read and review the book.

Stay away unless a masochist 1: Good for insomnia 2: Horrible but readable; 3: Readable and quickly forgettable, 4: Buy it, keep it and never let it go. Dec 13, Mrs. This is the hardest time for me. When I love a book so much, it became full of highlights, it is difficult to put pen on paper to express all the fierce emotions it brought out on me. Betrayed is one of those rare books. First, I must say this book has a very interesting style of going back in time, exactly as I needed more explanation on an obscure behavior of a character.

It wasn't th So It wasn't the narrator telling me facts for afar. Her characters where telling me what happened to them, in a show-and-tell so interesting - and different from what I have read so far - that Cristiane opened their hearts and souls to me. In fact, she bares her characters of all the layers of richness and aloofness that covered them in the first book. Their tragedies, triumphs and emotions are so real and palpable, I felt I knew them as their secrets were revealed more and more.

Sophia is strong-willed, beautiful, has a witty sense of humor and intelligent with a loving heart. With all those highlights, her secret will shock you when it is revealed.

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  • Although I was shocked, I understood it. I love that she put AC in his place. She needed it and he, more than her, needed it. AC, oh, Alistair Connor is the perfect blend of domineering and gentle, he takes, but he gives so much in return. He has a dark and sad past and tries hard to get rid of it. Gabriela is the perfect daughter every mother and father wish to have. And poor, dear Ethan has started to find his way to my heart. I almost screamed when Ethan came back into the scene. That was quite a twist. But many more were waiting for me. Just when I thought everything was going to be all right, a few of the secondary characters, who were just back-ground scenario, come to the fore and threaten the HEA Cristiane waved under my nose.

    There are so many special scenes that I cannot - will not - choose one, risking changing my mind and coming back to edit this review. The whole book is special.

    Do therapists sometimes treat betrayed spouses in unhelpful ways?

    Cristiane does an excellent job and kept me turning the pages, craving for the next twist, for her next beautiful words, comments on daily life using classic literature, savoir-faire, psychological insights; the music, places, restaurants and the descriptions are absolutely flawless. This book is flawless. Last, but not least, I cannot finish this review without saying that the sex scenes are hot and steamy but full of love and meaning, written in such a way that it shows off the true feelings of the partners involved or not involved and not only the physical aspects of them.

    Betrayed brought tears to my eyes and warmth to my heart. View all 7 comments. Jun 01, Ana Luisa rated it really liked it. Outro momento marcante da trama foi quando ele soube acerca do passado da namorada e daquilo que ela tinha feito e mesmo assim estar sempre do seu lado, a dar-lhe apoio…lindo, lindo, lindo! Mar 30, John Hennessy rated it it was amazing Shelves: A New Beginning was a revelation to me in the sense that I didn't usually read these kind of stories. However, Cristiane Serruya is an excellent author, and you could tell that A New Beginning was something special. It starts with quite a bang and amazingly, keeps it up through out.

    As with any 'middle story' the trick is, could it be better than the first and yet end in a way that would set things up for a tantalising finale I have bought TRUST: Pandora's Box but am yet to review it and I need to explain why I haven't gotten around to reading the final book yet. TRUST Betrayed is a complex, luxuriously layered and woven tale that is brilliantly written, but for me, I needed to re-read certain scenes just to make sure I had absorbed what had happened and take it all in. In that sense, it is the harder read than A New Beginning but is totally worth investing your time on this story.

    It's a lovely way Cristiane has with words - the date and time stamps add increased authenticity to the tale and whilst the main characters Sophia and Alistair remain as compelling as ever, it's the truly 'unique' Heather who stuck in my mind long after I had finished the story. I won't say whether Heather is good, bad or indifferent, but she adds her unique spin to the story. The story probably works best with all three read together, and so I'm looking forward to Pandora's Box. To date, there's only one trilogy of books that received five stars from me - Lord of the Rings.

    Now I know that's not an official trilogy, but the idea of rating them is the same I rated Lotr 5 stars as a whole. Let's just say that Cristiane Serruya is a modern, intelligent writer who deserves the plaudits for her stories. In the sense of balance, is there any thing to fault? Perhaps yes, perhaps no, depending on your view. For me, Betrayed had so much going on, it deserved more than one read to really absorb it, but it is, as I say, worth your time. A light read this is not As for book three, Pandora's Box is an awesome, intriguing title.

    Some books are worth waiting for, an just like Doctor Sleep by Stephen King, I waited some months before finally reading it.. Trust Betrayed is a lot like that Oct 14, Lori rated it really liked it Shelves: Find this review and more at Lusty Penguin Reviews! Betrayed , the second installment of the Trust trilogy, is a compelling character-driven romance by Cristiane Serruya. Ethan is not coping well and hires a woman with similar features to be with him as Sophia. At the same time, Alistair and Sophia work to rebuild the trust that was destroyed during the assault.

    But, secrets are holding all three of these characters back: Sophia is the most sympathetic of the characters since her secrets are hidden from herself as well due to amnesia. Serruya does a masterful job of naturally propelling Alistair and Sophia into trying to build a solid and trust-filled relationship. Realistically, Alistair and Sophia are continually adapting to each other as the layers of their personalities and their secrets are slowly exposed. I enjoyed how Serruya uses flashbacks to provide glimpses into the lives that Alistair, Sophia, and Ethan are currently hiding from each other, which added depth to the characters.

    Ethan has plenty of issues that cloud his judgment. There are times that I worried about Sophia having business relations with Ethan instead of severing all contact with him, but her compassion makes that impossible for her. One of my favorite parts of the story occurs when Sophia explains to Alistair the reasons why she stayed with him after the assault.

    Such sincerity allowed me to fully enjoy their beautiful happy-for-now ending. An intriguing romance and surprising plot twists make Trust: Betrayed a fascinating story that leaves the reader anxiously wanting the conclusion to the series. I received an eBook copy of the book for the purpose of an honest review. I was not compensated for this review, and all conclusions are my own responsibility. Good gracious, this book sure is something. Betrayed has come a long way from the first book, Trust: It starts right where it left off, confusing and bottled up with so many secrets I can't believe the author managed to keep them safe up until now.

    If I were the author, I would have let them all out from page one yeah I had no idea what was happening as everything was going too fast with no hints whatsoever, so naturally, I was hooked. In Betrayed, the cha Good gracious, this book sure is something. In Betrayed, the characters really start to come out of the pages as they slowly peel layers of themselves and show their true forms. They are raw characters, broken and messed up, carrying a strong facade just to not appear weak. They are proud, but also filled with anger and a touch of craziness, making them sort of dangerous to the people they love.

    And yet, they are still beautiful, despite their many flaws. I loved their intellect and dominant personas, it often was an entertaining battle to see who had the final say in things. However, I sometimes did hate their masochistic ways. The setup of this book is great. It feels comfortable as it changes smoothly from the present to past life events of the characters. Getting to know younger versions of Alistair, Ethan and Sofia helped a lot to understand how and why they act the way they do, what led them to turn out to be so damaged and incapable of trusting, to fall in love.

    It also made me change my mind about some things. I liked that Betrayed is a gasp collector, there were many things that never crossed my mind until they did, and being surprised is one of the many things I love when reading a book. I'm excited to read the conclusion of this trilogy, I want to know more, I want to see what happens after that small happy ending of two of our characters, how long it lasts and what demons are going to be set lose to break havoc in their lives.

    I'm ready, bring it on. Thanks so much to Cristiane for providing me a copy in exchange for an honest review! You can also read it at The Reader and The Chef. Jul 07, Arlena rated it it was amazing Shelves: Cristiane Serruga Published By: Create Space Age Recommended: Betrayed" by Cristiane Serruga was the second series: Trust 2 for this author that was a wonderful good read. This series continues from the 'filthy rich, beautiful tormented souls' of Sophia, Ethan and Alistair 'face and revisits their pain and learn to see themselves through forgiving eyes.

    From the first series we are left hanging but in the second series be are "able to better understand the emotions that drive these lovers together and apart as their motives become clear and personalities continue to expand and blossom' as the story continues. This series was written in third person narrative from the character's POV. Now, this will be a long read however, due to the way the author writes such a well written story Be ready for many twist and turns because you will not know what is coming next. I was left saying omg In the end it only goes with the saying Well done to this author: Jan 25, J.

    Michel rated it it was amazing. Betrayed is a steamy sequel, and I enjoyed it even more than the first book and I loved the first one! In this book we get to find out more about the past of Sophia, Alistair, and Ethan. It was nice to dive into the dark past of the three main characters. Finding out more about Ethan was one of my favorite parts.

    It really helps the reader understand why he is so emotionally scarred. Cristiane Serruya creates characters that her readers get attached to, and you can't help feeling like t Trust: Cristiane Serruya creates characters that her readers get attached to, and you can't help feeling like these characters are part of your life. I can't enjoy a book unless I feel like I relate to the characters in some way, and even though the people in this book are exceedingly beautiful and wealthy, I was still able to feel connected to them.

    I think it's because the author makes her characters vulnerable, so anyone can relate to the perfectly flawed people in her books. There are also quite a few steamy scenes in the book! It's interesting though because there is actually some character develop within the sexual relationship of the two main characters. It was refreshing to read about the characters growing together in their relationship. I give this book five very bright stars! I know there is a third book in the works, and I'm dying to read it! I can't wait to find out what happens to Sophia and the gang next.

    Nov 11, Renata rated it it was amazing. I am a bit speechless right now. I was waiting for an awesome installment and just dived right in. But Alistair just rocked my world and handed me my shredded heart on a silver platter. I have to say the same about Ethan and Sophia. It was a masterful strike leaving me so clueless and hanging from A New Beginning. Apr 02, Viviana rated it it was amazing. Cristiane Serruya confirmed with this second installment that she is a talented writer. Like the first, this second book has steamy hot contents. She finally reveals the main characters dark past which really helps the reader understand better the characters.

    The story stirred inside me a lot of contrasting emotions. We are left with a happy ending but we know that there is more to come because here and there the author sprinkled some hints of the storm that I think will come in the next book. I Cristiane Serruya confirmed with this second installment that she is a talented writer. Oct 04, Romancing the Book rated it it was amazing Shelves: Reviewed by Crystal B. A New Beginning I could not wait to read the next book in the series. There are a lot of questions that are answered in Trust: Betrayed by Cristiane Serruya. I really enjoyed reading this book.

    There are so many emotional situations that I found myself both laughing and crying. There is a LOT of drama, suspense, twist and turns, and steamy scenes that kept me turning pages very quickly. I felt a connection with Sophia in the first book, she has been through so much and is such a strong woman. I so admired her relationship with her daughter. She would do anything to keep her daughter safe and happy. She really is a wonderful mother with an absolutely adorable daughter.

    Gabriela is such a smart, sweet little girl that she really adds to the story line. They make a cute little family. I knew going into this book that I was going to learn more about the background of all the main characters. All I can really say is WOW! I said in my last review of book one that I liked Alistair even though he had a few issues. Well now that I know more about his background I have to say I still like Alistair and love him and Sophia together. They are perfect for each other, they balance each other. Sophia is slowing remembering what happened when her husband was killed.

    Oh this poor woman, I cried for her.

    She loved Gabriel so much and he was taken from her in such a harsh way. Ethan is in this book as well. As viscerally painful as this experience has been, it has prompted me to consider what it means to be betrayed and what I might take from that experience. Most of us have experienced an acquaintance or friend gossiping or saying hurtful things to others about us or those we love.

    LDS World: Betrayal can lead us to new understandings

    This certainly is one form of betrayal and, as in all its forms, involves a violation of trust. It stings and often surprises because — more often than not — it. It is to be disloyal by withholding information that would assist, benefit or afford an opportunity to another. Or, it provides an enemy with information that is confidential. It is to surrender someone treacherously. Instead they withheld, dissembled or deceived.

    The level of betrayal increases when those individuals pretend to high standards of integrity and virtue, to be aboveboard in their actions and to adhere to standards of fairness and equity, yet acted duplicitously and unethically. The pain one feels when betrayed in this way is gut-wrenching. Although it is emotional it feels so physical, like an open, throbbing wound that endlessly aches and for a long time leaves one believing it will never heal. Additionally, at certain times that constant, hollow throbbing raises its ugly head and almost overwhelms. You get the gist of what I'm saying and, because we live in a world where wickedness and evil is omnipresent and increasing, many have experienced betrayal.

    I start by recognizing that my response does not diminish the accountability of those who betrayed me. They will have to account for their actions. Also, I appreciate that there are no easy, pat answers and I don't pretend to have answers. I believe that it takes time, and can sometimes take a long time, to heal. However, I have found that certain behaviors help to mitigate the pain. First, when my husband, children, family and dear friends heard what had happened they rallied around and their love and support gave me great comfort.

    It strengthened and deepened the bonds of love between us and thereby enriched my life. Second, I turn to the scriptures because they comfort and provide a context for my pain. I read Doctrine and Covenants and I am reminded that my suffering — and it is real — pales in comparison to that of the early Saints and certainly to that of the Savior of the world. Joseph Smith spent one miserable month in Richmond Jail and three and a half horrific months in Liberty Jail.

    And where is the pavilion that covereth thy hiding place?