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But our role model for holiness—in fact, for all of life—is Jesus.

In Praise of Our Character Defects

He was the one who was not overcome by evil, but overcame evil with good. And never once did he sin. And he did not accomplish this level of holiness by separating himself from the people he came to serve.

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The direction of Jesus the human being was not away from culture, but towards it. And this is the man we are called to follow. He gives no rules on how we ought to shave and wash, no rules on what we ought to wear.

A M V - p r a i s e t h e l o r d & b l a c k m e t a l t e r r o r i s t

His instructions are both broader and more difficult—some would say impossible—to follow. Love the Lord your God with all your heart and soul and mind.


And love your neighbor as yourself. The Lord, strong and mighty, is our escape. He is our way out. He is the way, the truth and the life. And while our well-intentioned efforts to escape temptation can help, in the end it is only the Lord himself who can help us. He is our escape; He is our strategy. And we know he is trustworthy. Somehow we hope lust will bring us to a happy ending.

It does not know how. Lust will never change. It will always be what it is. Love never changes either. Love wants to lead us to the right path where there is happiness, hope, and a deep sense of self-respect.

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Love always gives because God is love. So ask yourself again, Am I in love or am I fooling myself all the while walking into the cruel trap of lust? The decision is ours and will always be so.

Comparing Love vs. Lust

Will we walk down the road of love or lust? How we answer this question will dictate what our lives will become. Your email address will not be published. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Footer Need Hope for Your Journey? Lust would revisit me a handful of times in the coming years, in various flavors and intensities, sometimes leading to love. During my sophomore year of college, I became friends with a cook at the restaurant where I waitressed.

One night at a party, he was sitting at the foot of the steps as I passed, and I stopped to chat. It took me three seconds to say yes.

Lindemann (band)

Sealed this time with intercourse, desire for him lit up my body and mind for the better part of a year, during which I found out that he—coincidentally? I never acted on, or even voiced, these feelings, but they were strong enough to finally push me out on my own. When I met the man who would become my husband, his repeated advances and my own insistent urge kept drawing me in despite my best efforts to stay away.

I was holding out because of his long-distance girlfriend. I used every ounce of energy saying no until I ran out of willpower.

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Fourteen years later, when I hit my forties and my husband refused my latent urge to get pregnant, I found myself reading erotica, buying lingerie, enrolling in pole-dancing lessons and tantra classes. So precious was the genesis of these narratives that I still work daily to keep them alive. Understanding its biochemistry—new person, unconscious attraction likely rooted in early childhood, release of dopamine, serotonin, and oxytocin—demystifies the process, but does little to lessen its power.

Love Gives, Lust Takes

Humans will go to great lengths to get those three neurochemicals flowing. Whether or not they succeed in merging sperm and egg, they provide enormous amounts of energy. Lust is a change agent. In a life often weighed down by tedium and weariness, it delivers momentum. Judeo-Christianity labels it one of the deadly sins, perhaps fair, given its potential for addiction if indulged too frequently. Like a lightning storm, it may wreak havoc, or simply put on a memorable and thrilling display before dispersing into the night.

Guilt and regret may follow in its wake, but people happily uproot their lives every day under its influence. It is one of few experiences—extreme pain comes to mind as another—that provide the physiological stamina required of rebirth. It has come on like a magnificent illness, metastasizing on its destined day. Though I perceived it as personal while in its throes, I suspect it had little to do with any object of desire, or even with me.