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The dictionary of Furetiere also distinguished a particular case of such use of the word: Paris, ; Schlosser J. Les Cabinets d'art et de merveilles de la Renaissance tardive.

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Paris, ; Po-mian K. Collectionneurs, amateurs et curieux. Paris, ; Martin P. Neuilly, ; Marcoux C.

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Clermont-Ferrand, ; Impey O. The origins of museums: New York, ; Gargam A. Savoirs mondains, savoirs savants: Les Chambres des merveilles. Paris, ; Davenne Ch.

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Paris, ; Arnold K. Cabinets for the curious: La Haye; Rotterdam, Later dictionaries and encyclopedias omitted several meanings from the above list But the most popular and widespread denotation of the term "cabinet" still seemed to be "a specific place" in landscape architecture, interior and closely related to it meaning of an article of furniture.

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Thus, we don't see any mentioning of the use of the word "cabinet" in connection with the writings of any kind. It appears interesting that the word "cabinet" as a literary genre has never been mentioned in the dictionaries of the Modern times.

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However, in effect the genre of cabinet did exist. They can be divided in four groups according to their subject areas. The works describing the contents of some real cabinet, often of a politician or a man of letters, but sometimes of some private individual, form the first group of such papers Strictly speaking, not all the works of this group are entitled as "cabinets"; some titles contain such expressions as "the inventory of the cabinet" or "something got from the cabinet of..

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There are two types of such works: The examples of the first case are numerous and include "The cabinet of the library of Saint-Genevieve". The example of the second one is "The Cabinet of Louis XI"13 for official persons and "Reprimand to the newly married. In the titles of the second large group of works in the genre of cabinet this term is used as a synonym of an anthology or collection. This group is connected with the belles-lettres. Le cabinet de la bibliotheque de Sainte Genevieve. Aix, ; Spon Jacob. Lyon, ; Barnaud Nicolas, Froumenteau Nicolas.

Paris, publication — Paris: L'Homme d'Estat en matieres d'Interests. L'ordre de manier les finances. Le discernement des Maltotiers d'avec les Officiers legitime de l'Espargne. The third group consists of the "pure erudite" cabinets which contain virtual collections of different kinds16 — from various problems of navigation17 to the erudite research of the nobility Finally, the last, fourth group, is formed of the so-called "mystical cabinets" — works of moralistic character containing morals and being congeneric with both didactic and religious literature of the epoch Cabinet des saines affections.

Par Madame de Rivery. Paris, ; Franeau Jean. Poictiers, ; Carneau Etienne. Paris, ; Le cabinet des Muses, ou recueil des plus beaux vers de ce temps. Paris, ; Le nouveau cabinet des muses gaillardes. Lyon, ; Le cabinet des plus belles chansons. Lyon, ; Le petit cabinet des chansons nouvelles et amoureuses.

Recueillies de divers autheurs. Histoire, chronologie, topographie, hydrographie, politique, armes, devises, merveilles et autres choses nobles. Paris, ; Waghenaer Lucas Janszoon. Calais, ; Du Chesne A. Paris , ; Assignies Jean d'. Douai, ; Camus Jean-Pierre.

Paris, ; Le Comte Florent. Paris, ; Monnier I. Le cabinet mystique; contenant les regles de la conduite des ames religieuses. La conduite des novices. Rennes, ; Blois Louis de. Some works unite the traits of two or more groups, being, for example, a collection "cabinet" of poems and at the same time a part of a material cabinet of some person Despite the medium or even little popularity of the genre of cabinet in France in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, the titles of these works apart from the literary ones were rather diverse.

However, two papers stand out from the lists of works of the third and fourth groups by their similar titles including the expression "the cabinet of ladies". These are "The Cabinet of ladies containing the spiritual ornament of the Christian wife, girl and widow; and also the Cabinet of the virgin devoted to God by the vow of chastity.

With a Historic Calendar of Saint and virtuous ladies. Besides the likeness of titles, the two works were published almost simultaneously, in the first decade of the seventeenth century. Hence, the comparison of these incarnations of the genre of cabinet is especially interesting.

He started his erudite career rather early the first publication dated from Later he got the office of the royal geographer and historiographer, published more than thirty works and left dozens of unpublished papers on various historical and geographical subjects, from genealogical histories and the history of French cardinals to the description of antiquities of the French kingdom.

The investigated subjects as well as the specific methods of research characterize Duchesne as an erudite Guillaume Gazet seems to be a stranger in the modern historiography, not having become a subject of interest to scholars yet. Born in Arras in , he was appointed parish priest of the church of Sainte-Marie-Madeleine in Arras around , and later combined this office with the office of a canon of the collegiate church of Saint-Pierre.

Douay, ; Gazet G. Le Cabinet des dames: Arras, ; Niclot Simon. Le petit cabinet des vierges et ames chastes. Ecriture, que des Saints et anciens Peres de l'Eglise. Simon Niclot, religieux Minime. Sedan, ; Le Jau Jean. Rozhdenie nat-sional'nogo istoriopisaniya vo Frantsii: Since up to the end of his life he had been publishing different works as an author, editor or translator. Surely his priesthood had an impact on his heritage adding a spiritual shade to it. Nevertheless, his sphere of interest characterizes him as an erudite, as well as the French language of his works enables to ascribe him to the French erudite circle despite the official Spanish status of Arras at that time.

The list of his works shows his connection with the French erudite movement of the epoch, because apart from several purely ecclesiastical writings he mostly dealt with quite "erudite" problems Thus, the two "cabinets" may be regarded as creations by the members of a common intellectual circle.

As for their form, in both cases the material was organized systematically, which was characteristic of most erudite works. The tables of contents of both works could remind the reader the structure of a cabinet-bureau: Nevertheless, in terms of themes they don't bear resemblance.

Both works were connected with the sphere of morality, and their titles emphasized the ethical aspect of the contents. However, as it could have been anticipated, the work of a secular writer, A. Duchesne, resembles a sermon far less than the text written by a clergyman. Although the title of Duchesne's cabinet, in contrast to Gazet's, contains the term "mystical", in fact it turned out to be much worldlier. History and morality had been closely intertwined in the mind of a European in the Early Modern epoch.

For a long time studying history had been highly recommended for the education of the nobles of both sexes in order to cultivate moral principles and to instill self-perfection In addition, we can conclude that Duchesne had made the most of this phenomenon, basing his "mystic cabinet" on the didactic stories from the past and thus trying to emphasize the superiority of the spiritual beauty over the temporal one.

While Gazet's work aimed at the regulation of women's behavior and was based on the Christian moral philosophy, Duchesne's "cabinet" pursued another goal. Despite the declarations and specific rhetoric we shouldn't forget that the Paris theology doctors. Gazet published more than a dozen of works. Most of them were of his own: Arras, ; Lordre et suite des evesques et archevesques de Cambray.