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Wondering, where does it go? Then one day he hears a voice of the Moon Angel. Why not try the moon path tonight? As David will discover, the path leads to a magical world behind the moon. Rayner Mary, Garth Pig and the Ice cream lady, This book tells the story of Garth pig and his brothers and sisters. Garth is sent to buy 8 whooshes from the ice cream truck with the magic music - and a terrible fate awaits. Not sure of the earliest published date, but there is a McMillan version. There are several books about Pigs by Rayner. This probably isn't it, because the poster seems pretty sure about the Lupino name, but perhaps it's Garth Pig and the Icecream Lady , by Mary Rayner , Wolf, driver of the ice cream truck.

Maybe there are two versions of this book, because the one I have seen in the library definitely has Madame Lupino and not Mrs Wolf. I did find a reference to it on the web, and it also referes to Madame Lupino. Here's the web ref. Hi there- I posted this stumper, and can officially declare it resolved.

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Wolf question, the description sounded close enough to check out. I recieved my copy in the mail yesterday, and it is indeed the book, Mrs. It's nice to have it back after all these years. Thanks to the poster who solved this for me, and to Loganberry books for running such a valuable service. It was well worth the two bucks. You are free to file this under Solved Mysteries. M When you think of word derivations, Wolf would be a rough translation of Lupino.

Sound like a cross between Mary Chase's Harvey the seven foot rabbit and the comic strip by Crockett Johnson called Barnaby I10 I just bought this book at a thrift shop. His name was Mr. Green Nose makes a terrible noise "a noise like a little boy burping" Because only Gary can see Mr. Green Nose, other people think it's Gary who throws the rock through Mr.

Mudd's window into his goldfish bowl, ties cans to Mrs. Fitt's fat cat and puts a fly in Debbie White's milk. I10 imaginary friend monster: Gary and the Very Terrible Monster sounds like a good match - Gary is close to Harry, and the fly in the milk episode sounds pretty distinctive. I'm hoping you can help find a cherished book from my childhood. It was one of my favorites, but I believe my little brother destroyed it, he was a book shredder in his toddler years.

I read your Stumper page and believe it may be the same book being searched for under P4? I believe the book was old when it was read to me, some 30 years ago. Would love to have it again to relive childhood memories. Would appreciate any help your site can offer. I think I remember the same book. I've been looking for it on the Internet. I remember something about the two little pigs go into the dining car but they don't have any money for their food, and the little boy pig wears a navy blue sailor suit and sort of a blue tam with a white pom-pom. Those were the pigs.

How could I ever forget those names And hard to find, of course! It is a story about 2 little pigs in my memory they are French, coming over on a ship, basically ostrasized by the other passengers, but when they are in a fog, they save the day when the foghorn is broken by oinking and being heroes.

Georges Duplaix, Gaston and Josephine , '40s or 50s, approximate. The pigs are on a ship to America. When the ship's siren breaks, they climb up into the crows nest and squeal loudly so that other ships will hear them coming through the fog. George Duplaix, Gaston and Josephine , , copyright. Cute story of 2 French pigs on their way to America to visit their uncle. After several misadventures, including their wallet being stolen by a kangaroo at the Paris zoo, a missed train, being locked up by a man who wanted to eat them, and a flat bicycle tire, they finally make it onboard ship.

When the thick fog rolls in and the ship's siren is out of order, they climb to the crow's nest and squeak loudly to warn other ships, becoming heroes to the captain and grateful passengers. Georges Duplaix, Gaston and Josephine , 's, approximate. It is out of print, I'm pretty sure.

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The story is just as described by the poster, and yes, the pigs are "two very rosy French pigs. I'm pretty sure that the book is The Gauntlet , by Ronald Welch. I can check my copy at home if you like. See also the listing under Danny Dunn: Description from Four to Fourteen: Lines , 2d ed. Welch, Ronald , The Gauntlet illustrated by T. Freeman , Oxford Univ Press, "The finding of an armoured gauntlet takes schoolboy Peter back into the past and through his experiences the reader shares life in a castle on the Welsh Border in the fourteenth century.

Oxford University Press, Genevieve Goes to Bed Early title of story within book. I can't remember the title, author or any of the other stories, but I do remember that this was the title of the story. So not really a solution, but a little additional info. More info about a solved mystery, "Genevieve Goes to Bed Early.

I have spent about 3 weeks on the internet trying to find any information on a story I remember from my childhood in the 50's. I had no success as I didn't know the name of the story or the title of the book it was a part of. There were several other stories in the book as well. I found your website through a search engine. When I started looking through your site, I knew right away that I would find what I was looking for. However, it was listed as a "solved mystery".

Could you please tell me how to proceed. Thanks so much for your help. The little girl, in a defiant mood, decides to take this literally, so she goes to bed at, say, 7 p. Finally, she is sleeping during the day and awake all night, and her only friends are the mice, who come out in the middle of the night to keep her company. At the end, she has gone back to a sensible bedtime. As I recall it, this was a story in an anthology like a Golden Books anthology? Golden Story Treasury , , copyright.

Tibor Gergely--illustrator, The Golden Story treasury: I had this book, too, and the cover is absolutely pink! It's a large format Golden book, with an elephant, a fire truck, kids flying a kite and other illustrations on the cover. I vividly remember the little girl who went to bed an hour earlier every night. This is definitely the one. Genevieve Goes to Bed Early , Pretty sure this is the answer! G for more information. The poster has a good memory. He has a sky high I. He has an inner self named George.

Ben ignores warnings from the "little person" inside until the truth is out. George and Martha by James Marshall. There were several in the series, starring simple drawings of very funny and big hippoes. I don't know why these books aren't better known, they're classic! Maurice Sendak, for one, spares no praise for the "judicious, humane, witty, and astonishingly clever head of James Marshall.

With a foreword by Maurice Sendak. Houghton Mifflin, , Foreword by Maurice Sendak. George and Martha Encore. George and Martha Rise and Shine. George and Martha One Fine Day. George and Martha Tons of Fun. George and Martha Back in Town. George and Martha Round and Round. Dooly and the Snortsnoot. Although he enjoys playing with the village children instead of scaring them, Dooly, a giant who never grew, can't quite forget that giants are supposed to be big, brave, and scary. I just flipped through it at a book sale this weekend, and it certainly seems very similar!

Found in an anthology- Golden Treasury of Children's Literature. This sounds familiar - could it be Georgie and the Robbers , a smallish paperback I believe Scholastic book, probably from the 70's? Robert Bright, Georgie and the Robbers. This is definetely Georgie and the Robbers It is still in print. Burglars target older home while owners are away, but resident ghosts thwart them. One character named, "Gus" can't recall if it's ghost or burglar, though.

Some of story takes place in town; there's a gazebo in town square. Robert Bright, Georgie and the Robbers , , copyright. Georgie thwarts burglars who attempt to rob the Whittaker's home while they are away at a church social. This sounds a lot like Georgie and the Robbers. So, look into the others, too. See under Gus at Solved Mysteries. Possibly this or one of Thayer's other picture books about Gus the Ghost. Gus was a Friendly Ghost. As suggested, I may have "borrowed" Gus from memories of another book.

Georgie, however, is beginning to sound right - I think you've solved it. Thanks for your message. We have two copies of Geraldine Belinda in stock Hi, I just want to be sure it is the book I am looking for. I thought it was called Geraline Belinda Mabel Scott. What is the picture on the cover of the book.

It's the right book. The dj shows a little girl flouncing across the cover with hands in a muff and braids trailing behind. The first page talks about Geraldine Belinda Marybel Scott. I am delighted that you have the book. Please reserve one for me. Would love to get copy for grandchildren. Yes, and I have a beautiful copy of Geraldine Belinda for you.

I think the cover was red. The story was about a young girl who went to the candy store. I remember a picture of her looking in the window at all the candy. There was a man behind the counter. She had a small purse that held her coins. Her clothing was old fashioned. I believe she was wearing a coat, and maybe a hat.

The drawings were fairly simple, and mostly black and white. I think this is Geraldine Belinda by Marguerite Henry , Geraldine Belinda goes on a shopping spree and doesn't want to share her new treasures with her friends she passes on the way home. But by holding her head so high, she misses that each of her little toys falls out of her bag paper horn , and cries when she discovers her empty load at home, until all her scorned friends arrive on her doorstep, each one holding one of the toys she'd dropped.

Marguerite Henry, Geraldine Belinda , Yes, thank you, this is the book I remember. Although I remember it being much smaller! I bought a copy and read it with delight. I was so surprised to see the little girl wearing a white fur hat and carrying a hand muff. My sister and I had those, too, probably about the same time I read the book. I don't have a solution to this stumper, but I do have more details that might help someone else pin it down. I remember this book and had thought it was called something like Yours Truly, Trudy, but I haven't been able to find anything by that name or close approximations online.

Hope that helps someone track down the real thing. The hint about "Trudy" seems rightI think maybe the girl signed her diary entries "yours Trudy" instead of "yours truly". Still no luck with any combo of those terms, though. I wonder if maybe this was a reprint of slightly earlier book, since the part about the oxygen tent seemed very old-fashioned.

Eureka, I found it!

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I read this book many years ago when it was first published, and remembered one detail the stumper requester didn't mention. Gertrude puts a symbol at the top of each diary entry to show whether she's had a good, bad or medium day. A good day is marked with a star, a medium day with a circle, and a bad day with a square. Armed with this knowledge, I did an online search, but could only find a brief synopsis for this title: Gertrude is a latchkey child whose mother works as a bookkeeper for a department store.

Gertrude's father is never mentioned, and it is unclear whether her mother is divorced, widowed, or a single parent. Gertrude and her mother live on the top story of a two family house. The lower level is occupied by the five Murphy boys and their parents. Gertrude purchases a black and white speckled notebook and starts her diary on Monday, March 25th. She signs some entries "Yours truly, Trudy.

On that same day, Gertrude's mother goes shopping with her friend, Miss Rice the head of housewares , and buys her daughter a plaid dress with a white collar "just like pictures of school girls in magazines. Blonski, the owner of the garden, on April 11, and her son, Carl, on April 23rd. Thanks to the kind Mrs. Blonski, the shy and unsure Trudy learns to jump rope, befriends the children at her school, gains the favorable attention of her teacher, stands up to the rambunctious Murphy boys, and becomes best friends with Sandra, the most popular girl at school.

At the end of the book, Trudy nearly succumbs to undiagnosed pneumonia, but is saved by Carl who is studying medicine and Mrs. Blonski, who take her to the hospital where she is put in an oxygen tent. The book concludes with the entry for Friday, May 24th. This was Ruth Hooker's first book, and it was published by Abingdon Press. It was followed by a sequel in , Gertrude Kloppenberg II , which starts on Monday, May 28th, four days after the first book ends.

I'm so excited to see my old stumper solved! I swear I don't remember a car accident, though I'll have to re-read it. The bear who liked hugging people, and other stories. The bear who liked hugging people. Illustrated by Rick Schreiter. This is indeed the book that absolutely horrified me as a child, approximately 35 years ago. I received it in the mail today and after reading just three pages, I can see why I was traumatized! Thank you so much to this site and to the individual that solved my query! Thank you Harriet for providing this service. Without it I surely would never had resolved this and would have been "wondering" forever!

The main character, a little girl who mistreats her dolls, wakes up in a mysterious world where the dolls choose and own the little girls. She goes through a strange process of being put on a shelf in a little girl store. On a nearby shelf there is a mysterious and beautiful little girl who lies very still with her eyes closed. I think she is under a glass cover. Our little girl is chosen by an awful doll and is treated much the same way she treated her own dolls. One memorable scene has the doll running a bath, plopping the little girl in and forgetting her until the water is ice cold and the little girl is shivering miserably.

I can't remember the outcome, but I remember being fascinated with both the haunting story and pen and ink illustrations. Gertrude was a wooden doll determined to be set free of the little girl who owns her and abuses her. When she meets an old man who takes her to his store, she finds all sorts of children for sale! I wanted to thank you for identifying my book! It was indeed Gertrude's Child. I have ordered a copy and look forward to reading it again!

About 35 years ago. As I remember it, it was about a doll named "Gertrude", although that could have been the name of the "little girl" in the story too. The little girl mistreated her doll At some point, the doll comes to life and mistreats the little girl.

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I remember being horrified by the story and have been searching for it for years. Richard Hughes, Gertrude's Child , I entered the key words Gertrude doll. It came up with Gertrude's Child by Richard Hughes written in The description says Gertrude the doll is tired of what she thinks is abuse and runs away. Could this be the book you're thinking of?

This same author has a book entitled Gertrude and the Mermaid. I am almost trembling, I am so excited. I think the mystery of the title of the book I've been searching for for so long has been solved! Someone responded to my post about G, The story of a doll that "owns" a girl and mistreats her. If this mystery has been solved, the book is titled: Gertrude's Child by Richard Hughes. I have ordered it through [some huge corporate monstrocity]. I will let you know as soon as I receive it, if in fact it is the book I'm looking for! It was made into a Disney TV movie in the timespan.

I am having fun with these, and I'm suggesting the site to others! I have no idea if this was a book or not. I saw this movie on TV when I was young mid to late 70s , so it was probably a Disney or Sunday night movie for kids. It was about a boy in the South Louisiana? She asks for his help in solving her murder. I think she was thrown down a well. Maybe by an uncle. I think it was antebellum or thereabouts. I've tried Disney sites and haven't had any luck, so I thought I would try you.

The Disney movie is Child of Glass. The Ghost Belonged to Me. Puffin paperback reprint, Lois Lenski, Indian Captive: The Story of Mary Jemison , I haven't read this book in a long time, and I don't know how true the novel is to the real story, but Mary Jemison was captured by Indians and her family was murdered, and she eventually married an Indian man.

Her hair is supposed to be blonde, but looks reddish on the cover of the reprint. Seneca Captive, originally published in Mary is definately blonde in this story, an emigrant from Ireland settling in Pennsylvania before being captured by the Senecas. The hiding in the barn part of the story doesn't match.

I do believe that the book for which I'm searching is fiction. It's also not appropriate for young children. There was some detail to the goings-on in the birthing hut. There was also a bit of violence in the description of the torture of the rival warrior.

He was forced to walk or run through rows of the tribe while they punched him or hit him with objects. They cut flesh from his legs and forced him to eat it before burning him at a stake. I think this is an adult romance novel called Ghost Fox. I remember reading it at about the same time and age as the requester, as a Reader's Digest Condensed Books selection. The girl had red hair and I think her name was Sarah.

Ghost Fox was the name the Indians gave her, referring to her hair color. Unfortunately I have no idea who wrote this and Google turns up nothing. I was also a fan of Lois Lenski's Indian Captive , which is definitely not the same book. You can mark this one as solved. I bought the book Ghost Fox by James Houston and while at least one detail in my memory didn't hold up, the rest did.

I think the title was The Witches Garden but I am not sure. It was not by Ruth Chew but is possibly an American book. The story was about a 12 year old girl who goes to stay with her Aunt? I think the girls name was Sarah she becomes friends with a girl named Christine? Christine is fascinated by the local graveyard where a 12 year old girl named Sadie was buried many years before. The girls discover that Sarah is living in Sadie's old house and they find her room behind layers of wallpaper. It still contains her furniture and toys. The girls say a spell at midnight on Sadie's grave in the hope that they will see her ghost but it doesn't work.

Then Christine dies, she leaves Sarah some seeds which she eventually plants on her grave, I think they are sunflowers. The rest of the book tells of Sarah learning to accept change. And thats all I can remember. I hope you can help as I would love a copy of it. No thats not it! Thanks for trying though.

If only I could remember the title correctly!!! I have this book, although it is in my old room in my parent's house. There is a scene where the girls spread gold dust in a "ceremony" to talk to the ghost. Hello again, I talked with my mom who confirmed the title and author. Hope this helps the person who was looking for it! Thank you for your help and yes that is the book!!! I have just received my own copy from a bookshop in the US and am very happy!!! Into this setting comes Jessica, whose father went butterfly hunting long ago and shows no sign of returning, whose mother has embraced transcendental meditation and a new boyfriend.

For the holidays Jessica has been wished on a scatty aunt who lives in a commune in Wellfleet, in a sagging house which reminds Jessica of "one of the old horses that pull the carriages in Central Park". It is anyone's dream of a haunted house and certainly Jessica senses a strange presence in it. Truro churchyard too seems to be haunted, but the pale elusive figure hiding among the graves is no ghost but Christina, another ten-year-old of an unhappy home. The two little girls make an ideal partnership in many holiday activities, notably ghost-hunting and witchery. At the end of the holiday they conduct an eerie seance in the churchyard at midnight, but the reflection which Jessica sees is not that of the ghost but of Christina.

Christina, who has always seemed to exquisite to be quite real, dies. Jessica is left to keep her part of the pact which they had made, in blood, at the end of the holiday. I think they may have become friends when one moved in next door to the other. I don't remember any names at all. One of the girls has a vial of gold dust, I believe it was dentist gold that she had gotten from her father. The two girls make an agreement that if one of them dies, they will somehow use this gold dust to somehow bridge the distance between the worlds of the living and the dead.

It turns out one of the girls does die, I don't remember how, and the surviving friend performs a ritual with the gold dust, spinning in a circle and scattering it all over. For a while she thinks nothing happened, but then she sees her dead friend in a flower and learns that she has built the bridge but instead of bringing her to the after world, she has brought her friend back to the living world, but only briefly, through this flower. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hila Feil , The Ghost Garden, I had remembered the title as The Witch Garden for years, but actually found the book through this Web site a couple years ago! Jessica is the girl sent to live with her odd relatives on Cape Cod, she befriends Christina in the graveyard, Christina later dies.

I think this may be the book you're seeking. It's square, one of the men wears a pot on his head, and everyone has big noses. It starts with one child in a room of the house and relatives and friends keep arriving on each page until there is a houseful. The ghost plays tricks on everyone. Isabel Eberstadt, Who is at the Door? Nell's mom is busy cleaning the basement and leaves her and her dog in charge of taking phone messages and answering the door. Mayhem ensues when everyone including a friend, the ice-cream man, an organ grinder and a repairman are let in by Nell.

There is soon so much party-like noise in the house that when Nell's dad rings the bell and knocks, no one can hear him so he needs to climb in through the window. Maurice Sendak, One Was Johnny , , approximate. Could it be this book? Johnny lives alone and the book counts up from 1 to 10 as more and more guests arrive at his house for a party, and back to 1 again as they leave. Can't find an image of Johnny with the pan on his head, but I seem to remember it The suggestion of " Ghost in a Four Room Apartment " is it!

Boy, I wonder how many brain cells I've murdered over the decades trying to think of this?! I'm fascinated by the fact that I remembered a guy with a pan on his head and people with big noses but nothing whatsoever of a ghost. Is there a pair of ghosts? Behrman, Ghost in the Garden, This sounds like Ghost in the Garden by Carol H. Behrman , in which Jennie and her family move to the country and Jennie discovers the ghost named Samantha in the garden where she paints. A Weekly Reader paperback, its out of print, but fairly available used.

This may not be the right book, but the cover shows a modern girl sitting with a ghost girl on a bench in a rose garden. I read it in about , too. Behrman, Carol, Ghost in the Garden , I got it from the Scholastic book list in or so. Jennie and Samantha become friends, they both decide to paint a picture of their houses one day and they realize that they have painted the same house Im sure this is it what a great book.

I don't have the title, but just a few more things about it. The ghost, Felicia, is really obnoxious. She rides a swing a lot. The copy I read in 5th grade was hardback but without a jacket--the cover had an actual picture, though; it wasn't just blank. Probably not the only one to suggest this - mystery about the ghost of a young girl called Miranda, clues include a cement owl made by her and her aunt. It's on the Solved List with more detail.

John, The Ghost Next Door , This is definitely the book. It has all the details the poster mentioned. So when Sherry came to visit her Aunt Judith, no one could explain the odd things that started to happen. Who was the elusive friend Sherry said she saw in the garden? Was she an imaginary playmate-or could she be the ghost of Miranda who had drowned in the pond years ago? Uncanny reminders of Miranda began to turn up- a blue rose a lost riding whip More info is available on the Solved Stumpers page. John , and appears on your "Solved Mysteries" page. John, The Ghost Next Door. This was one of my favorite books too.

I remember reading it many times. My copy is in storage, but I am certain of the title - not sure about the spelling of the author's name. This is a Wylly Folk St. The main character is visiting her grandmother? She drowned in a pond in the backyard after hiding the owl for the grandmother's birthday and the grandmother hadn't been able to find it. The children, along the way, expose a "psychic"'s fraud when he claims to have found the owl buried by the pond. This seems to be a popular book.

It's been asked about a few times. Regarding my stumper, O Owl with love in its eyes, I just wanted to thank everyone who wrote in and solved this year-old mystery for me. Now I can share this book with my daughter when she is old enough. This service is terrific! It was about two children who were living in a house with a pond nearby. A girl named Miranda once lived in the house and drowned in the lake. The children are trying to find out about her, and they find her diary and a ceramic I think owl that she made when she was alive.

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Does this sound familiar to anyone? I know this one and I have the book right in front of me!! I have been looking for a book that I read as a child. I've received several responses in the past from sites like this one, but none of them have been the right one. I remember that the "ghost" in the story is named Miranda--she drowned as the child. The two children who are staying at the house find her diary and a ceramic owl that she made. They are trying to solve some sort of mystery surrounding here. Anyone have a clue? John , illustrated by Trina Schart Hyman, published Harper , pages.

After her parents' divorce, Miranda and her father came to live in Georgetown with her aunt, and Miss Judith became mother and friend to the lonely little girl. Together they made roses turn blue, had a secret place in which they left small notes to each other, and created a cement owl 'with love in its eyes'. Then in a pond at the back of the property, Miranda was accidentally drowned.

Miss Judith was shattered, and Dr. Alston, unable to restrain his grief, left the family home and tried to bury the memory of his daughter in his work. Consequently, when he returned to Georgetown - for the first time since the tragedy - with his second wife and their 10 year old daughter Sherry, all mention of Miranda was carefully avoided. And then Sherry developed a mysterious playmate - one who could not be put to rest until both she and her half-sister were once again lovingly recognized by their family.

The plot, which is narrated by the budding-adolescent-next-door, Lindsey Morrow, is punctuated with seances, pregnant rabbits, and infamous psychics. I think it may have been a Weekly Reader book. A young girl moves is visiting? The neighbor has recently lost their daughter or other young female relative and things start appearing in the house that make the neighbor believe the child is still alive.

There are blue carnations which the little girl used to make by sticking white carnations into blue dye and I recall an owl with marble eyes Hope that is enough info The owl with love in its eyes is the give away. I have seen this one show up as a stumper many times elsewhere. St John, Wylly Folk, The ghost next door , This is definitely The Ghost next Door.

This info is from your solved pages Miranda Alston was deeply loved by her aunt Judith. This is definitely it Two visiting girls are trying to find the owl -- some plot with a fake seance. I just found the book it was already on your site and I missed it the other day! The Ghost Next Door and it was blue roses, not carnations! Thanks so much for having this site I've found three books that I thought were lost forever!

Someone was talking of the book and I had been looking for the movie! This is definitely the book, the owl with love in its eyes gives it away. It's on the solved mysteries page. There should be something on the Solved Mysteries about this one. John , it had lovely black and white illustrations by Trina Schart Hyman. Two girls become involved in looking into whether or not the ghost of a girl who drowned years ago in the pond behind a neighbor's house has returned.

The owl with love in its eyes and the blue flower were things that Miranda had made with her grandmother whose house it is , now Miranda's father is visiting his mother for the first time since his daughter's death, bringing with him his new wife and daughter Sherry.

The appearance of the owl and flower, as well as an old riding crop, taken with Sherry's assertion that she has a new friend named Miranda, make it seem that it might be so John , The Ghost Next Door, John , The Ghost Next Door, circa I'm fairly certain this would be the book you seek. I have loved all of St.

I don't remember the carnations, but the owl with love in its eyes is in a Wylly Folk St. I am sure that this is the book that you are looking for! I loved this one as a girl, it is just scary enough, but not too scary. The story is loosely about a girl who goes to live somewhere new and discovers that the neighbors had a daughter or granddaughter named Miranda who drowned I think in a backyard pond. The part about the dyed carnations has always stayed in my mind, too.

Good choice for a clue. I hope this helps. John , The Ghost Next Door. It was probably published in the 70s or so. It was about a girl who went to visit her aunt. While she was there, she discovered a jeweled owl in a tree. Does this ring any bells? This is the book you are looking for. It was one of my favorites when I was a kid. I still own it! Two girls that live next door decide to find out if there really is a ghost next door. The jeweled owl is searched for throughout the story and is a huge part of the mystery. Wyly Folk St John, The ghost next door. Is it possible that the owl isn't jeweled, but made of cement with amber glass marbles for eyes?

If so, then this is The Ghost Next Door. Sherry Alston visits her Aunt Judith and finds an owl "with love in its eyes" that her half-sister Miranda had hidden in a tree many years before. Please see the Solved Mysteries "G" pages for more information. The book was very enchanting, and may have had something in the title regarding "secret" or "hidden" and maybe "door" or "garden". I think that there was a character by the name of "Miles" in it.

The book was read from my local public library in about , but it was not contemporary for that time, it was much older hence the name Miles. I would love to find this book again to read it to my children. It's about a young boy named Milo who enters a fantasy world through a magical tollbooth that appears in his house. Norton Juster, The Phantom Tollbooth. I loved that book too. From the back cover: A phantom tollbooth, with a map to a weird world beyond! So Milo sets off on a fantastic voyage in which he meets: It was a book for older children, and was about a boy whose parents moved into "the family homestead," where he encountered the ghost of a long-deceased relative named Miles Dibble.

The boy looked identical to Miles, who had died-I believe he drowned-after hiding a bag of gold belonging to him and his best friend who was now a very old man. The gold had never been found, and was the source of a feud between the Dibbles and the old man's family. It is up to Miles' look-alike relative to solve the mystery of where the gold was buried, and to resolve the feud between the two families. I think that this is also a book that I have been looking for.

I believe it was set in medieval times and the boy, Miles, father has disappeared and he and his mother were in difficulty until he finds whatever it is that is hidden in the wall in the garden. I read this in grade 3 which was about 39 years ago and it was an old book then. That's the book, and I remember it very well, too. It's no longer in print according to my quick research. It was a mystery having to do with the ghost of a boy named Miles and two identical trees on opposite sides of the yard or house.

It seems that Miles was entrusted with taking a sum of money home, but disappeared. Everyone thinks he stole the money, but, in fact, he had buried it under one of the trees. He had problems with left and right, and had buried it under the wrong tree to keep it safe, and, I believe, had died protecting the money. His descendant, a boy about his age at his death, is trying to solve the mystery, since the Miles' best friend at the time, the one who thinks he stole the money, is still bitter about it, even though it is about 50 or 60 years later, and he's an old man.

At the beginning of the book, the modern boy's family is moving into Miles' old house and finds the well is dry. Miles helps the boy locate a second well. The modern boy's name may be Benjamin or Benny, but I could be confusing his name with one of the Boxcar Children. I believe this is the book you are looking for.

Check the solved section for more details. Out of the graveyard comes a ghost—the ghost of ten-year-old Miles Dibble. Pug gets used to chairs that rock by themselves, shutters that bang mysteriously, and hair that stands on end. And all the while he follows clues to the weirdest treasure hunt with the ghost of Dibble Hollow. They chase him to a river, where he is killed and his body swept downstream, and the money was never found. At the end, the boy's family makes peace with Miles' old friend a neighbor - I think he had a grandchild who was friends with the boy by finding the money, the family decides to stay in the house, and the unmarked grave where Miles was buried is found.

This is the book, a great mystery and ghost story combined. This is definitely the book you are seeking. See the Solved Mystery page under G for more details. Definitely the one you're looking for! Myles knows what happened, but can't say what it is, he has to lead the modern-day nephew to the clues and let him piece together what happened.

He keeps humming or singing the song "The Derby Ram" because his body was discovered in a town called Derby, and once the nephew puts the clues together, and talks to the old man who found the body, he can clear Myles. I'm pretty sure this is the book you're thinking of. It is in the solved section if you want more descriptions.

The Ghost of Dibble Hollow. Illustrated by Orin Kincade, cover by Dom Lupo. Scholastic Book Services, , 4th printing, Paperback with creases on front cover. I probably first read this in '70 or so. This could be Me and Caleb by Franklyn Meyer. It is about brothers who live in a small Missouri town.

There is a lengthy description of Halloween activities including greased doorknobs, stuck car horns and a "garbage-launcher. There was a sequel, Me and Caleb Again. More on The Ghost of Five Owl Farm by Wilson Gage , illustrated by Paul Galdone, published Cleveland, World "Surprised by the visit of two cousins during a vacation, Ted decides to frighten them with ghost stories about an old barn on their property.

They all too soon discover that there really are goings-on as they are led through a series of hair-raising experiences. The Ghost of Five Owl Farm. Illustrated by Paul Galdone. Pocket Books Archway paperback, , 4th paperback printing The book would have been published that year or before, so I think we are looking at a book that is pre and may have been published any time in the earlier decades of the 20th century.

I do not remember the author or the title, but I do remember the book being rather small and its hardcover boards were white which was rather unusual. There was an old woman who lived in an old house and there was some scariness around both. Perhaps the child thought the house was haunted or the woman was a witch. Eventually the child got to know the old woman who turned out to be a retired Shakespearean actress or something along those lines. The name Julia sticks in my head, but I don't recall if that was the author, a character in the book, or it might have been a person external to the book like the woman who drove the Bookmobile!

I have no other memories of the book other than that it had an effect on me as a ten-year-old girl, and I have been looking for it for years. Barbara Wersba , The Dream Watcher. I'm not certain about this one It's about a teenage boy named Albert Scully who befriends an elderly lady named Orpha Woodfin. She quotes Shakespeare constantly. At the end of the book he finds that it was all an act and she wasn't really a famous actress in her youth. Freehof - it was recently a stumper here.

In this one a teen boy named Ted encounters a pair of elderly sisters- Juliet and Mary- who quote Shakespeare. He eventually finds that there is really only one lady who is playing the role of herself and a sister. Freehoff, Lillian , Ghost of Garina Street, Sounds similar with an old Shakespearian actress. Sounds like this is probably the one you are looking for. A teenage boy befriends two old women, both of whom quote Shakespeare frequently. One of them is nice to him, the other kind of mean.

He later discovers that they are both the same woman, a former Shakespearean actress suffering from mental illness. Thank you very much for posting my inquiry R on Monday. It was solved right away, and The Ghost of Garina Street appears to be the correct match. If I had had the patience to wade through all the old postings, I might have found the answer anyway, although this was a much more efficient way to get an answer. This was my first time using your service and I want to tell you how delighted I am. What a novel idea you had to start this!

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