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They wanted me to say, I see her, but I did not see her. I could only see the owl, ugly night-bird, thief, spoiler, ravager, foe, The devourer who had stolen her breath under his silent wings and discarded All her broken pieces here. These shattered bones cannot hold her, they cannot frame her feral will.

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This calm with which they have painted her face brings no calm to me — It is my fierce child my fingers seek, my wanderer, my challenger, my coryphee: I would pick out the feathers and piece back the wings death named dross, But my little sparrow lies flightless still. Sometimes a kiss begins the day with a prayer or ends it.

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Dead on the sill: Broken feeler, apex, thorax, dust which is not dust—which is chitin: Rooms you no longer enter, place you no longer exist in. Elegy of the Darkling Beetle.

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Here gapes a wound of a self-inflected nature. I unbutton my shirt.

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Of thieves, the glances. I feel that I am at a crossroads in my life right now, wondering which path I should travel.

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Your words can only begin to describe my confusion. I sneak a peek of hope, in the meantime it is poems like yours that inspire and keep me on track… more…more. Your poetry makes one think how unnecessary it all is. I applaud your ability to write and express such a serious issue, a human issue.

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If questioning life is challenging to you, these books of deeper thoughts expressed so simply and succinctly may be very valuable. Will it be one dinner at your favourite restaurant… or a book of wisdom that can literally change the way you see your world? Filtering Exclude erotica Include mainstream erotica Include all erotica.

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  • Her poems - much as it pains me to call them that, they certainly cannot aspire to either prose nor lyrics - are just self-indulgent emotional spatter on the page. Reading this book put me in mind of a melodramatic thirteen-year-old, drawing on the tired cliches she'd heard in old movies to describe her broken heart.

    In her dedication, Telford states, "Here's to breaking tradition.

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    In all its forms. Telford displays no interest or ability to master language, so it is hardly a radical act on her part to brutalize it. Search for a book to add a reference. We take abuse seriously in our discussion boards.