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Is there anything you would change about this book? Dead space seems to have been cut from the beginning of sentences and then jammed up against the last word of the previous sentence causing really terrible pacing.

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The main detractor from this production is the editing. While listening, you get the sense that every sentence was individually recorded and cut together. This occurs because ever so frequently, you will have an unnatural lack of spacing between two spoken words. These poor edits compound with the fast narration style to give the reader the since that the narrator is running through the reading.

So much so I had to double check my settings to see if I had accidentally set play back to 2x speed. The editing is terrible, but if you can convince yourself to ignore it--the story and characters are enjoyable. The narrator does a good job of playing different parts. The audible is enjoyable everywhere except the beginning of new sentences. Chris Northern Narrated by: The Price of Freedom , Book 1 Length: Free with day Trial Membership details Membership details A day free trial and your first audiobook is free After trial, get 1 credit each month good for any audiobook.


Give as a gift. Publisher's Summary My name is Sumto, and everyone thinks I am a gambling, lazy, good-for-nothing drunk. Please provide a subject for the message. Please provide a message body. Error occured while sending message Cartoons and Video Games. American-General American Vocal Style: Performance Notes A sixty second demo reel of various cartoon and imaginary character voices either in my repertoire or adapted from previous projects.

British-General British Vocal Style: Saska will have plenty of opportunity to fight all of them, clothing optional as always. I have really enjoyed this series. Saska is such a fighter, holding tight to her honor and assessment of what is right or wrong in the moment. Her companion Lynx is a steadfast furry that not only keeps her warm on occasion but rescues her from time to time.

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Scout Tommy Calvor spelling? That may just be his coat Saska is wearing on the cover illustration. In this installment, the two worlds butt heads big time. As monster after monster demand that Saska sacrifice a sheep or two, and maybe a human or three, she finds herself feeling the need to rid the earth of one more greedy monster, old school or industrialized. The thian oil is a by-product of the production of the nexil orbs.

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It has to be disposed of somewhere, and that somewhere appears to be a deep ravine in the Andereke mountains. And somewhere along the way, some misguided humans started worshiping some monster deity associated with the oil. In their prayers, they became contaminated with the stuff and then mutated. These scenes where Saska is trying very hard to safely navigate over or past the thian oil were some of my favorite, mostly because it involves a lot of fighting and much of it in the nude.

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Yep, our heroine can not be taken out so easily even if she has lost all her clothes. So I am really, really hoping that this is not the final installment. After all, there are still more monsters to fight, more nude battle scenarios to be carried out, and what about her male entanglements? Matt Franklin has returned as narrator for this book and once again did a great job.

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I really missed his performance for Book 3 and was so pleased to hear him in this installment. His rich stage voice adds an air of the epic poem to these tales, allowing for all the just-over-the-top fight scenes to be enjoyed fully. There's a problem loading this menu right now. Learn more about Amazon Prime.

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