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Roshan the human is the owner of a rundown theatre. He hopes that a talent show will help save him from hitting rock bottom and climb back up again. After carefully choosing seven contestants in the hopes to save his theatre, will he be able to pay him the money they desperately want or will he lose everything? Modern Life by Kenneth0 reviews On this new futuristic Ice Age story, the Herd all get frozen in ice for 20, years and get thawed out one night in a museum.

Join the Herd as they go on an all-new futuristic adventure. When Scrat crashes down Earth, he finds his acorn, places it down on the thin ice, he breaks it and falls into a submarine! When the Herd hears about the tsunami, they must go on a journey to find Manny's family, and save their Ice Age world! Secret Beast by Ninxi reviews When Buck discovers his pumpkin daughter is not just a pumpkin, and instead a rare kind of dinosaur, he wants to do anything to protect her. With peace restored on the hyrax island, humans and animals could live together in harmony.

But when a new threat emerges, all peace falls into chaos. Join Manny, Sid, and Diego as they team up with Buck and the humans facing new obstacles, discovering new places, new allies, and new enemies along the way! Heart of a Sabertooth by hannahhobnob reviews Everlasting love and dedication to protecting her children is something a mother doesn't question.

The herd finds Shima, a female sabertooth on the brink of death who has suffered heart ache, betrayal from her own kind, and with a recent injury times are hard for her two struggling cubs as they grow up in the ice age. Ice Age by Sim0ns11 reviews Have you ever wondered what a live-action remake of "Ice Age", just like the one of "The Jungle Book" that came out in and the one of "The Lion King" that will come out in , would be like?

Read, and you'll know! However, she soon realizes that her salvation isn't as impossible as she had first anticipated.

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Is it too late? Can she still save him? Open The Floodgates Ice Age: The Meltdown by Brooklyn-J reviews Akira, a lone sabress, discovers what could be the oddest thing she's ever seen. A herd of two mammoths, a saber, two possums and a sloth. And to make it ever weirder, she's asked to join them in the migration to a boat. She agrees, driven by complete curiosity and finds herself growing fond of them quite quick. This was just the beginning of her many adventures. Leaving the herd is supposed to be an adventure just for them, but they quickly begin to rethink what, exactly, being away from home can mean.

Meanwhile, the herd must deal with an unexpected guest and problems that have been on hold for too long. Sometimes keeping secrets isn't the best policy. Guardians of the Hyrax Island by Stooge Man reviews Manny, Sid, Diego and the rest of the herd realize that Neanderthals have returned to their homeland where they start a war between them. The Sub-Zero Heroes will face new dangerous trials, new enemies, and reunite with an old friend. Teeth Tales by Cosmic Creator reviews As they set foot on the island, our little troupe is now dealing with a new member in their midst.

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Shira does her best to create a relationship with every member of the group , and of course with Diego. But soon their quiet little life will be bothered by events that will suddenly bring them to worry and also disrupt Shira's deepest dreams.

The alternative 5th sequel to C. Inheritance by TalionStormcrow reviews With the threat of the flood gone, the herd has to find a new place. Not long into their adventure however, they're introduced to a duo comprised of a weasel named Desmond, and a carefree scimitar cat named Daxter, who are attempting to reunite Dax with his pack. One day you'll actually consider him your best friend as well! Two virtual cookies to the dude who gets this joke! Sid grinned nervously with hopeful eyes at Taura, who hummed with a considering face before grinning brightly at Sid and shook his paw eagerly.

Sid let out a 'whoo-hoo! He was about to start singing his 'extinction songs' but Diego had one last message for him:. After two annoying very obvious 'mammoths-going-extinct' songs, the water park by now was completely out of the horizon and the landscape became more forest-like. Ice sculptures and dirt hills were replaced with pine trees and rocks, the weather now getting warmer and more humid. Manny was walking ahead in silence until he stopped by a giant boulder with icicles hanging down from its edges and he stared nostalgically at the multiple reflections created from the melting ice structures.

Sid, being the same optimistic person he was, simply smiled widely and gestured towards him and the two sabers with wide arms. Taura looked up the miserable face of the mammoth and patted his leg sympathetically, her paw lingering on his fur for a moment longer before she let go. Taura had no idea what it felt like to be the last of your species, but she knew that he must've felt terrible.

And right now, the least she could provide was comfort from what he didn't have in a long time: Suddenly, a loud trumpeting sound echoed around the valley. All four of them jerked in surprise and Manny's eyes widened as he perked his ears to make sure he hear correctly. Again the sound came, only much louder. Taura felt her muscles stiffen in shock, "No way Like a bullet, Manny charged into the forest and even crashing down trees that were in his way.

Diego and Taura quickly came out of their stupor and followed after the speeding pachyderm. Sid somehow managed to get thrown onto Manny's shoulders , who didn't slow down his pace and jerked into a different direction when the sound came again.

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  • The two following sabers quickly slid to the right and ducked and jumped over floral obstacles until they were now head to head with Manny. Soon after Sid started to give off some sort of ridiculous commentary while the two sabers tried to keep up with Manny, who then went even faster towards the trumpeting noise until they all finally skidded to a stop.

    Sid screamed out a surprised yell as he fell off of Manny and tumbled around until he slid into a stop in front of a log. Turns out, the large trumpeting noises came from some dude doing his business on a log that accentuated the sound. Sid stood up and walked away with a hissy fit as he pinched his nose with his fingers.

    Diego and Taura shook their heads at the smell as they exclaimed in disgust, while Manny simply stood there with despairing eyes and a miserable frown and started to walk away. Taura found the other two guys suddenly hit on the head with small pebbles that were shot at them like bullets.

    They looked up to find two cackling possums dangling from a tree branch with their tails, each holding wooden rods in their paws.

    The two marsupials had a brown-ish black and white striped coat with large pink noses; they both looked very similar except one of them had a stripe of brown across his forehead to his nose while the other had a completely bare face. Taura felt herself start to smile at their antics, those two had some guts to actually dare play pranks on Diego! The possums managed to duck out of the way and fall from the tree only to start running while giggling mockingly towards a small area covered with tunnel holes. Diego was now seething in fury and his gritting fangs were bared; just as he was about to march forward and give those two a piece of his mind He looked back to find Taura with a paw over her mouth as she tried to stifle her very unladylike snorts and her eyes squinting with mirth.

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    She just couldn't help it! Watching those two toy with Sid and Diego was just too funny! Diego raised an eyebrow annoyingly at her before nodding his head to the currently-being-tortured Sid. Why didn't they throw a stone at her? She was just an easy victim as the other two! But as she let her thoughts wonder while she walked to the top of the clearing, the sight before her made her collapse with mirthful laughter:.

    Diego's limbs were stretched out because he needed to place his paws on the widely spread holes while Sid was tangled beneath him in the same position, looking like the two were playing some sort of messed up game of twister. They were hopping and flipping around to this hole and that while impishly mocking and taunting the two tangled victims.

    The two possums popped out of holes that were next to each other. What's gonna happen next?! From then on, everything moved into slow-motion as the pair suddenly pounced back up into the air and took very large breaths before letting out a barrage of bullets onto Diego and Sid's heads. Finally, the possums popped back into their holes and Diego and Sid finally collapsed into an awkward jumble of fur and limbs.

    Taura finally decided that the two probably had enough and happily pranced down to them with an amused grin. Diego growled grumpily "If anyone asks, there were fifty of them and uh As if on cue, the twins popped out of some hole on a hill in front of them while cackling away in victory.

    One of them was waving tauntingly at the three while the other shook his tail mockingly and jeered "Here kitty kitty! As Diego stood up he roared at the two threateningly "Big mistake you miscreants! She wasn't exactly a teenager, but she knew that that was an insult only oldies used. What with Diego not taking shit from anybody, he gave out an enraged roar at the two before charging after them, Taura following after him. Just In All Stories: Story Story Writer Forum Community. Taura is a pack friend of Diego, but once she gets tangled up with a certain mammoth and a sloth Join them as they fight sabers, mutant fish creatures and dinosaurs!

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    Oh, and did we forget to mention she's mute? Almost finishing Ice Age 2. XD So here's what ya gotta do: Italics means telepathic communication Warning: Don't own the Ice Age franchise or any of the characters in it; that all belongs to Blue Sky It seemed like the news spread fast, because no sooner did the vulture leave after five minutes did every single creature start hustling and bustling their way towards the paths leading away from the water park.

    It would have taken a shorter amount of time if a certain SLOTH didn't decide to take a snack break near one of the berry bushes then they would've- "Hey, watch it! XD Sid grinned nervously with hopeful eyes at Taura, who hummed with a considering face before grinning brightly at Sid and shook his paw eagerly. He was about to start singing his 'extinction songs' but Diego had one last message for him: But as she let her thoughts wonder while she walked to the top of the clearing, the sight before her made her collapse with mirthful laughter: The Chase is On 3.

    Meet Manny and the Sloth 4. How to Stop the Wailing 5. Mud baths and Intimate Positions 6. Shortcuts and Ice-Slides 7. Cave Painting Memories 8. Bison and Antelopes 9. Lava Rivers and Mapping Sloths Arguments and Final Battles

    Massive comet may have triggered mini ice age on Earth 13,000 years ago in cosmic impact - TomoNews