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I have two other not yet working Compaq laptops, both from an elder generation than Pentium I.

· Aufstieg der Alternative für Deutschland – Warnsignal nach Berlin.

One I got on a Swiss flea market for a few euros and the other was the first laptop of my boss, which he else would have thrown away. Unfortunately both are without power adapter and neither the usual allround laptop power adapters from Conrad, etc. But since there is eBay, I expect to get such a power adapter once. Asking the network responsible guy from the Chaostreff, the reason was found quickly: No problem that far, but what I found very inappropriate was that this guy then told to put away that old computer since we only want to demonstrate on recent hardware.

I started folding some flyers which just had been printed. So I used the rest of the event to chat with some of the SheGeeks I knew and a few people like Fabrizio who I just knew from mails and never met in real life before. The late afternoon I helped a friend of mine moving.

And after returning home, I had to read on Symlink , that Rob Levin aka lilo from Freenode died yesterday after being hit by car while riding on his bike on Tuesday. May he rest in peace. Now playing from compact cassette: David Hasselhoff — Looking For Freedom. Even the XFree86 4, which made so much hassles in Woody by not regcognising nor configuring the graphics card correctly, worked fine from scratch.

Only my desktop gsa at home still runs Woody, but will be dist-upgraded soon, too. What though still stayed on my laptop from Woody is Siag Office , since there is no adequate replacement for such a nice office suite with such a low resource footprint. But it has also an impact on the talks I hold.

I held all talks with a patched version of lynx e. What started as a makeshift became my hallmark…. So either I would have to reoptimise the layout of my talks for a new lynx version or just start with something new. Madduck recently showed me python -docutils, which he uses for presentations. S5 is really cool stuff, one of the first cases of useful use of JavaScript, and will surely be used for my next presentation — with Debian Sarge and Kazehakase on a Pentium I ThinkPad.

That problem was solved quite quickly: It was greyed out and the static configuration was one for a private But I just found the default gateway configured for the old, now greyed out static IP configuration. You really have to change parts of the not selected static IP configuration to make the selected dynamic one to work.

On my new job at ETH Zurich I stumbled over a lot of HTTP requests in the web server log file, obviously trying to fetch the automatic proxy configuration file usually called proxy. When I found a bunch of those request from a single host last night, I expected a local cut and waste typo on a single box. But during the day I got the same sort of defective requests from over 30 hosts in our network.

So we looked at our dhcpd. WTF is happening here? After googling for a moment I found this mail on the squid users mailing list, stating the following:. So in other words: Microsoft worked around a off-by-one bug in their own DHCP server by patching their DHCP client to parse faulty configurations — and obviously only faulty configurations by expecting some length statement to be always off-by-one. Our solution was BTW to insert an appropriate Alias directive into our Apache web server hosting the file. Hmmm, irgendetwas stinkt hier bestialisch. Und besonders viel taugen tut die Seife auch nicht.

Und wieso ist links neben dem Becken nochmals ein anderer Seifenspender? Ich schaue mir den Spender rechts vom Becken nochmal genauer an. Doch, da unten, eine URL: Ja, spinnen die denn? So langsam kann ich meine rechte Hand wieder riechen bzw. Offen bleibt jedoch die Frage: Wie ich schon auf schrieb und von der Online-Zeitung doppelpunkt: Und trotzdem schien keiner der Orgas Stress zu haben oder liess sich diesen zumindest nicht anmerken. Eine im Westen, eine im Osten. Der beste Dank an den Referent war aber auch hier wieder die leuchtenden Gesichter von Spielkindern, die gerade ein neues Spielzeug gezeigt bekamen.

Und siehe da, ein weiterer Galeon Er stellte auf links2 im grafischen Modus um. Deswegen einen anlachen werde ich mir trotzdem nicht. So the VCFe 7. There are a few ideas flowing around in my head:. And I hope to see you there, too. One wish to the Debian community regarding the VCFe: This would give a really interesting talk about old and new hardware. I thought of this mail by Wouter Verhelst about how modern ColdFire computers could run buildds for a hybrid m68k and ColdFire port when writing this paragraph.

See also this Symlink story [German] about that topic. The CLT organizers really know how to make an event for the community without forgetting the business people. So, although Murphy hunted me with forgotten laptop power supplies, forgotten laptop power supply power cords Thanks for the spare, Venty! It was too long, but except the next presenter Hi Werner!

I even thought that all those people entering the room were late listeners. Thanks to all who already gave feedback to my talks. Sodele, meinen Mitgliedsbeitrag habe ich am 1. To make people think about the subject? Or did they just not think long enough about that slogan? So what do people want to say with this t-shirt? This shows that there is really something going on in the WML developement again.

Ich war es ja schon aus Rheinhessen gewohnt: Quiz found at blindcoder. Wikipedia about Cherubim Deutsch. Eagles — Hotel California via Radio The slides for my next two shell efficiency talks are now online. Thanks to Sven Guckes for the idea and for bringing me in contact again with New Thinking. The slides for this talk will follow during this week. After talking with some LinuxTag guys about which kind of talks are still missing for the upcoming LinuxTag, I submitted another proposal for a still only roughly sketched talk: KISS — Keep it simple and stupid, also on the web.

This principle can also work on the web and make webservers or surf terminals out of already discharged computers. While thinking about low end PCs, usually the following distributions come to my mind: DeLi Linux , fli4l and Debian Woody. But I also found this interesting page on a webserver called www. Free, Modern, Exotic and all conveniences of Debian. My workshop proposal for the Chemnitzer Linux-Tage has been accepted last week. But in addition to it, they asked if I can also hold a talk for beginners about the basic command line utilities, since one presenter had to cancel his offer.

But nevertheless they wanted such a talk in their schedule. Just uploaded the slides to my two LinuxTag talks:. Heute hat sich einiges bewegt hier: Nur manchmal hat es etwas nervendes Lag. Today is my last day at work here and I feel a little bit sentimental. But it had to be. I will have my beloved Debian around me which I can use here only for building Debian packages for customers and some FreeBSD no change here ;- , too.

nettipäiväkirja4: What to Do When the Airline Loses Your Bag

So I really look forward to my new job. The biggest number of Beckerts seem to live near Chemnitz according to Geogen , so perhaps I should pay attention to this when visiting the Chemnitzer Linux-Tage the next time. It maybe that further blog postings about my move to Zurich only appear in the German written part of my blog and therefore not on Planet Debian but Planet Symlink.

Thanks to all of you not war-making ircbots for existing. Without you, IRC would be less funny. Da war man grade am Samstag bei einem Fahrsicherheitstraining und prompt darf man das gerade Gelernte auch gleich einsetzen: Vollbremsung auf nasser Fahrbahn — die beiden Fahrzeuge blieben etwa im Abstand von 10 bis 15 Meter stehen.

Vermutlich war er mehr geschockt als ich. Und Murphy war dieses Wochenende wohl faul: Und das immer mal wieder aufgetretene Klimpern sind wohl die Reste des Lagers am Grund des Getriebes. Das werden mit Sicherheit wieder einige Hundert Euros…. Und nach der Ente kommt der CX mit Werkstatt dran: Vorher bekommt er aber noch zwei neue Scheibenwischer. Im unteren Prozentbereich hat sich aber zumindest in Rheinland-Pfalz leider sehr wohl was getan: Als erstes schaut man sich so mal deren Webseite an: Hatte er auch nicht.

Das einzige was mich gewundert hat: Niemand wollte meinen Ausweis sehen. Reinhard Mey — Wahlsonntag. My employer cleared out old hardware this week and besides saving an old Compaq laptop docking-station from the junkyard will bring it together with a second one to the flea market of the next Vintage Computer Festival Europe in Munich , I got a bunch of old PCs about 5 or so , starting with an old DX 33, which was our firewall when I came into the company, ranging to my old workstation without processor , which was thrown out after two harddisks left there life in there with a offset of only four months.

Unfortunately three further gigahertz ranged mini desktops were not working anymore…. But dino has even less luck: He told me, he knows five events he would like to visit that weekend. Idee dazu und diese auch gleich umgesetzt hat Jiuka. Achja, und noch ein Hinweis in eigener Sache: Deswegen hier nochmal nicht nur per Telepathie und Wunschdenken sondern auch schriftlich oder zumindest elektronisch: CitroNews has closed its doors since there were no news for over two years. I liked the idea but it seemed to have neither that much readers nor many submitters. Too many Open Source events out there… ;-.

Gerade beim Nachbarn bebal entdeckt: Ein normales SUV ist ja schon schlimm genug, aber sowas da…. Die Autowelt hat einen neuen Elch: Der er jetzt wieder mit runden Scheinwerfern statt Spiegeleiern. Since I know exactly what my summer ride is, I was curious what will come out. Since there were only a few questions somehow I expected more , I was through after a quite short time:. Well, although there were a few question where I could have chosen more than one answer, the answer is not so bad. I probably would take an all-wheel drive 2CV and would drive on small roads through Scandinavia or the Alps.

Regarding music in the car, I usually like the sound of driving and the car itself. But since there is also music which reminds of driving a car or even makes me wanting to take a ride in the car, I sometimes hear e. Jean Michel Jarre or Roxette while driving. And regarding the best summer smell, nearly nothing reaches the smell after a short but heavy summer thunder storm. Second place is probably a not mentioned fresh and salty breeze near the coast. Roxette — Sleeping In My Car. As outrageous as this sounds — it may have a real and reasonable reason: SUVs are usually bigger than other cars especially in Europe , they need more parking space and have bad turning circles.

Because of this, they are accused to cause most of the traffic jams in the centre of Athen. And often high roofs for raising their capacity. You can best see the unusual rear bumper and the tunneled rear lights on the lower left picture. But back to Athen: Another reason which makes me sceptical about that news is that neither the Englisch Google News nor the the German Google News also tried several other search terms… finds any other news about this except the above mentioned Spiegel article. Beim Verbrauch allerdings auch. Dann endlich wieder mitlenkende Scheinwerfer!

Definitiv eines der wenigen modernen Automobile, die mir gefallen. Auch wenn zwei der drei Lenkradstreben schwarz sind und die untere hell ist — ein Einarmlenkrad ist das noch lange nicht. Und sollte der C6 Break kommen, ist es wahrscheinlich nur noch eine Frage der Zeit, bis Tissier daraus Abschleppwagen, Krankenwagen und Kastenwagen baut. A few days ago I joined Douglas Nerad as an editor of The Unofficial Blosxom User Group , an of course Blosxom running blog about Blosxom and full of quite up-to-date information in comparision to the neglected official site.

Today I posted my first article there which covers an FAQ coming up again recently on the mailing list. I recently stumbled over two nice things just looking like a very impressive tag cloud without being one. The first thing is a screenshot of a drugstore. The second thing is semantically closer to a tag cloud: Which sci-fi crew would you best fit in?

Farscape came to my mind. During the quiz some of the questions seemed quite obvious on which crew they would count resp. You scored as Moya Farscape. You are surrounded by muppets. But that is okay because they are your friends and have shown many times that they can be trusted. Now if only you could stop being bothered about wormholes. Another two things I noticed by this quiz: Series I missed in the list: Also bei Wikipedia vorbeigesurft und in den Weblinks gesucht.

Der Link war nicht mehr drin. Waren da etwa wieder SIE am Werk? Doch was sehe ich stattdessen dort: Just hacked a few new features for my Blosxom plugin Tagging. Also some default values changed to my current configuration: I saw that font size feature quite often during the last weeks and I liked it. So I implemented it, too. Another new feature is that you now can configure the minimum number of postings a tag should have to show up in the list of tags.

Because dyfa and dwalin are moving they had some old hardware but not only hardware to give away. The IPC unfortunately seems to have a defect power supply, so I probably have to look around at eBay a little bit. So it asked for the current date. Until it asked me for the current year:. Using cal , I found out that has exactly the same calendar as and is in the same distance to the leap years. So I set the year to Yet another case of programmers not believing how long their software will run.

Roxette — Real Sugar. And not only I noticed this but also some other users of the plugin. So I somehow had to change the syntax style for my tags. That way I could use Technorati style tags and had a well performing solution. Even if the config file was called. Using the entries function to modify the Blosxom internal path itself before Blosxom or e.

But the tagging plugin must run after such a plugin. So I created the small add-on plugin pathbasedtagging which is solely thought for use together with the tagging plugin but may have other, yet unknown purposes. And since I got asked if they could use the tagging plugin to link to external tag URLs instead of the own blog, I included a ready to use list of more or less popular external tag URLs including Technorati, Flickr, del. Time for a new plugin. The basic work of parsing out the data from the text files the posts reside in was already written for the tagging plugin. So I just had to use that code, simplify it and add some little more code to get the dept plugin whose results you can see in my blog directly beneath the title of a posting since a few days now.

Hey, see my Technorati profile: Technorati recognised the tags! Waah, I must have one of these very neat tux shaped computer case s.

Tattletale Statistics

In Germany, you can buy them at Elektronikladen. How often did you start to edit a file from your usual Unix user account and then noticed, that you only can save the file as root? Sec wrote a little tool named presto which helps in this situation on FreeBSD. Called from any editor or other tool e. So in vi , you just can type:! Works only with security level 0 or So here is the blosxom plugin multcat , version 0.

License is GPL v2 or higher. It is designed to work together with categorytree, which still counts all occurrences of a posting. I wondered why the German government seems to see a need for such an institution. Then I read the article itself. You drink everyone under the table. Well, I like what I read or saw of the Irish countryside in books or on tv, but drinking? Has Telepolis no more english translations? But back to the quiz: If I change Tiramisu yeah, I know, that there is alcohol in it, and I only like it with nearly no alcohol in to Apple pie, nothing changed. Same after switching Pasta to Seafood and vegetables.

Mousse au chocolat instead of Tiramisu. So KoL will be down for a while. Which means for me: More time in the evenings. You scored as agnosticism. You are an agnostic. Though it is generally taken that agnostics neither believe nor disbelieve in God, it is possible to be a theist or atheist in addition to an agnostic. Some say it is possible to be agnostic and follow a religion; however, one cannot be a devout believer if he or she does not truly believe.

Which religion is the right one for you? Also expected was the low rating for Christianity since I never really understood Christians although probably a lot of my real life is based on some of their principles. Less expected was the high ranking of Satanism , but Wikipedia helps understanding the result: Unlike many religions and philosophies, Satanism generally focuses upon the spiritual advancement of the self, rather than upon submission to a deity or a set of moral codes. Oh, and please always remember: This is a map with all countries I already visited marked in red.

But there are still a lot of countries, I would like to visit once, e. And the islands Sicily, Corsica and Tasmania. But unfortunately there is also the list of countries, I want to visit again: Finnland, Norway and Denmark. Although the recent Inner European quiz meme is currently much more popular on Planet Debian , the following quiz somehow shows how the result of such a quiz should look like and what the quiz system, which the Inner European quiz used, misses: Having more than only bit-like answers. With answers like this, neither I would have had to change answers to see how close I was to different answer nor would have Christian Perrier had to do the quiz with worst fitting answers.

Since I always saw computer science more as an engineering discipline than a derivative of mathematics at least the way I studied and like it ;- , I seem to have taken the right major. So in general, I think the quiz works mostly fine as well as I probably did choose the right subjects for me. Falco — Mutter, der Mann mit dem Koks ist da! Via dyfa I found a page with very impressive optical illusions in interior design just resulting from the right perspective. Unfortunately my flat is way to small for such a cool decoration. In most of these countries, migrants make up an even larger share of the local population than in Saudi Arabia, according to.

The situation in each of these economies is different. Some are more petroleum-dependent than others. Western Asia, which includes the Gulf Arab countries, has the highest share of migrants in the population of any region of. In total, there are more than 25 million migrants across the Gulf , including 8 million from India, 3 million from Pakistan, 3. None of these countries is a major net oil exporter but they all seem set to suffer ripple effects from the oil shock. If remittances from the Gulf region slow, or workers are sent home, it will hit some of these poor economies particularly.

Gulf economies absorbed a lot of young, mostly male, workers from some of the poorest countries in the world, so the. Der Staat msse dem Konzern verbieten, in Serbien zu investieren. Diese hatte versucht, die Zeitung komplett zu bernehmen, war aber gescheitert. Der Konzern hatte daraufhin erklrt, dass er sein Engagement in Serbien beenden und smtliche Beteiligungen verkaufen wolle. Den Wunsch des Ministers wollen wir gerne erfllen. Das ginge aber noch viel schneller, wenn Herr Dinki den serbischen Oligarchen auffordern wrde, uns unser Geld zurckzugeben.

Dieser Vorgang ist in zweifacher Hinsicht symptomatisch. Er erfolgte zu einem Zeitpunkt, als etliche deutsche Medienunternehmen anfingen, sich aus den Lndern Ost- und Sdosteuropas zurckzuziehen. Und er macht deutlich, dass es dabei nicht immer auf gepflegte kapitalistische Art zuging, sondern dass Machtstrukturen und Machthaber auerhalb der offiziellen Politik eine erhebliche Rolle spielten. Hinzu kommt, dass sich mitunter auch die Investoren aus dem Westen nicht vor Deals mit solchen Figuren scheuten..

See Die Medien und die Demokratie. The Belgian government some weeks ago hired an Israeli security firm to inspect security arrangements at the Zaventem airport of Brussels. The security experts, who were asked for advice on improvements, submitted initial recommendations for urgent upgrades. However those improvements had not been installed by Tuesday, March 22, when Islamist terrorists hit the airports departure hall with exploding suitcases, claiming more than 30 deaths and injuring scores of victims..

The Israeli firm was not alone in underlining the urgency of security upgrades at Zaventem airport in recent weeks. After the attack, it turned out that Ukrainian security guards, who had been hired and posted at the airport, had mostly deserted their stations. The few remaining there had carried out only cursory checks. Not only was Zaventem airport wide open to hostile infiltration, so too is Brussels second airport Charleroi, the terminus for flights to and from Algeria, Tunisia and Turkey. Although the Belgian authorities were warned that Charleroi presented Islamic State terrorists with an open door from those countries into Europe, passengers passing through were still not subjected to searches, even when they headed to Zaventem for connecting flights.

Finally, under the shock of terror, Belgium decided to stem the flow of terrorists by keeping its air space and airports shut to traffic Thursday. Both Western and Israeli counterterrorism experts meet with skepticism the stream of reports the Belgian authorities and media were still putting out Thursday about the identities of the terrorists who struck the airport and Metro, their numbers and their methods of operation. An Israeli security expert commented that these reports dont match the evidence and leave too many questions unanswered to be credible.

The account of the taxi driver, who said he had driven three terrorists to the airport, is one example. He said that his cab was too small for the five heavy suitcases they wanted to load onto his cab, so they only loaded three. Did that mean that five suitcase bombs were to have been blown up at the airport? And what happened to the two left behind?

Also at odds with the official claim of suicide bombers are the black gloves that two terrorists wore on their left hands, obviously covering remote control mechanisms for the bombs in the luggage carts they were pushing through the departure hall. Despite the spreading shock effect of the airport attack, it is also becoming clear that the terrorists only accomplished the first part of their jihadist mission.

The Islamic State, which approved the operation, had envisaged a much bigger atrocity. This is attested to by the discovery of three bags containing identical kits of firearms and ammunition, a bomb belt, two AK automatic rifles, magazines and hand grenades all intact and unused. The police detonated them by controlled explosion. Those kits were concealed in advance in apparent readiness to strike the emergency teams, the medics, the security forces and the other first responders when they arrived to tend the victims of the first attack.

The kits were placed at strategic points, either by an advance team of terrorist operatives masquerading as airport personnel, or a staff employee. When investigators examined the submachine guns, they found that someone had tried to fire one of them and it jammed.

This might explain why the second half of the Brussels airport atrocity, the mega-massacre, was stalled. By sheer chance, therefore, hundreds of Belgian security officers and emergency aid personnel were saved from being trapped from three directions in a ball of fire. Belgian police and security units have been chasing desperately, with very few intelligence clues, for a broad network of at least 20 Islamists, who must have spent months setting up the complicated Brussels operations at the airport and Metro station.

The planning would have involved exhaustive reconnaissance, the precise study of the targeted locations, arms providers, logistics, finance, communications and prepared escape routes before the bombers went in. Le Choc der Schock kommentierten einhellig die franzsischen Zeitungen Le Figaro und LHumanit die ansonsten wenig bis gar nichts gemein haben im Dezember den Wahlerfolg des rechtsextremen Front National.

Ebenfalls mit Entsetzen und einer Art Schockstarre reagierten etablierte Medien und Parteien in Deutschland auf die Wahlerfolge der rechtspopulistischen AfD im Mrz und auf den Wahlsieg der nationalistischen Wahren Finnen im vergangenen Jahr ganz so, als seien die neuen rechten Parteien aus dem Nichts gekommen. Sicherlich ist es schockierend, wenn Parteien in die Parlamente gewhlt werden, die wie die AfD auf Flchtlinge schieen lassen wrden oder wie die UKIP syrischen Geflchteten die Schuld an berschwemmungen geben.

Doch wirklich berraschen drfte der rechtspopulistische Marsch durch die Institutionen niemanden mehr. Denn die Wahlerfolge von radikalen und populistischen Rechtsparteien ist kein pltzliches Phnomen, sondern Ergebnis einer tief greifenden gesellschaftlichen Unzufriedenheit mit dem politischen System, die vom rechten Lager geschickt aufgefangen wird.

Der Aufstieg der radikalen Rechten sei eines der wesentlichen Zge westlicher Demokratien seit einem Vierteljahrhundert, schrieb der Publizist Anthony Painter bereits im Jahr Drei Jahre spter drfte kaum mehr ein Zweifel darber bestehen, dass der Rechtspopulismus dauerhaft zur neuen politischen Landschaft in Europa gehren wird.

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In zwlf europischen Staaten konnten rechte Parteien zweistellige Erfolge bei Nationalwahlen erzielen, in fnf Lndern Ungarn, Schweiz, Finnland, Lettland, Norwegen sitzen sie mit am Kabinettstisch oder stellen die Regierung. Auch im Europaparlament verschaffen sich rechtspopulistische Politiker zunehmend Gehr durch Pbeleien und nationalistische Hetze.

Flchtlinge wrden als Hunde und menschlicher Abschaum bezeichnet, der an Europas Ksten gesplt werde, so Schulz. Der Mob, nicht die Elite htte die Zusandbeschreibung des politischen Potentials rechten Gedankenguts noch vor wenigen Jahren lauten knnen. Damals war die radikale Rechte entweder gesellschaftlich weitgehend isoliert oder in seiner moderaten Spielart in die rechten Flgel konservativer Volksparteien integriert und damit befriedet. Heute drngen die Rechten in die Parlamente und machen sich dabei die Reprsentationskrise einer auf Konsens getrimmten Postdemokratie zunutze.

Die Attraktivitt rechtspopulistischer Argumente im reichen Europa erscheint auf den ersten Blick paradox. Doch der statistische Blick auf steigende Wohlstandskennziffern verschleiert die Tatsache, dass wachsender Reichtum nicht heit, dass er fr alle gleich wchst. Zugleich klettert in beiden Lndern die soziale Ungleichheit auf immer neue Hchststnde. Zugleich sinke die Akzeptanz der Ungleichheit in der polnischen Bevlkerung, so Karpiski. Auch die Erholung der deutschen Wirtschaft war mit hohen sozialen Kosten verbunden. Nur ein kleiner werdender Teil der Bevlkerung profitiert von dem Aufschwung, whrend die Realeinkommen fr das Gros der Bevlkerung immer weiter absinken.

Zehn Prozent besitzt laut Bundessozialministerium ber die Hlfte des gesellschaftlichen Reichtums. Bereits wies die Organisation fr Sicherheit und Zusammenhalt in Europa OSZE darauf hin, dass die konomische Krise einen fruchtbarer Nhrboden fr rassistische und fremdenfeindliche Intoleranz darstelle.

Besorgniserregend sei vor allem der Hass auf Asylbewerber, Migranten und Minderheiten, die zu Sndenbcken fr die wirtschaftlichen Fehlentwicklungen gemacht wrden. Die viel beschworene wachsende Schere zwischen arm und reich machen sich rechte Parteien zunutze. Den nationalistischen Krften ist gelungen, wo demokratische Krfte und insbesondere die traditionellen Volksparteien zunehmend versagen: Die Einbindung der so genannten Globalisierungsverlierer.

Rechte Parteien punkten dort, wo etablierte Parteien keine Sprache fr die gesellschaftlichen Rnder gefunden haben. Globalisierungskritik und eine antikapitalistische Rhetorik sind zentrale Wesenszge der Neuen Rechten, die zugleich so neu nicht ist: Auch die nationalsozialistischen Parteien in Deutschland und sterreich der 30er Jahre verfolgten eine strikt antikapitalistische Linie und verstanden sich als sozialistisch, wenngleich unter vlkischen Vorzeichen.

Eine explizit neo liberal argumentierende radikale Rechte, wie sie beispielsweise in Skandinavien lange Bestand hatte, ist heute nahezu verschwunden. Der Protest gegen soziale Verwerfung infolge der Finanz- und Schuldenkrise sowie an Demokratiedefiziten der EU-Institutionen wurde zunchst mageblich aus dem linken Lager artikuliert.

Selbst die deutsche Bundeskanzlerin, Mitarchitektin der neoliberalen Reformprogramme, uerte damals Verstndnis fr die Protest-Camper. Doch die Fortsetzung neoliberaler Krisenstrategien legt den Schluss nahe, dass die europische Linke entweder nicht die richtigen Antworten auf die Krise hatte oder schlicht zu schwach war, dem neoliberalen Konsens etwas entgegenzusetzen. Es kam zum vorlufigen Scheitern linker Gegenprojekte. Das Protest-Pendel schlug nach rechts aus, ohne die Mitte zu streifen. Vor diesem Hintergrund ist nachvollziehbar, dass die Neue Rechte vor allem dort Erfolge verzeichnet, wo sie im natrlichen Biotop der Linken fischt.

Analysen der Whlerwanderungen belegen bereinstimmend, dass beispielsweise in Deutschland die meisten der zugewonnen Stimmen der AfD aus dem linken Lager kommen. Auch die Schwedendemokraten SD rekrutieren ihre Anhngerschaft mehrheitlich aus der mnnlichen Arbeiterschaft, dem traditionellen Bollwerk der schwedischen Sozialdemokraten. Ihre Whler sind meist Arbeiter mit geringer formaler Bildung, mit wenig Aufstiegschancen und umso greren Abstiegsngsten.

Globalisierungsverlierer whlen heute rechts, nicht links. Ein ideologisches Vakuum, das rechte Parteien geschickt zu fllen wissen. Ebenso rcht sich die Tatsache, dass die EU sich in den letzten Jahren immer mehr zu einem zentralistisch ausgerichteten Brokratieapparat entwickelte, der sich einem demokratischen Zugriff zunehmend verschliet. Klar ist, dass transnationale Angelegenheiten nur bedingt im nationalstaatlichen Rahmen entschieden werden knnen.

Den Forderungen nach demokratischer Erneuerung des EU-Projekts wurde stur die Fortsetzung einer Politik der starken Mitte entgegengesetzt, selbst als klar wurde, dass diese Mitte lngst an Integrationskraft verloren hatte und die Rnder an Boden gewannen. Die Aufstnde in Griechenland gegen die sozialen Verwerfungen der Austerittspolitik liefern dafr Zeugnis ebenso wie das Erstarken eurokritischer Krfte auf dem gesamten Kontinent. Die europische Reprsentationskrise erklrt, warum die Forderung nach mehr Brgerbeteiligung ein klassisch linker Topos mittlerweile fester Bestandteil rechtspopulistischer Rhetorik ist und sich rechte Parteien so erfolgreich als authentische Vertreter einer angeblichen schweigenden Mehrheit inszenieren.

Politik, so verknden die Populisten, msse wieder ein Ausdruck des wahren Volkswillens sein, schreibt der sterreichische Politikberater Werner T. Bauer in einer Studie ber rechtsextreme Parteien. Ob das liberale Europa dem autoritren Traum in den nchsten Jahren etwas entgegensetzen kann oder ob es zum Bndnis zwischen Mob und Elite kommen wird, das die Geschichtsschreibung Faschismus nannte , bleibt abzuwarten.

Noch haben die etablierten Parteien keine nachhaltige Strategie, wie sie mit dem Rechtsruck umgehen will. Aktives Ignorieren hat sich als ebenso wirkungslos erwiesen wie die Teil-bernahme rechter Forderungen. Solange die tiefer sitzenden Ursachen nicht angegangen werden, wird sich Europa an einer dauerhaften Prsenz rechtspopulistischer und rechtsextremer Parteien gewhnen mssen. Martin Schulz kndigte unterdessen an, mit aller Kraft gegen jene zu kmpfen, die Hass, Ausgrenzung und Intoleranz predigen.

Er werde das nicht einfach hinnehmen, sagte Schulz in einem Zeitungsinterview, denn eine solche Politik hat Europa schon einmal in die Katastrophe gefhrt. Preelection Campaign — Dr. Allein ein Problem Amerikas? Buchbesprechung mit dem Autor im Deutschlandfunk. Jetzt ist sein neues Buch erschienen. Die Finanzelite kontrolliert mehr denn je die Politik in Washington. Wer das Amerika von heute gerade vor der Wahl verstehen will, sollte dieses Buch lesen. The Pitfalls of US Power. Our findings also support the hypothesis, as recently proposed [BMC Cancer. Ein "erschreckendes Gefeilsche" nennt das die internationale Presse und fragt: Deal gab es schon vor zwei Jahren — jetzt ist er teurer.

Kraftprobe zwischen Ankara und Europa. In der Nacht haben die Regierungschefs immerhin die Differenzen reduziert und eine gemeinsame Plattform geschaffen. Hat Orban also gewonnen? Wieder dreht sich alles um die Asylkrise. In Niedersachsen, in ganz Deutschland reibt man sich dieser Tage die Augen. Wie es aussieht, kann die Kanzlerin mit ihrer Strategie also nur Zeit kaufen. Zum folgenden Kommentar von Malte Pieper mdr.

Wo war Herr Pieper in den Jahren, die er beklagt. Was ist das alles jetzt? Kann sich die EU zufrieden auf die Schulter klopfen? Kann Kanzlerin Angela Merkel entspannt nach Hause fahren — in der Gewissheit, es noch einmal hingebogen zu haben? Denn es reicht eben nicht, sich immer erst dann einem Problem zuzuwenden, wenn das Kind schon in den Brunnen gefallen ist. Da wurde Merkel nicht nur aktiv, sondern regelrecht aktionistisch. Ein Land, dem sie in ihrer politischen Karriere, um es freundlich zu formulieren, stets wenig Begeisterung entgegen brachte. Die pragmatische Kanzlerin gibt also in der Not, was sie jahrelang nicht geben wollte.

Angela Merkel ist somit gescheitert. Is Europe trapped in a state of dependence on Russian gas? What would happen if by some accident, let alone a strategic decision taken in Moscow, the gas stopped coming. Would eastern Europe grind to a halt, and would the west, led by Germany, sue for peace on any terms?

This was the core topic for debate last week at a seminar organised by the Geopolitics Forum at Corpus Christi College in Cambridge as part of their series on nightmare scenarios. With wide participation from within the university and beyond, we were able to go beyond the headlines to build an analysis based on facts. It is worth setting out a few of those facts. Gas, then, is not a weapon the Russians can use lightly, if at all, and it is perhaps not surprising that since , when the gas trade began, supplies to Europe have never been interrupted despite numerous periods of tension — such as the invasion of Afghanistan in and the turmoil around the break-up of the Soviet Union in Supplies to Ukraine have, of course, been interrupted on two occasions but that has more to do with the lack of payment for the gas than anything else.

What Russia would like is a secure market for its gas — a guaranteed volume of sales at a stable price. Mr Putin has said as much in the past. The fact that the situation in the market is one of interdependence does not remove the concerns about Russian intentions or about the extent to which Moscow has destabilised the economy of Ukraine to the point where a serious exodus of people to neighbouring European states cannot be ruled out.

Given the failure of the EU to manage the problems of migration from Syria, the prospect of an influx of hundreds of thousands of desperate Ukrainians is indeed a nightmare scenario. In such circumstances, Europe led by Germany might indeed sue for peace, or at least stability with Ukraine neutralised and Russia promised a protected share of the European gas business.

But the nightmare scenario is not the only possible outcome of the current situation. The reality is that Russia needs the European energy market more than Europe needs Russian gas. Perhaps from its position of relative strength Europe could then negotiate a deal which traded a part of what Moscow wants — for instance access to a part of the gas market on competitive terms — for a new and improved relationship across the security agenda. Von lebendiger und toter Politik. IT-Bullshit-Bingo, das kann nicht nur die Branche selbst gut, sondern auch die Politik, die sich gerne an sie ranwanzt,.

So macht man das unter Freunden, geht doch! Nicht mal ein einfaches Excel-Sheet habe man geschaffen, um die chaotische Situation zu beenden. Wie das mit Stift und Titel geht, soll in seinem Ermessen stehen. Immer nur rufen, dass Kryptografie hilft, kann es doch nicht sein. Wir durchleben zum vierten Mal in den letzten hundert Jahren einen totalen Umbruch. Wir sind sehr schnell, fast lautlos in eine neue Zeitrechnung gekommen. Diese Entwicklung ist vor allem ein Produkt von westlicher Wissenschaft und Innovationsgeist. Aber sie bildet auch eine besondere Herausforderung.

Aber auch der Terrorismus. Der Westen in seiner alten Form existiert nicht mehr. Deshalb wird er immer wichtiger. Im Jahr schrieb der bedeutende, inzwischen verstorbene deutsche Soziologe Ulrich Beck: Europa — vor allem Deutschland — scheint zunehmend an dieser Bindung nach Amerika zu zweifeln. Wie ich schon angedeutet habe: It is easy to say that the United States has no interest in another ground war in the Middle East or Eurasia.

It is harder, however, for the U. If a weaker nation had made a mistake on the scale of the second Iraq War, that nation would face a deep existential challenge. The lessons from Afghanistan and Iraq have led the U. The Pentagon yesterday released the name of a Marine staff sergeant who was killed in action on March 19 in Makhmour, Iraq, approximately 75 miles from the Islamic State-held city of Mosul.

This marks the second U. Speaking to Reuters, an anonymous defense official said that the Marine was killed in an IS rocket attack against an American firebase, a base to house artillery used to support U. The number of U. What began as a deployment of military advisers in June has grown to approximately 3, U.

Whether the 26th MEU is now permanently joining U. The Vietnam War has been used as a cautionary tale for every U. The historical overtones to this slow increase in U. Dwight Eisenhower sent hundreds of military advisers to South Vietnam starting in Kennedy sent thousands more to train the South Vietnamese against Viet Cong guerillas. By the end of , the South Vietnamese were being beaten so badly that Lyndon B. Johnson had dispatched almost , U. In Iraq, a U.

It necessitated a slow trickle of U. Despite the similarities, it is a mistake to think of U. Vietnam was a Cold War battleground. The Vietnam War was prosecuted during a time of fear, and during a period of history in which the Soviet Union loomed as a peer to the U. There is no challenger to U. European states like Poland and Romania do not derive reassurance about U. It sees in the Islamic State the potential for a strong Sunni Arab power that could frustrate the balance of power the U. Such a power would not be a direct threat to the U. Turkey now has been attacked multiple times by the Islamic State — most recently on March 19 by a suicide bomber in Istanbul.

But while Iran has forces on the ground in Syria and Iraq, its intervention has not been enough to stop IS. Israel is too far away to offer any tangible support, and the Saudis cannot decide if they are more afraid of the Iranians or IS — so they continue to support radical jihadist militias in Syria to try and bring down Bashar al-Assad in the hope of scoring a blow against both. Amid the chaos, its tempting for an American leader to think that the easiest thing to do is to simply knock out IS and to worry about building a balance among these disparate powers later.

Furthermore, the Islamic State is a brutal regime , one that has committed many violent atrocities against its local population and believes itself to be at war not just with the U. The same was true to a lesser degree of the second Iraq War. There were strategic reasons to topple Saddam Hussein. But part of the reason the U. Bush administration equated the spread of liberal democratic values with realizing U. There was a real belief that a liberal democracy ruling from Baghdad would usher in a regional enlightenment.

The result instead was the disintegration of Iraq, the elimination of the natural competitor to Iran and the rise of IS. No other country in the world besides the United States would consider making such important strategic decisions based partly on equating morality with the national interest. Taking a step back, we can say that it has been a busy weekend for the global hegemon. Besides the attack on its new firebase in Iraq, the U. Obama also traveled to Cuba, marking the first state visit by a sitting U. The notion that a U. In contrast, the challenge for Obama is to use U.

The emphasis on balance of power strategies is part of that learning process and how Geopolitical Futures believes the U. The availability of fresh water is increasingly a defining strategic factor in regional and global affairs. Unless water resources are managed with extraordinary care, the consequences could be devastating … Countries engaged in the joint stewardship of water resources are exceedingly unlikely to go to war ….

The Middle East serves as a tragic example of what can happen when regional cooperation is lacking. Iraq, Syria, and Turkey have fought over every cubic meter of the Tigris and Euphrates rivers. All have lost as a result. Non-state actors control important parts of the two river basins. The bitterest part of the tragedy is that it could have been avoided … If a supranational organization had been created, it could have introduced joint strategies to manage drought, coordinate crop patterns, develop common standards to monitor river flows, and implement investment plans to create livelihoods and develop water-treatment technologies.

Other regions have done exactly that. Countries sharing rivers in Africa, Southeast Asia, and Latin America have recognized that national interests and regional stability can be mutually reinforcing if human needs are given priority over chauvinism …. The international community should encourage countries to embrace such cooperation by creating financial instruments that make concessional and preferential funds available …. Likewise, the international community should act promptly to save critical water infrastructure from acts of violence and terrorism … international law should be designed to prevent, not just resolve, conflicts … World Water Day is the ideal occasion to launch a new agenda for water wisdom ….

After two days of negotiations, Turkey and the European Union reached a compromise agreement on a plan to reduce the flow of migrants from the Middle East to Europe. At a summit concluding March 18, the heads of government of the 28 EU members and their Turkish counterparts approved the plan, which should take effect March With the March 18 agreement, Ankara agreed that all migrants arriving in Greece from Turkey will be sent back to Turkey.

The plan, however, caps the number of Syrians who can be sent to Europe from Turkey at 72, If that limit is reached, the European Union and Turkey would have to renegotiate. The agreement makes partial concessions to Turkey. In exchange for accepting returned migrants, Turkey wanted to open five chapters of its accession negotiation with the European Union.

The Cypriot government countered with demands for a stronger Turkish commitment to reunifying Cyprus , which was divided into distinct Greek and Turkish states after Turkey invaded in As a result of the talks, EU leaders compromised, agreeing to open only one mostly technical and not particularly controversial chapter.

This funding will, of course, come with strings attached, and EU leaders asked their Turkish counterparts to present concrete proposals for the use of the funds within a week. Additionally, the European Union promised to grant Turkish citizens visa-free travel to Europe by the end of June, but Ankara must first meet a long list of requirements. This is a controversial issue for several Northern European countries, so this part of the deal could be derailed in the future.

Some EU members pushed for a fast implementation of the deal, fearing that delaying its introduction would encourage migrants to cross from Turkey to Greece before the agreement takes effect. But this could be problematic. Before migrants can be legally returned to Turkey, the Greek Parliament has to recognize Turkey as a "safe third country. Since the beginning of the crisis, Greece has struggled to provide housing for an ever-growing number of asylum seekers and to reduce the time required to process their applications.

And some EU members warned that expelling people without first analyzing their cases would be illegal. The Turkish government has given some limited rights to Syrians. But there are questions about the situation for migrants from countries such as Iraq or Afghanistan who will also be sent to Turkey from Greece once the agreement is in place. Ankara promised the European Union that all migrants will be treated in accordance with international humanitarian law, which includes guaranteeing that the migrants not be sent back to their countries of origin.

But to meet international standards, Turkey will have to pass new laws improving the quality of life for migrants. Failure to do so quickly could give rise to legal challenges to the EU-Turkey agreement. If implemented properly, the new plan could discourage migrants from trying to reach Greece. The idea is to punish people who try to reach Greece illegally by sending them back to Turkey, relegating them to the bottom of the list of asylum applicants. At the same time, people who wait in Turkey and use official channels to pursue asylum will be rewarded for their patience.

But for the deal to work, Turkey will have to better prevent migrants from reaching Greece, and Greece will have to become more efficient at processing asylum applications. So far, efforts to regulate the flow of migrants have been disappointing. On March 17, German media reported that German officials working on the recently approved NATO patrolling operation in the Aegean Sea are frustrated by its limited effect; human trafficking organizations are still managing to avoid controls and reach the Greek islands. As the war in Syria continues, asylum seekers will probably continue to try to make it to Europe , even if their path is more difficult than before.

Migrants from Syria and other Middle Eastern countries may even try to enter the European Union through more complicated routes, passing through Albania, Bulgaria or even the Caucasus. In addition, as the weather improves in spring and summer, migrants will resume taking the central Mediterranean route that connects North Africa with southern Italy. This will bring a growing number of migrants from sub-Saharan Africa to Europe in the coming months. The resulting renewed migratory pressure will test the stability of the EU-Turkey agreement and challenge the fragile consensus among EU members.

But Italy has been dealing with its own migration problem , one that, while not rivaling Greece in terms of size and scope, could be just as problematic for the fragmenting European Union. According to the United Nations, more than , people reached southern Italy by sea in , particularly between April and September, when weather conditions make it easier for small boats to cross the Mediterranean.

Most of these people, assisted by human trafficking organizations that take advantage of the chaos in Libya, come from countries such as Nigeria, Gambia, Guinea, Senegal, Somalia and Eritrea seeking economic opportunities in Europe. They are less likely to qualify for asylum than migrants arriving in Greece, most of whom are fleeing from war zones in Syria , Iraq and Afghanistan. Furthermore, the European Union does not have a political counterpart in Libya to negotiate measures to manage migration flows the same way it does in Turkey. Over the winter, the central Mediterranean route has been relatively quiet, with fewer than 10, people arriving in Italy between January and February.

By comparison, more than , people arrived in Greece through the eastern Mediterranean route during the same period. But migration through the Mediterranean to Italy will resume around April, likely peaking between June and August, once again forcing Italian and European coast guards to launch more rescue operations at sea and provide migrants with shelter, food and clothes.

Meanwhile, many migrants on other routes, blocked from continuing their increasingly difficult treks into Northern Europe, will simply start finding alternatives. During and early , most asylum seekers who reached Greece tried to enter Austria and Germany by crossing Macedonia, Serbia and Croatia. But Macedonia has built a fence on its border with Greece, and a large number of migrants some 36, according to Greek authorities are now being forced to stay in Greece or find other countries to enter. Consequently, an alternate route to Italy will likely arise across the Adriatic Sea, using Albania as the transit state.

Italian authorities have warned of human trafficking organizations in Albania potentially using rubber boats to cross the Strait of Otranto, which at its narrowest point is only about 72 kilometers 45 miles wide. It would not be the first time: In the early s, thousands of Albanians reached Italy by boat. To this day criminal groups cross the strait on a regular basis to smuggle drugs into Italy. The strait was even used by a small number of migrants last year.

And because all migrants rescued by the Italian coast guard are considered potential refugees and cannot be sent back to Albania, migrants could be incentivized to try their luck across the Strait of Otranto. In early March, media in southern Italian cities along the Adriatic Sea, including Lecce and Bari, reported that local governments were making plans to host more of the asylum seekers reaching their shores.

Still, the number of people reaching Italy via Albania will be relatively small. The Greece-Albania border is mountainous and harder to cross than the Greece-Macedonia border, which will deter some migrants. But rugged geography also means the Greece-Albania border is hard to protect. Some will try to reach Montenegro and Bosnia, but some will try to cross the Adriatic Sea to reach Italy. Yet unlike in the early s, Albania now has a functioning police force and better control of its territory. It also has a handle on organized crime , making it difficult for criminal organizations to smuggle people into Italy on a large scale.

Rubber boats are also few and too small to transport a massive number of people. But though arrivals from Albania will not increase dramatically, the combination of a more active central Mediterranean migratory route and a burgeoning Adriatic route will create problems for Italy and its neighbors.

This year the situation is different: Border controls have become the new norm in Europe. France and Austria have taken a tougher stance on migration and probably will not be as tolerant with Italy as they have been in the past. Switzerland, which is not an EU member, also would not hesitate to close its border with Italy. Other countries would also probably request that Italy build more reception centers and become more effective at fingerprinting the migrants reaching its shores.

The influx of newcomers will create political problems for Italy at home as well. Many municipalities and regional governments, especially those controlled by the center-right opposition, will refuse to host migrants. So far Renzi has benefited from a fragmented opposition, but the migration crisis could cause the anti-immigration and Euroskeptical opposition to join forces. Renzi, in turn, will likely once again use the crisis to justify higher public spending, which will create problems for Italy with the eurozone down the road.

Rome will support negotiations with Ankara and side with the European Commission when it comes to enforcing a controversial scheme to distribute asylum seekers among EU member states. Rome will also demand the reform of the Dublin system, which stipulates that asylum applications should take place in the country of first entry to the European Union.

Italy has a lot to lose if the Schengen system is abolished because migrants reaching the Italian shores would find it harder to move on to Northern Europe if permanent border controls were put in place. Italy will likely cooperate with Germany in this matter, since Berlin is concerned about the economic impact of re-establishing border controls.

Finally, Rome will support plans to create a European border and coast guard to coordinate operations among national border authorities the Dutch rotating presidency of the European Union has promised to present a plan on the issue by June. Perhaps … RealEros1 Perhaps you missed my meaning. Unhealthy wants and needs in the human psyche are the fuel in the media engine. To keep people from exploding in reality and blasting us back into the dark ages through violent tendencies, We use tools like movies to help placate the masses and keep us fed with a healthy dose of unreal violence to circumnavigate true outbreaks.

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