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Carollo lives on a farm in Picayune, Mississippi. Using basic ingredients, anyone can transform ordinary kitchen components into brand-name quality Pelican Publishing Company Bolero Ozon. Homemade Products with Brand-Name Quality: This so much cheaper than pre-made microwave popcorn. I buy pasta in bulk when its on sale then cook a large pot of it..

I throw them into clean margerine tubs until frozen then put into a ziplock freezer bag. If you have a sunny window.. Fill with sand and seal witha piece of duct tape. They will absorb heat during the day and let off heat during the night. Or you can make a wooden box, paint inside of box black or line with aluminum foil and fill with the painted cans, and make sure they are in the sunshine during the day. Then move it where you want the heat at night. Ways to Save Are you getting the best rate on your cell phone?

Do you stop at the cheapest gas station? Could you be earning a better interest rate at another bank? The answers to these questions are just a few clicks away. One way I found to save a lot of money is the auctions. I found a great book by Oliver Phipps and it can be read in a few hours. I use the plastic bags that my newspapers come in for doggy pick-ups. You never have to actually touch the poo. We agree with codsWallop!

Tip 44 is ill advice. Every money saving tip sheet has this and will cause more harm than anything else. Generic medicines are not FDA approved and are not tested. By law generic drugs are exactly like their branded counterparts. A few exceptions, though. But now, the stop using the appliances themselves is a different matter. Now you have an un-insulated wall separating this inside and outside temps instead of an insulated one.

And when it comes to home insulation, more is always better than less. Never get an upgrade when your mobile phone contract is up,just change networks, and to get you on board they will give you a brilliant deal! I recently came across this service that has 18 or more of the household names we all are already using bidding against each other for your business and boy has it saved me money. I like to check http: Swap movies with friends, neighbours. Same with board games and kids toys.

Hold a garage sale or 2 or 3… , or sell stuff online. Just get rid of everything taking up space in your life. Or, that your house is actually too big and you can downsize! With less stuff you may already have plenty of storage. Get your car expenses under control: If you have two cars, can you make do with one?

If you have one, can you get by with public transportation and rent when you want to go away for the weekend? At the very least reduce usage whenever possible by combining errands, using public transportation and carpooling. Buy used cars and drive them until they die. Take a basic car maintenance course or ask a friend to show you. Hire your kids to wash the car, buff the rims etc. Plan meals in advance and as much as possible based on coupons or weekly sales at your store.

Shop from a list and go no more than once a week which will help you avoid impulse purchases. Find free cheaper entertainment: Invite friends over for a movie night rather than meeting going out. Make it a regular potluck event to distribute the costs over a group. At our last gathering we supplied the burgers ground beef was on sale that week and our visitors brought salad and desert. Clothing really only needs to be replaced when it wears out or no longer fits. We try to stick to the one in one out rule to avoid accumulating too much stuff.

As the kids outgrow things they move on to the next batch of hand-me-downs from cousins or older siblings. For any gaps we go to the Salvation Army, consignment shops, and as a last resort a store with a good sale. Stick to basic colours for the main clothing items and keep the trendy colors to hair accessories, socks, shoe laces, etc.

I do the same thing with my wardrobe. Lots of basic black, grey and white with a few scarves in many bright colors. Everything must mix and match. Brown bag your lunch. We intentionally cook extra at dinner and then afterward the leftovers go straight into containers to take the next day. Many of my coworkers buy lunch in the cafeteria each day.

I just eat my packed lunch with them. My lunch costs far less and is way lower in fat and salt. Put your hand near your electrical outlets on the outer walls of your home. You will feel cool air coming in around the outlets. Unscrew the cover, place the foam pad over the hole and screw the outlet cover back on. You would be surprised how much cool air gets into the house that way! Also if you have an attic fan, cover the grate that the air goes out of the house in.

92 Painless Ways to Save Money

It is usually in a hallway and goes into the attic. That grate is a major warm air waster too! Save on your Direct tv bill. Call them up and have them provide you with a discount. It worked for me. I am one of two working parents in a family of four. I map out my meals for two weeks and go shopping accordingly. I normally spend under One Hundred dollars with help from coupons with my meal planner.

I spend about two hours every Sunday that now has become routine on precooking meals and deep freezing them until needed. It also saves money on those nights when fast-food sounds like an easier plan. I figure a couple of hours in one day is better then 30 to 45min. If you have children and they are willing to help, they are usually excited to eat what they helped prepare as well. I think people waste more money on excess clothing and ill-thought-out meal planning than anything.

I have delicious home-cooked meals almost every night and take my lunch to work every day. My food bills are very modest. I eat out once a month with my book club and another time a month with a group of girlfriends. Great tips — except for Reading magazines at the library or online is a nice option but is contributing to the dimise of the industry. Instead, purchase a subscription to your favorite publications and help keep the industry alive. Thats a very good savings. Apart from the CFL tips, which everyone touts. To help save money on candles and gifts, I teamed up with a candle company link: There are two programs Associate or Candle of the Month which allows me to purchase at distributor prices for candles.

It saves me money on candles, gifts, and the empty jars for storage. Also see ways dot com for a funny story about saving money and a book which contains money saving tips. Dollar Tree is the best! Also, My boyfriend loves going to the movies. Now I always go on ebay. I bought four movie ticket codes for only 6.

I just thought it was really cool to learn that trick. Also be careful on ebay, there are so many fees asociated with selling. Better sell on craigslist. Except for individual bottles, water is nearly always cheaper than any alternative. Our local, state and federal governments spend millions to make sure we have clean tap water to drink. Still cheaper than soda, juice, milk, beer, etc. I got one that goes hand-in-hand with Get a prepaid cell phone. You can also transfer your home phone number to a prepaid cell phone. Receive an additional discount off on your online shopping at hundreds of your favorite stores by visiting mrrebates.

Just register, shop and begin receiving checks in the mail. I save a ton of money around Christmas. Am a growing young businessman who have business ambitions and visions to achieve in a specific period of time, its going to be my pleasure to get connected to people like you who are equipped with such very important information which when applied in my business will definately succeed.

May the lord bless you. When I bring a bag to donate, about once a month, I do a little shopping at Goodwill. I am always looking for little presents for the kids in my life and am never disappointed. We got our halloween costume components there. I like the idea of shopping once a week to limit waste. My daughter and I share a pound of sliced roast beef for two or three meals with a side of veggies and some brown rice.

Nowhere near as expensive as eating out. We make our own dogfood, which really keeps the dog healthy and saves a ton at the vet on rashes, itchiness, and tummy trouble. Drop the collision on the car after it is 7 years old and put the money for repairs aside, especially if there are several cars in the family. Buy the best tools you can afford to make home repairs and gardening easier so you are not tempted to farm these chores out.

Excellent, padded, battery powered, ergonomic. Plan a garden for next summer, millions are raising tomatoes, basil and zucchini. Plant a raspberry bush and nibble garden-ripe fruit on your way to do the other gardening chores. Lower the home thermostat by degrees in the winter or raise it degrees in the summer. We turned off the power strips to our entertainment system, which consists of a DLP projector, surround sound, and XBOX, every night for the last billing cycle for our electric.

Luckily, I saw the meter reader, so I knew when to start. As far as television, we dropped satellite TV and opted for Netflix, which has thousands of titles that can be watched instantly over the XBOX There are some real easy ways to save money, but you have to be willing to change certain habits and cut some things. Medtipster allows you to locate low-cost generic prescriptions from reputable pharmacies in your area. This is so true, Alison!

If others would think this way, their lives would be so much easier. Alison thank you thank you and thank you….. I am currently going through the need vs wants. No bricks in tank. Regular 12 or 16oz. One bulb to room vs. Solar powered lighting for outdoor usage. Worst times of utility usage. Hot climates during summer, plan visiting family and friends, work at the office, or even nature walks to refrain running the AC.

Cold climates are almost the same. Clothes drying during the coldest times during the winter. Movie night on regular TV. With almost everyone with cable and a nice TV, come closer to the one you love with enjoyment of the movie or time. Food and Water Needs. Water filter or just straight tap can be cheaper than bottled water. Can foods last longer and if the frig goes out not to worry. Frozen pizza over take out. Everyone can find ways to pinch a penny here or there, these are just someways that I find to save. It takes some time to change a little but I am beginning to enjoy life a little more by enjoying my family and friends a lot more.

I am open to other suggestions so email me if something that works for you. This is a great site i found for coupons, thought I would share.. Amanda, you did not include the name of the web site. Can you sent it to me? Use your slow cooker. Especially in the summer. I can also use cheaper cuts of meat. They come out very tender and flavorfull. I have been able to turn two chicken breasts into a complete meal for my family of 5. When I put the rice on to cook, I take out the chicken and chop or shred it and put it back into the slow cooker. When the rice is done, pour the chicken mixture over the rice and servce.

Even my kids love it. Use the leftovers for chicken and rice cassarole the next night. Or freeze for the next week. Yes, the slow cooker is great. You can also use it to make your own beans, garbanzos, all those dried peas and beans, cheaper and better than canned.

Money Saving Tips - 92 Painless Ways to Save Money

You can add whole onions, molasses, meat, whatever pleases you, too. Beth, that reminds me of a little trick my mom used to do. We had to agree to a 90 MIN tour as they call it basically they walked us around this resort and tried to up sell us the resort was nice and I would have got into it but my budget for this year would not allow me I found out about it by googling Myrtle Beach getaways a couple of sites came up like expedia and travelocity but I wanted a time share about half way down the page was a site called vacation bailouts they was great easy to book I was on my way that following week might even be easy to google the name of the company sorry not sure about the URL.

What ever happened to clipping coupons?

I thought that would be the first thing on your list. You can also get coupons online. Speaking of online, I use it all the time to find phone numbers. For a cheap lunch, try Ramon Noodles. You might also try picking up things at Auctions. You can usually get a much better price at auctions than at retail stores.

Goodwill and Salvation Army are also good places to pick up good used household items as well as clothing, shoes, purses, furniture, exercise equipment, bicycles and just about anything you could want. You could also check at salvage yards for good used auto parts rather than buying new parts for an older car. To me, that is a dollar well spent. Yes, Goodwill is awesome. I bought my beautiful wedding dress there, and also all my business suits Talbots, Jones of NY, etc. I do have a quibble with the Ramen noodles.

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Four hundred ugly calories in one little serving, plus horrendous amounts of sodium. Pasta would be better. Bank at a Credit Union. Lower fees, better rates and treat you like a person unlike banks that treat you like another number. A good way to save money on cleaning is to use things most people already have on hand, like vinegar, baking soda, rubbing alcohol, and lemons. You can mix your fabric softener with the vingegar to stretch it out and the vinegar also helps get rid of extra soap residue. You can also use a combination of vinegar and baking soda instead of laundry detergent. Look up how to use these things, there are so many household uses for all of them.

You will save so much money and be helping the environment. Seriously, who needs cable tv or satellite dish? What is the point of cable nowadays? My suggestion is to stick witha reliable internet provider. I just learned about a great site, http: It has just about every show you could want to watch on cable available for free. More convenient than cable, too, in my opinion. Ok here it goes, I use the plastic bags i get from stores for cat litter,doggie poo pick up,trash liners for bathrooms,pick up vomit, i know but ihappens , Take em on vacation to carry all your winnings at the amusement park.

I recycle water bottles, i use em for putting milk in to fit in the camper fride, i refill them for kids, my girls make bowling pins outta them, we reuse zip lock bags, i wash em out, reuse em for sandwiches, snacks, etc, I empty the ceral boxes in a container and use the wax paper inside for opening up on my kitchen counter and making dough on it for dinner or making biscuts, I also use it for wrapping stuff up, save those bread bags also, you can store stuff in them, for camping, for the freezer, for extra dounuts left over. I wash out all my ketchup bottles and mustard bottle and etc, for girls to play with in bath tub or pool, save all shampoo bottles also for that fun,, I cut my milk containers inhalf and use as a water bowl for pets, or a catch all in the kitchen,for scraps to throw in my garden.

Im a stay at home Grandma at 38 years old! All the money I can save is crucial, as my husband and I are raising our Grandson!!!!! Any more tips you could give would be greatly appreciated! You sound alot like me, cutting corners when possible! Recently I stopped buying paper towels. Now we keep clean rags from the cellar rag container up in a kitchen drawer. We use those to clean up messes off the floor, and throw them away. If your trying to save money but would like a new family pet, go to your local SPCA or look in the free section or your news paper, instead of buying from a breeder.

For instance my store offers Nitrogen inflation for free, as well as other incentives that save you money. On a dollar tire I can sell it for 60 dollars. That is your savings. Businesses pay for customer loyalty. Just send in reciepts from stores and gas stations you already buy from. This is especially helpful for kids, who outgrow their clothes constantly. A great list to get you started.

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Had a good laugh with Tip No 51! Another good tip is to let the natural light into your house before automatically turning on the lights. Brew your own coffee in the morning. Make your morning coffee at home. If you need to, get a pot with a timer and set it up in the evening so your coffee is ready when you step out of bed I do. Use a travel mug if you need to carry it with you to work. I have favorite brand of coffee.

T-Mobile offers a home phone for Instead of buying a refurbished MAC just buy a cheaper brand new PC that will have more capabilities. Everyone who has jumped on the MAC parade is stupid! A totally free prescription discount card. Card can be used over and over, covers all family members, and does not expire. Unplug cell phone iPod and camera chargers sun when they are not in use.

Go online and check all possible stores prices before buying any electroncs. Go to trade schools to get some services done. Most the time they are half the price and you cannot tell the difference. Chris, I just switched to Net10! Another way I found to save money was to get a prepaid phone. Net10 have a flat rate for minutes. Only 10 cents per minute and 5 cents for text. For college student that 5 cents a text is great, i know most services charge 10 cents, so its like half over.

There are no activation fees or anything and the service charge averages to about only 7 dollars a month. Plus they have service on over 60 countries and for 15 cents a minute for international calls i get to keep in touch with my family in Italy. Shut vents in unused rooms. Actually, strictly speaking in terms of HVAC, a vent is something you must always keep open, because it accepts used air from the house. A register is something that heated or cooled air is forced from. Technically, you can close the registers to a room or two depending on your home without much damage.

To do this, find the max temperature the furnace can be at in your owners manual and grab an IR thermometer. Shut the register and check the temperature of the air coming out of the furnace. Generally speaking, you can safely shut a room or two in a moderately sized house.

A trick that I dont hear many people speak about is cutting your own hair. I was a miltary guy so I am used to having my hair short and getting it cut every 2 weeks. Not a good option for women but I plan on cutting my kids hair until they get older. It is a good bonding expierence…haha. A great way to reduce telephone bills is to merge your cell phone and house phone.

You can do this through prepaid phone plans like TracFone and Net You pay only for the minutes you use and can use the phone to text as well. I would recommend this to anyone who is in the need to save money.

250 Money-Saving Mixes

Track It — Know where your money goes. I charge everything and get 1 — 5 percent cash back and pay the ballance in full to avoid finace charge. Reduce the biggest expense! Restraunts, Fast Food and Grocieries. If Fast Food accepts cc I charge it extra cash back. Portion control — It is good to cook in large portions, then divide into smaller portions and freeze. For example, I make enough caserole for 16 servings and divide them into 4 cup glass containers. I have a caserole for that week and one for the next three weeks.

Always take coupons with you when you go shopping. Walgreens has a booklet with in store coupons. My best way of saving is this: Also, you know that you have to pay bills monthly. If you get paid bi weekly, calculate how much you get each paycheck. THEN calculate the bills for the month. Another site that might be usefula is ManyMoneySavers. Has tips on how to save money and earn money and info on how to find lots of free stuff online. I hope you enjoy. The idea is to help people live a frugal lifestyle in a looming economy without sacrificing quality of living.

I hope this helps someone out there! Buy the rechargeable batteries. They may seem expensive but you save month after month. Get the sunday paper and look for the cupons they save too. You can also go to the thrift stores you get gently used stuff for only dollars. Lastly grow your own fruits and vegetables. Growing them makes you have a sense of accomplishment also they are healthy and good for your body. I have to second the comment about skype. I think it is free within the US. Also, when we travel out of the country, especially , we always book budget hotels that offer free breakfast.

We eat as much of this free breakfast as we can, and then we snack for lunch. I have to disagree with those who said to cut up your credit cards. We have 4 credit cards, not counting the store credit cards you can get. Yes, I said 4. We use each of them for a different reason and get cash back on every single one. This only works, however, if you can pay your montly bill each month. We have personally never accrued any interest on a credit card and they have never made a penny off me. Another card, we earn points that can be turned in for a vacation or just a check.

The fourth card we only use out of the country, as it has NO currency exchange fee, which saves us quite a bit. This also has a cash back function, I believe. I also have to disagree with the life insurance tips. We have a life insurance policy that is not term. Yes, we are paying more now and will pay more for several years, but it is an investment, and once we are done, we are done. The life insurance we have now is more like an investment in that it is put into mutual funds and stocks, etc.

If we kept term life insurance until the day we died, we would end up paying more for that insurance in the end…. You would have definitely put in lot of research to gather all these tips. I will add, however, that setup is not for the faint of heart. You need to first be fairly competent with computer hardware, especially video hardware, as you will likely have to build your own box with ideally two or more video cards. Otherwise — attempt with care. When it come to online shopping, I always check and compare those Cash Back sites first, such as ebates or fatwallet or sharemydeal.

I have the following tips to help you save more while still enjoying life:. If you need a car, then buy one with a small engine and use less gas. I rely on walking, cycling and the bus for my day-to-day transport and rent a car for weekends away or special trips.

See a Problem?

Take-out coffee, buying your lunch every day and pre-packaged meals are bad for you and a waste of money. It does not take long to pack a lunch of fruit, leftovers or a sandwich, or make a basic dinner from scratch. When you arrive in a new destination, take a shuttle or transit to your destination. If you want to have a few drinks and watch the football with the guys, have them over and pick up some beer from the liquor store — far less expensive that paying bar prices! Catch up with a friend by going for a walk together, rather than out for coffee.

Pay attention to offers in your area. Next week I am going snowboarding for free well, free other than a small donation because a mountain near me is having a charity event. Often a small problem can be fixed without calling a repair company. Search on the internet for advice. Camping gear, books, and tools are some examples. DO NOT go 7k before changing your oil. But the best way to save money is just to do you own oil changes—you can use the money you saved to buy better, longer lasting oils and filters.

I have few tips.. I have Tracfone prepaid phone for 3 years and have not paid that much till today. There are coupon code available online, so use it whenever you recharge for those extra minutes comes a long way. Redbox or DVDplay alos has coupon code. I use them all the time to save. I buy Entertainment Coupon book and it has regional coupons, so while we eat out there is always B1G1 coupons waiting. So every month I would get cash from my husband account and put it in an envelope and seal it.

On top I would write how much we saved and date it. Now 3 months later we still manage to pay all bills on time and spend with the remaning and my saving grows.. We use Elevate Communications www. Absolutely love Red Box, nice to see it listed here. This method can really save big bucks!

I also look through their adds and use coupons plus their own sale to save even more. I have stopped using my dryer to dry our clothes. I do about loads of laundry in a week for 5 people. Also get a blanket for your hot water heater to keep the heat in and switch to a low flow shower head to save on water.

Many students and military use this while in a foreign country. It is through the internet so you are talking on your computer. There is almost no delay and you can hook up a webcam as well which is nicer than just talking on the phone. The kits are very easy to use and come with attachments to make your hair the same length all around. To cut the hair in the back, bring it around to the front and notice the angel at which the hair rests, cut it at this angel double check in the mirror.

Saving time and money at the grocery store is simple. With this innovative book of food and nonfood mixes from egg pasta to laundry detergent , Charlette Carollo shows shoppers how to get more by buying less. Using basic ingredients, anyone can transform ordinary kitchen components into brand-name quality items at a fraction of the regular cost. This handy guidebook enables readers to eliminate additives and preservatives in meals, reduce the waste of packaged materials, and, in the case of the nonfood items, limit the amounts of harsh chemicals in cleaning agents and personal hygiene products.

Perfect for people with food allergies or restrictive diets, these recipes consist of essentials such as seasoning mixes, butters, cheeses, and breads.