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Legacy projects are special gifts created by patients working with the Society's music therapist Jill Murphy. They tell Jill it offers a sense of accomplishment when they are able to compile memories and messages and tie them together with song or voice and visuals. It is a meaningful and positive project that provides focus for patients often bringing comfort and peace. They want their voices to live on.

They want to know that they will not be forgotten. Maureen Carroll created this beautiful legacy project for her daughter and family members. It was a final gift that ensures her voice and their stories and songs will live on. The music therapy program would not be possible without community support. The Parsons family recently made a donation in memory of Robert Parsons. Thank you all for the generous donation!

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About Hospice Hospice palliative care medical services alleviate pain, with an emphasis on comfort and improving life, not curing the disease. Hospice palliative care is an holistic approach. After all, God might offer a squirm-worthy answer. As a Christian, however, I realized the first thing I needed to do was pray—even if a less-than-desirable answer emerged.

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I struggled with a selfish undercurrent demanding its own way, but finally I eked out an answer concerning the unexpected and unwanted. My husband and I spent the following days in prayer. We both sensed peace. Tony received the job offer, and a few weeks later, we pulled up the welcome mat in North Carolina and moved to Oklahoma. As a military family, relocating became our motto. We knew the routine. For the most part, the transitions flowed well. But not this time.

The move itself proved uneventful—thank the Lord. But when it came to our teenagers adjusting to their new surroundings, an unexpected and powerful squall overtook us. Complaining hit the airwaves. Then discontentment joined in.

How Complaining Almost Robbed Me of My Courage

The kids linked arms with loneliness. They felt out of place and grew tired of attempting to adjust to their new school—voicing often that we should simply go back. Meanwhile, I looked out on the landscape of our quiet neighborhood. Most neighbors remained nameless and faceless months past our move-in date. I grew lonely as well.

Our family resembled an injured body with shoulders, elbows, and knees knocked plumb out of joint. This state of upheaval lasted for months—far too many months.

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The more the kids swirled in their tumultuous world, the more I wondered if and how we missed God. Peace rose when we prayed. We sensed the Lord guiding us to Oklahoma, so why this tremendous, never-ending storm?

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I shared our struggle with a few folks. Some of them reassured me that we should pluck our kids out of school — that we should back-off instead of plowing through. I mulled around their ideas as we continued living life in the unwanted and unexpected. One day I sensed the Lord setting my eyes on the Israelites. The iron fist of Pharaoh held them in bondage, but God assured an escape.

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The Israelites believed and followed God, but their journey grew rocky. Complaints grew, discontentment too.

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  8. An day journey slid into a year trudge through the desert. Our wives and our little ones will be captured or killed! Grumbling, complaining, concern for the kids, and eyeing life back in North Carolina sprinted into view and set me straight into the struggles of Numbers I sucked in a deep breath. My refusal to trust God had.

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    My Father has always been faithful. My list of scenarios that testify to it runs long. Why doubt that love? I resolved to cut the chains of complaining.