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On a egalement etudie l'effet d'un champ magnetique externe sur la structure hyperfine. Des observations detaillees ont ete faites sur le spectre des rayonnements de resonance filtres, en fonction du temps, sous toute une serie de conditions. Han observado la intensidad de la absorcion, asi como la configuracion y el desplazamiento de las lineas espectrales en funcion de la temperatura. Examinaron la polarizacion de las radiaciones mediante experimentos realizados con ayuda de fuentes magnetizadas y de absorbentes, y analizaron el espectro hiperfino de la.

Resonances and Tides in Natural Satellites Systems. Magnetic resonance imaging allows to investigate morphological and functional aspects of the brain, something extremely useful to diagnose neurological diseases, including the cerebrovascular diseases and, of course, the cerebral ischemia in the first hours of its ocurrence, so it facilitates to follow the clinical course of ictus, to reduce the necrosis area and to guarantee a better life quality of patients.

Contrary to tomography and angiography it doesn't use ionizing radiations. In this article it is concluded, among other things, that its high sensibility overcomes the number of confirmations obtained through computarized axial tomography. Realizou-se um estudo transversal com jovens adultos do sexo masculino.

Comparative study of fast T 2-weighted images using respiratory triggered, breath-hold, fat suppression and phased array multi coil for liver evaluation by magnetic resonance imaging; Estudo comparativo das sequencias rapidas ponderadas em T2, utilizando-se sincronizacao respiratoria, apneia, supressao de gordura, bobina de corpo e bobina de sinergia para a avaliacao do figado pela ressonancia magnetica.

The objective of this study was to compare both qualitatively and quantitatively six T 2-weighted turbo spin-echo sequences varying the respiratory compensation technique, associating or not fat tissue suppression and using different types of coils. We performed a prospective study of 71 consecutive patients that were submitted to MRI of the liver using a 1.

The six following pulse sequences were used: Images were analyzed quantitatively by measuring the signal-to-noise ratios and qualitatively by evaluating the sharpness of hepatic contours, visibility of intrahepatic vessels and other segmental landmarks, and the presence of artifacts. The respiratory-triggered sequences were better than the breath-hold sequences in both qualitative and quantitative analysis p A imagem das adolescentes na web: Trata-se de imagens detalhadamente trabalhadas para apresentarem uma corpo O presente estudo buscou compreender o grande interesse dos adolescentes pela filmografia de horror na atualidade.

Optou-se por realizar o estudo com alunos de uma escola estadual do interior do estado do Rio Grande do Sul, a qual promove um projeto que objetiva o desenvolvimento de oficinas sobre cinema com os alunos, se Medicina complementar e alternativa: CE-Magnetic Resonance mammography for the evaluation of the contralateral breast in patients with diagnosed breast cancer; Ruolo della Risonanza Magnetica con Gd-BOPTA nella valutazione della mammella controlaterale in pazienti con tumore recentemente diagnosticato.

Dipartimento di scienze chirurgiche. To evaluate the role of contrast-enhanced Magnetic Resonance Mammography MRM in the evaluation of the contralateral breast in patients with recently diagnosed breast cancer. Fifty patients with proved unilateral breast cancer, with a negative contralateral breast at physical examination, ultrasound and mammography, were studied with a 1. A bilateral breast surface coil was used. Dynamic 3D Flash T1-weighted sequences were acquired in the axial plane before and 0, 2, 4, 6 and 8 minutes after the administration of 0.

The level of suspicion was reported on a scale from 0 to 5 following the BI-RADS classification, based on lesion morphology and kinetic features. The results were compared with the histological findings after biopsy or surgery. Histology diagnosed three fibroadenomas, 5 ductal carcinoma in situ, 2 lobular carcinomas in situ, 3 invasive ductal carcinomas and 1 invasive lobular carcinoma. Contrast enhanced MRM yielded no false negative and three false positives.

Our results demonstrate a very good accuracy of Magnetic Resonance Mammography in the detection of synchronous contralateral cancer in patients with newly diagnosed breast cancer. Therefore, contrast-enhanced MRM could be introduced to screen patients with proven breast cancer before they under-go surgery. Definire il ruolo della Risonanza Magnetica nella valutazione della mammella contro laterale in pazienti con tumore della mammella recentemente diagnosticato.

Cinquanta pazienti con tumore monolaterale della mammella e mammella controlaterale. A descriptive and cross-sectional study of patients with discal hernia assisted in "Dr. Juan Bruno Zayas Alfonso" Teaching General Hospital in Santiago de Cuba was carried out from December, to the same month of , to determine the clinical and imaging characteristics of this disorder by means of magnetic resonance.

The age group from 30 to 49 years, male sex, obesity as the main risk factor in the women and the excessive physical load in the men prevailed in the case material, as well as the pain, the lumbar localization and the right posterior centro-lateral and lateral hernias. It was found that the focal and diffuse protrusions turned out to be more common, associated with bony edema in the terminal plates, that the medullary compression and the secondary myelopathies were caused by cervical focal protrusions and the stenosis of the channel was mainly presented in the lumbar segment.

Full Text Available This paper investigates the influence of gender, age, income, and possession of a credit card on the impulsivity in e-commerce. The impulse buying is a type of unplanned purchase, defined as a consumer tendency to buy spontaneously, without reflection, in an immediate way, dominated by emotional attraction and absorbed by the promise of instant gratification.

The impulse buying phenomenon, associated to the online retail is still relatively new and extremely important. According to the results analysis, the unique variable that showed influence on impulsive behavior in online retail is personal income. This outcome was not noticed in the other variables studied. The impulsivity mean score of the sample was 24,84 points, which could vary between 11 and This suggests that the buying behavior on internet of analyzed students is guidance predominantly non-impulsive.

Os resultados indicaram um a Miguel Santos Silva, Profa. El estudio se ha realizado con 96 paci Resonancias de ondas electromagneticas. We describe in this paper a set of experiments designed to make qualitative and quantitative measurements on electromagnetic resonances of several simple systems.

The experiments are designed for the undergraduate laboratory of Electricity and Magnetism in Physics. These experiments can help the students understanding the concept of resonance, which appears in different fields of Physics. This study examines the effectiveness of Post-Entry English Language Assessment PELA as a predictor of international business students' English writing performance and academic performance. An intervention involving the implementation of contextualised English writing workshops was embedded in a specific business subject targeted at students who…. Como essa coautoria, caso exista, se configura nos discursos documentais participativos?

Full Text Available http: Full Text Available Resumo: Para analise dos resultados foi realizado o lavado broncoalveolar. Os riscos podem ser classificados em: Finance-led capitalism always has had a propensity for financial crises at key moments of its territorial expansion when bringing hitherto state-run economies into the orbit of market regulation.

The current crisis, however, is different. Not only has it emanated from the center rather than hit somewhere at the periphery, but it also has revealed deep structural flaws in the institutional architecture of contracts, funds, and markets that have made up the new, deregulated system of finance. We are facing a systemic crisis, always an event of epic proportions and lasting impact. We want to shed light on this significant moment. Confiabilidade da medida de espessuras musculares pela ultrassonografia Reliability of muscle thickness measurements using ultrasound.

To determine the reliability of muscle thickness measurements of elbow and knee flexors and extensors using ultrasound, and to quantify the typical error associated to the measurements TEM. Muscle thickness between the adipose tissue and bone interfaces were measured at anatomical landmarks previously identified and recorded to assure the exact site for the retest.

ANOVA did not identify any significant differences between the repeated measurements. To determine whether the presence of late gadolinium enhancement LGE by cardiovascular magnetic resonance CMR predict adverse cardiac events in patients with ventricular arrhythmia. LGE, systolic function and volumes of both ventricles were analyzed. At follow-up was assessed a combined end point: In this consecutive series of patients with ventricular arrhythmia we demonstrate a strong association between myocardial LGE and adverse cardiac events; this supports the hypothesis that myocardial fibrosis is an important arrhythmogenic substrate.

In addition, almost all individuals without LGE were free of events during follow-up suggesting that it is possible to identify through the CMR low-risk individuals who can be treated conservatively. Nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy in biomedicine. Nuclear magnetic resonance is a powerful technique that can be used in a wide range of applications, such as the structural characterization of high molecular weight molecules, conformational studies on enzymes in solution, enzyme-substrate or DNA-protein interactions, monitoring of cell metabolism in vivo, and for diagnostic purposes, employing spectroscopic and imaging techniques.

This course was organized in order to introduce the participants to the fundamentals of NMR spectroscopy, and offer practical advice on performing NMR experiments on cell systems, cell and tissue extracts and animal models. The main implications regarding human experiments were also discussed.

Finally the quantification of information and the interpretation of data were considered with regard to the main nuclei observed. As respostas variaram bastante. Dentro das respostas oferecidas o resultado foi: Acreditamos que novas pesquisas envolvendo metodologia. Os sujeitos foram 16 alunos e dois tutores envolvidos na disciplina. In a different move began. As colheitas foram feitas nos seguintes momentos: Foram analisados os processos julgados entre fevere Foram empregados 19 animais adultos, sadios, separados em dois grupos, sendo um de 10 G1 e outro de 09 G2.

Os resultados obtidos permitiram concluir que a levomepromazina e a acepromazina minimizam a arritmia ventricular induzida pela adrenalina, nas doses empregadas. Full Text Available Este trabalho tem como objetivo identificar a quantidade de gases causadores de efeito estufa emitidos anualmente pela bovinocultura no Estado do Rio Grande do Sul. Formicedae em veredas impactadas pela monocultura de Eucaliptus. Regulation of expression of pectate lyase genes pelA , pelD, and pelE in Erwinia chrysanthemi.

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These three genes are clustered on a 5-kilobase DNA fragment in the order pelD-pelE-pelA and constitute three independent transcriptional units. We localized the pelDEA cluster near the pro-1 marker on the genetic map of B by chromosomal mobilization with RP Three classes of regulatory mutations responsible for constitutive pectate lyase synthesis have been described kdgR, gpiR, and cri.

We studied the effects of each mutation on pelE, pelD, and pelA expression independently. The mutations kdgR and gpiR mainly affect the expression of pelE and pelD, although PLa synthesis is slightly increased. The cri mutation results in a low level of constitutive expression of the three pel genes, but it is a pleiotropic mutation since other genes not involved in pectinolysis are also affected. In addition, we demonstrated that exuR, a negative regulatory gene governing the catabolism of hexuronates, does not modify the expression of pel genes.

The frequency of gpiR or cri mutations about 10 -8 and the resulting constitutivity of pectate lyase synthesis suggest that these genes act as negative regulatory genes in addition to kdgR, which is already known to encode a repressor. Moreover, we found that expression of pel-lac fusions carried on pBR derivatives was higher in E.

Foram realizadas entrevistas semi-estruturadas com 75 moradores. Asteraceae, Fabaceae e Lamiaceae. Scanlan, Staubli e Rauschning e Bernard. Estenose degenerativa do canal lombar: Dor lombar foi a queixa mais frequente em ambos os grupos. Characterization and functional assay of a fatty acyl-CoA reductase gene in the scale insect, Ericerus pela Chavannes Hemiptera: Ericerus pela Chavannes Hemiptera: Coccoidae is an economically important scale insect because the second instar males secrete a harvestable wax-like substance. We predicted a aa protein with the FAR family features from the deduced amino acid sequence.

The EpFAR protein was localized by immunofluorescence only in the wax glands and testis. S CoA and to its corresponding alcohol. The data illuminate the molecular mechanism for fatty alcohol biosynthesis in a beneficial insect, E. Nesse sentido, a responsabilidade do professor, por sua abordagem do texto, tem um papel central.

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Pela igualdade For equality. The paper will discuss the new politics of identity that are been proposed in order to combat racism. It will also reflect on the racialization of public policies and of our costumes. The question raised in the paper is what is the real purpose of these new policies? Describing the myth of racism and also the myth of the combat of racism in Brazil the recent history of the introduction of policies based on "race" will be analyzed.

The question is what is the aim of introducing "race" in our juridical system? What is the aim of such a radical change in our concept of nation? The modulus value of bituminous materials is a key factor in the design of road pavements and the estimation of their life service. This parameter can be measured in laboratory but, unfortunately, this requires the deterioration of the pavement so as the consumption of time and resources. Therefore, this study analyses the feasibility of using impact resonance frequency tests as an alternative to traditional methods for determining the dynamic modulus of bituminous mixtures.

The sensitivity of this technique has been studied by analyzing its repeatability and reproducibility, studying the variations in the values measured by modifying the dimensions of the specimens, test temperatures and types of mixture tested. In addition, this non-destructive technique has been compared with other traditional tests used to determine the elastic properties of bituminous materials. The results show that this test could be an interesting tool to characterize the properties and damage state of asphalt layers. Los resultados muestran este ensayo como una herramienta interesante para caracterizar.

Observou-se uma mesma produtividade com o uso de 20 kg ha-1 de S0 no solo ou de 6 kg ha-1 via foliar. The objective of this work was to evaluate the elementary sulfur S0 assimilation applied on soybean leaves, and its efficiency compared to the fertilization done in the soil, according to the dose and nature of the nutrient source.

The S0 applied to leaves, independently of the dose and source, was assimilated by the plant, what resulted in increase of total protein content in the leaf. All S sources applied to leaves increased the grain yield, similarly to the application to the soil. The same productivity was observed with the use of 20 kg ha-1 of S0 in the soil or 6 kg ha-1 applied to leaves.

The elementary S application efficiency on leaves, based on the content of total soluble protein, was superior to application efficiency on soil. Alguns resultados da pesquisa "Responsabilidade e garantias ao adolescente autor de ato infracional: Since its approval, The Child and Adolescent Act has been attacked for several critics in the public debate. However neither the specialized dogmatic nor jurisprudence have presented effective efforts to the comprehension of the law or its principles, especially related to internment measures applied to young offenders.

A iniciativa deu-se em virtude da vontade de prover estimulo a alunos, em sua maioria trabalhadores, os quais, cansados da jornada de trabalho, acabam perdendo interesse pelos estudos. Se han observado cuatro sistemas de lineas. La parte central del espectro puede tambien producirse por irradiacion gamma pura.

Se exponen brevemente los resultados de la regeneracion por recocido termico y por irradiacion, estudiada por electroforesis. Predprinimaja popytku ustanovit' i dat' harakteristiku jetim defektam s. The Amazon Rainforest is one of the most important topics of transnational activism.

Based on the assumption that the consumption of timber in the Northern hemisphere is largely responsible for deforestation, campaigners have focused on the global timber trade. From a strategy of boycotting tropical timber in the s. Para tanto, foi realizado uma estudo quantitativo, com corte During the FHC government there was an attempt to substitute the reactive Brazilian foreign policy agenda, dominated by the logic of autonomy via distance, by a new proactive international agenda, determined by the logic of autonomy through integration.

According to this agenda, the country should increase its power over the control of its destiny and sort out its problems by actively adhering to the elaboration of norms and guidelines for the conduct of the administration of global order. However, this integration, adhesion and participation policy was not fully followed up by the taking of standpoints that implied practical responsibilities because of structural disabilities.

The responsibilities would prepare both government and civil society for an international insertion at a higher level, in the post-Cold War era. The gains achieved during the FHC terms in office were not sufficient to significantly alter the Brazilian position within the world context. As doses aplicadas ao solo variaram de 0 a 4 kg ha-1 para Zn, de 0 a 4,4 kg ha-1 para B e de 0 a 15,6 kg ha-1 para Mn. Todos os pacientes ficaram satisfeitos com o resultado.

Measurement of resonance parameters of cross-sections affecting fast-neutron propagation in various media; Mesure des parametres de resonance de sections efficaces lies a la propagation des neutrons dans differents milieux; Izmerenie parametrov rezonansnoj struktury sechenij, vliyayushchikh na rasprostranenie bystrykh nejtronov v sredakh; Medicion de los parametros de resonancia de las secciones eficaces que afectan a la propagacion de los neutrones rapidos en distintos medios.

Actuellement, les donnees dont on dispose sur les parametres de resonance dans le domaine des neutrons rapides ne sont pas suffisantes pour calculer ces moyennes avec la precision necessaire. Les donnee recueillies montrent que les effets de resonance influent fortement sur les caracteristiques de diffusion de la matiere. El intervalo energetico dentro del cual la resonancia ejerce una influencia decisiva sobre la.

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This article seeks to analyze, within the recent history of social movements that struggle for agrarian reform in Brazil today, the build of the land rights as a human right. Since the s, the interaction between peasant movements, the progressive church and the transnational network of human rights has converged into this idea that the land rights are a human right, which not only has marked the character of the struggle for land in Brazil, but has also influenced the way in which the human rights movement has been constructed in the country and how it has taken its place within the transnational network of human rights activism.

Saussure e o discurso: Uma abordagem discursiva da censura no Brasil em tempos de ditadura: Fazendo uso da palavra cantada, falou, apesar da censura. The article examines, in the light of the historical experience of the U. Addresses the tension between national security and civil liberties and how the Democrat did an option for safety, repeating the pattern of previous presidents. Verificou-se que a TI Verde pode ser mensurada: Between and the occurrence of murders increased continuously in the Northeast of Brazil, with all the states of the region except Pernambuco reporting expressive growth in this crime rate.

Foram feitos a soma dos investimentos anuais dos indicadores sociais de ambiente interno destas empresas, o quanto as empresas, investiram por ano, em seu ambiente interno. A literature review is conducted on the solitary pulmonary nodule, to determine the diagnostic methods and specific characteristics. The diagnostic methods used have been: The radiological features are defined: Los metodos de diagnostico utilizados han sido: Las caracteristicas radiologicas son definidas: The objective of this study was to analyze, on the national level, the process of.

As condutas adotadas foram: The aim was to describe the profile of postpartum women attended to at the physical therapy service in a public maternity house in Betim, MG, as well as the treatment they received. The study drew on a total of medical charts of postpartum women, contaning personal, clinic and physical therapy data.

Most women were young, married, housewives, multiparous, and from Betim. As to breast evaluation, most women had simetric and secretive breast, protruded nipples, few nipple traumas or breast-feeding difficulty having.

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Full Text Available The response to B in agricultural systems of sugar cane is still an unexplored issue; B application has however recently been widely publicized and used with a certain degree of frequency. The use of 10B-labeled fertilizers may further contribute to clarify this practice. The experiment consisted of the installation of microplots 2 x 1. The solution was applied to the soil on both sides of the plant row at a distance of 20 cm.

Foram comparados os dois grupos: Rectopexy is the most common technique used to correct rectal prolapse. Perineal procedures such as the Delorme technique and others are employed for older frail patients with significant comorbidity because of the higher recurrence rate. This study evaluated results of the Delorme technique and. To identify women's perceptions on men's participation in contraception.

Home interviews in the southern region of the city of S. Paulo, SP, Brazil, were carried out. The participant sample was of female users of reversible contraceptive methods, who claimed to have sexual partners at moment of the interview. Statistical analysis of the demographic variables and.

This study estimates for the Brazilian fruit trees, mainly banana, orange, apple, melon and grape, the relative demand for chemicals, considering total expenses and quantity demanded for active principle per hectare, from to It is also established a comparative analysis among this demand with ones made by the main Brazilian crops soybean, maize, sugar cane and coffee, that are predominating in terms of grown area and dominating, in absolute terms, of chemicals total expenses and consume of active principle volume in Brazil.

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  4. Yet, determines, in absolute terms, the importance of fruit trees in chemicals total expenses and active principle consume, especially acaricides and fungicides. It concludes, about the importance of estimated relative demand for fruit trees, that it is higher than the ones by the mainly commercial crops in the country, offering indicators for the demand and market behavior to chemicals different classes by.

    For this reason, we carried out a bibliographical investigation as well as a field research whose data were analyzed according to the quantitative and qualitative approaches.

    The results pointed out a balance in relation to the amount of women in management tasks. As concerns the use of information. A qualitative study was performed to: A structured form was used to collect social, economic, and demographic data. The content analysis technique was used for data analysis. The majority of couples opted for vasectomy as a last resort after attempting numerous other contraceptive methods, not always successfully.

    Estudos anteriores por outros autores mostraram que as toxalbuminas de A. Quem ainda quer ser professor? Compreender esses rituais contribui para o oferecimento de cuidado de enfermagem culturalmente congruente. Full Text Available The aim of this study was to evaluate the efficiency of the postpartum bovine endometritis treatment by intrauterine and intramuscular administration of tetracycline. Forty six cross bred cows diagnosed by gynecological exam with postpartum endometritis were assigned randomly in two treatments: The interval from treatment until first estrous was Although not to have had differences in the clinical recovery rate, the use of the oxitetracycline managed for way IU in the postpuerperal treatment of endometrites in cows revealed more efficient in the reduction of the interval between the treatment and first heat and first insemination, beyond presenting lower cost that the treatment with oxitetracycline managed for way IM KEY WORDS: Bovine, postpartum endometritis, intrauterine, intramuscular, oxitetracicline.

    Considering that cooperation among enterprises contributes significantly to improve the product performance in a supply chain, this work presents a method for analyzing the enterprise cooperation focused on the exchange of information among firms. Two indicators are used: The measurement of the intensity and the extension indicators for each enterprise was carried out through a questionnaire that was answered by staff members of auto parts companies, and some relevant conclusions are presented.

    O artigo discute dois temas afins: In this paper two topics art adressed: The mecanism and treatment are discussed; 2 the cytotocic drug-induced lung diseases and their pulmonary reaction patterns. Radiation, Cytotocic Drugs, Lymphocitic Alveolitis. The electrophoretic analysis of sera from guinea pigs was made with complement inactivated by ultraviolet radiations. It was found that the quantity of albumin changed, and an increase of the corresponding electrophoretic area of the globulins-alpha also took place, therefore, confirming the observations made previously that the fraction of the complement destroyed by ultraviolet radiations is its second component albumin fraction, C2.

    Los hallazgos anormales fueron: To evaluate hearing of newborns with congenital toxoplasmosis identified by the newborn screening service. This prospective study analyzed children with congenital toxoplasmosis identified by newborn screening IgM anti. To evaluate the cosmetic and functional results of patients submitted to surgical correction of Congenital High Scapula Sprengel's Deformity using modified Green's Procedure, as well as patients' satisfaction and complications.

    Nine patients submitted to surgical treatment from September to April have. The traditional methods of weed control in cultivated pasture do not meet society's present and future needs of protecting natural resources and life quality. An alternative to this problem could be the use of secondary metabolites produced by plants.

    These products present few risks to the environment and meet society interests. Therefore, this research was carried out to isolate, identify and characterize the allelopathic activity of. Turismo receptivo em Curitiba: The objective of this work was to evaluate the growth and physiological indexes of the melon crop in function of accumulated degree-days and to determine the relationship between the physiological index and yield of the crop in soil covered with plastic film in the colors black, silver, yellow, and brown, and of the uncovered soil as witness.

    The relative growth rate for the number of leaves and leaf area index were influenced by soil cover and decreased with the development of the plant; the highestproductivity of marketable fruits was registered on plastic soil coverage. Full Text Available It is argued in this paper the possible alignment between scientific activities and technological research carried out by universities and the guidelines of public policies on science and technology in Brazil. As a way of delimiting the field of analysis, without compromising the scope of this paper, we restricted our focus on the federal public universities in Minas Gerais State and we checked the possible convergence with the Industrial Policy and Foreign Trade PITCE.

    Os principais resultados foram: Trata-se de um estudo descritivo, de natureza quanti-qualitativa, realizado por meio de pesquisa survey. The goal of this article is to outline the profile of the support offered by the Brazilian incubators to the incubated companies. This is a descriptive study, based on both quality and quantity, done through a survey. The target of the research was Brazilian incubators, having heard from 37 of them. The data collection was based on questionnaire sent through e-mail to the coordinators of the incubators.

    The study began with a brief theoretical foray about incubators of companies. After that, the adopted methodological procedures are identified. Then, the description and the analysis of the data collected are done. At last, the conclusion of the study and recommendation for future researches are presented. Resposta a Marco Ruffino. The paper proposes a method of teaching and a curriculum structure constructed on the epistemological work of Karl Popper and also elements in Problem Based Learning PBL.

    The Pedagogical Project includes the elimination of traditional disciplines by organizing the curriculum and has a modular structure for interdisciplinary topics. The text contains, for better visualization of the proposal, a hypothetical grade and the possibilities of organizing time frame. Full Text Available The aim of this study was to determine the cutting ability of chemical vapor deposition CVD diamond burs coupled to an ultrasonic dental unit handpiece for minimally invasive cavity preparation. One standard cavity was prepared on the mesial and distal surfaces of 40 extracted human third molars either with cylindrical or with spherical CVD burs.

    The cutting ability was compared regarding type of substrate enamel and dentin and direction of handpiece motion. The morphological characteristics, width and depth of the cavities were analyzed and measured using scanning electron micrographs. Quarenta camundongas adultas foram divididas, aleatoriamente, em dois grupos, a saber: O restante dos animais foi acasalado, constituindo dois grupos: To evaluate the morphological changes in murine cornea upon metoclopramide-induced hyperprolactinemia during the proestrous phase or pregnancy.

    Forty adult mice were divided. Entre o segundo e o terceiro teste de chuva simulada ocorreram 57 mm de chuva natural; entre o terceiro e o quarto, 21 mm; e entre o quarto e o quinto, 30 mm. Essa mesma rugosidade apresentou coeficiente de decaimento temporal semelhante nos sistemas de manejo. A taxa de crescimento absoluto da planta e dos frutos foram ,25 e ,75 g planta-1 dia-1, aos 74 e 79 dias, respectivamente.

    O K foi o nutriente mais absorvido pela planta, seguido do N e Ca. Os frutos exportaram 51,0 kg ha-1 de N; 12,4 kg ha-1 de P; 61,4 kg ha-1 de K; 3,6 kg ha-1 de S; 8,8 kg ha-1 de Ca e 3,5 kg ha-1 de Mg, e 11,4 g ha-1 de Cu; 61,6 g ha-1 de Zn; ,6 g ha-1 de Fe e 44,3 g ha-1 de Mn. The samplings of plants were taken at 28; 42; 56; 70; 84, and 98 days after the sowing DAS for dry matter determination of leaves, stem, flower, fruit and root. The plants grew slowly up the 56 DAS. Full Text Available Objetivo: A coleta de dados foi realizada pelos sites daSuframa e da Receita Federal.

    Abstract This paper aims to determine whether the creation of the Free Zone of Manausbrought positive benefits to the economy of Manaus and, to some extent, for theState of Amazonas. In the theoretical reference was used the theory of the poles, thetheory of the basic and socioeconomic indicators. It addressed to various aspects ofthe Free Zone of Manaus, as legislation, historical evolution, results and difficulties. Our patient was given intramuscular Metamizole in his house and then he had cellulitis with necrosis area.

    Following an antibiotic treatment, tissue defect was primarily covered with gluteal muscle skin flap. Cellulitis development after metamizole injection is not common still potential side effects should be considered before prescription. Nicolau Syndrome after Intramuscular Injection: Full Text Available Nicolau syndrome is a rare complication of intramuscular injection consisting of ischemic necrosis of skin, soft tissue, and muscular tissue that arises locoregionally. The characteristic pattern is pain around the injection site, developing into erythema, a livedoid dermatitis patch, and necrosis of the skin, subcutaneous fat, and muscle tissue.

    Three patients were injected with drugs diclofenac sodium, ketoprofen, meperidine for pain relief. Three patients complained of pain, and a skin lesion was observed, after which necrosis developed on their buttocks. Each patient underwent debridement and coverage. The wound healed uneventfully.

    We report three cases of Nicolau syndrome in the buttocks following diclofenac intramuscular injection. Herein, we describe the clinical course of a female patient who received a diagnosis of NSTIs after gluteus intramuscular injection. We also report the results of our review of published papers from to Since now, 19 cases of NSTIs following intramuscular injections have been described. We focus on the correlation between intramuscular injection and NSTIs onset, especially in immunosuppressed patients treated with corticosteroids, suffering from chronic diseases or drug addicted.

    Intramuscular injections can provoke severe tissue trauma, representing local portal of infection, even if correctly administrated. Otherwise, it is important not to inject drug in subcutaneous, which is a less vascularized area and therefore more susceptible to infections. Likewise, a proper injecting technique and aspiration prior to injection seem to be valid measure to prevent intra-arterial or para-arterial drug injection with the consequent massive inflammatory reaction.

    Necrosis at the infection site appears to be independent of the drug, and it is a strong additional risk factor for NSTIs. Myostatin inhibits porcine intramuscular preadipocyte differentiation in vitro. This study assessed the effect of myostatin on adipogenesis by porcine intramuscular preadipocytes. Intramuscular preadipocytes were isolated from the longissimus dorsi muscle of newborn pigs. Myostatin inhibited intramuscular preadipocyte differentiation in a dose-dependent manner.

    Myostatin treatment during preadipocyte differentiation significantly P Myostatin also significantly P myostatin acts as an extrinsic regulatory factor in regulating intramuscular adipogenesis. Nicolau syndrome following intramuscular benzathine penicillin. Full Text Available Nicolau syndrome NS is a rare complication of an intramuscular injection characterized by severe pain, skin discoloration, and varying levels of tissue necrosis. The case outcomes vary from atrophic ulcers and severe pain to sepsis and limb amputation.

    We describe a case of a seven-year-old boy with diagnosis of NS after intramuscular benzathine penicillin injection to the ventrolateral aspect of the left thigh. Characteristic violaceous discoloration of skin and immediate injection site pain identified it as a case of NS. The case was complicated by rapid progression of compartment syndrome of the lower limb, proceeding to acute renal failure and death. Associated compartment syndrome can be postulated as a poor prognostic factor for NS. Two Intramuscular Lipoma Case Reports: Full Text Available Lipomas are common soft tissue tumors of mesenchymal origin.

    They contain mature adipose tissue. They are usually located in the subcutaneous tissue. They rarely ocur within the muscle and then are called intramuscular lipomas. Ultrasonography is the first diagnostic method to be selected. However, cross-sectional imaging methods are more useful in the diagnosis. On Magnetic resonance imaging MRI, with the help of signal characteristics and fat suppression techniques,diagnosis is easily achieved. In addition, the relationship of lesion with the adjacent anatomical structures can be assessed better with MRI.

    Here, will be explained two different intramuscular lipoma cases and imaging findings will be reviewed. Intramuscular metastasis from malignant melanoma: We present a rare case of intramuscular metastasis from malignant melanoma. The lesion showed intermediate to high signal intensity on T1-weighted magnetic resonance MR images and mixed signal intensities containing high and low signals on T2-weighted images. The signal intensity on T1-weighted images, which is due to the paramagnetic effect of melanin, is a characteristic MR finding of this entity.

    IMH may be presented as a perceived sporting injury. Diagnosis of this lesion is important not only because of its rarity, but also due to dangers posed by misdiagnosis and mismanagement. They must be considered in the differential diagnosis of unexplained pain and swelling in muscles. IMH occurring in the oral cavity is reviewed below. Full Text Available Nicolau syndrome is a rare complication of intramuscular injection consisting of ischemicnecrosis of skin, soft tissue, and muscular tissue that arises locoregionally.

    The characteristicpattern is pain around the injection site, developing into erythema, a livedoid dermatitispatch, and necrosis of the skin, subcutaneous fat, and muscle tissue. Three patients wereinjected with drugs diclofenac sodium, ketoprofen, meperidine for pain relief. Three patientscomplained of pain, and a skin lesion was observed, after which necrosis developed on theirbuttocks. We report three cases of Nicolau syndrome in the buttocks following diclofenac intramuscularinjection. Histological properties of intramuscular connective tissues in native The conventional histological study revealed that except the endomysium which was similar in both muscles, the other intramuscular connective tissues' layers varied between leg and breast muscles and were affected by sex.

    All the connective tissue fibers were observed in all the intramuscular connective tissues of both Reliability and agreement of intramuscular coherence in tibialis anterior muscle. Neuroplasticity drives recovery of walking after a lesion of the descending tract. Intramuscular coherence analysis provides a way to quantify corticomotor drive during a functional task, like walking and changes in coherence serve as a marker for neuroplasticity.

    Com base nesse contexto, este artigo tem como objetivo identificar os atributos importantes considerados pelos consumidores na compra de notebook. Em um segundo momento foi realizada uma etapa quantitativa tipo survey com uma amostra bola-de-neve de entrevistados. Intramuscular degeneration process in Duchenne muscular dystrophy. Intramuscular degeneration process of Duchenne dystrophy skeletal muscles was investigated by longitudinal skeletal muscle imaging with high-field-strength NMR-CT of 1.

    The following results were obtained. Skeletal muscle degeneration was depicted as high signal intensity area reflecting its high fat contents. These high signal intensity areas had a longitudinally streaky appearance in parallel direction with myofibers. These findings were more prominent toward myotendon junction than muscle bellies. Skeletal muscle degeneration progressed rapidly between 7 to 10 years of age, and reached a plateau after that.

    Basic principles for measurement of intramuscular pressure. We review historical and methodological approaches to measurements of intramuscular pressure IMP in humans. These techniques provide valuable measures of muscle tone and activity as well as diagnostic criteria for evaluation of exertional compartment syndrome. Although the wick and catheter techniques provide accurate measurements of IMP at rest, their value for exercise studies and diagnosis of exertional compartment syndrome is limited because of low frequency response and hydrostatic static and inertial pressure artifacts.

    Presently, most information on diagnosis of exertional compartment syndromes during dynamic exercise is available using the Myopress catheter. However, future research and clinical diagnosis using IMP can be optimized by the use of a miniature transducer-tipped catheter such as the Millar Mikro-tip.

    Magnetic resonance imaging of intramuscular metastases. The aim of the present study was to analyse magnetic resonance findings of intramuscular metastases IM in a relatively large series. From January to January , 28 patients metastases were retrospectively identified in the radiological database of the Martin-Luther-University.

    Several different scanning protocols were used depending on the localisation of IM. Apparent diffusion coefficient ADC maps were also calculated. ADC maps were calculated for 91 metastases ranging from 0. ADC values of low 3. Of the IM that were investigated with contrast medium, There was no difference in enhancement characteristics with respect to ADC values or fusion patterns. Peritumoral enhancement was identified in 2. Magnetic resonance features of muscle metastases are relatively typical and consist of round or oval intramuscular masses with well-defined margins, marked enhancement, low or moderate ADC values, and moderate to high signal intensity on fusion images.

    Habilidades auditivas e afasia: Smith, Sphenophorus levis Vaurie e Tenebrio molitor Linnaeus. Esses isolados de B. Intramuscular myxoma and fibrous dysplasia of bone - Mazabraud's syndrome. We present a case of Mazabroud's syndrome, a rare benign disease, with multiple intramuscular myxomas of the thoracic wall associated with fibrous dysplasia of bone.

    CT, MR imaging and ultrasonography US of the thorax showed 2 well circumscribed homogeneous intramuscular tumors. A US-guided needle biopsy with a large-core needle 2. CT of the skull revealed a right-sided unilateral bone thickening of the orbit and the ethomoidal cells, and right-sided exophthalmia. This case history suggests that patients with multiple intramuscular myxomas should be preoperatively examined for osseous lesions. A postoperative follow-up should also be performed to detect other soft-tissue myxomas not as yet clinically detectable, or rare osseous complications.

    Full Text Available "nLipoma is the most common soft tissue tumor but the presence of osseous component within the tumor is quite rare. We describe the histological, radiological and diagnostic features of an ossified intramuscular lipoma. To the best of the authors' knowledge, a symptomatic ossified intramuscular lipoma without any cortical erosion and hyperostosis has not been previously reported in the literature. Manejar las emociones, factor importante en el mejoramiento de la calidad de vida.

    The abundance and cross-linking of intramuscular connective tissue contributes to the background toughness of meat, and is thus undesirable. Connective tissue is mainly synthesized by intramuscular fibroblasts. Myocytes, adipocytes and fibroblasts are derived from a common pool of progenitor cells during the early embryonic development.

    It appears that multipotent mesenchymal stem cells first diverge into either myogenic or non-myogenic lineages; non-myogenic mesenchymal progenitors then develop into the stromal-vascular fraction of skeletal muscle wherein adipocytes, fibroblasts and derived mesenchymal progenitors reside. Because non-myogenic mesenchymal progenitors mainly undergo adipogenic or fibrogenic differentiation during muscle development, strengthening progenitor proliferation enhances the potential for both intramuscular adipogenesis and fibrogenesis, leading to the elevation of both marbling and connective tissue content in the resulting meat product.

    Furthermore, given the bipotent developmental potential of progenitor cells, enhancing their conversion to adipogenesis reduces fibrogenesis, which likely results in the overall improvement of marbling more intramuscular adipocytes and tenderness less connective tissue of meat. In addition, extracellular matrix, a part of the intramuscular connective tissue, provides a niche environment for regulating myogenic differentiation of satellite cells and muscle growth. Despite rapid progress, many questions remain in the role of extracellular matrix on muscle development, and factors determining the early differentiation of myogenic, adipogenic and fibrogenic cells, which warrant further studies.

    Sexualidad en el anciano: A questionnaire was applied to 93 persons over 60 from the city of Matanzas that are attended by the family phyisician and nurse to deal with some important aspects about sexuality. Most of men maintain their sexual activity and interest, whereas indifference prevails among women.

    Arterial hypertension and arthrosis are among the chronic non-comunicable diseases suffered by them. Sedatives and antihypertensives are the most used drugs. Nosotros ahora justamente, nos estamos dando cuenta de que el suministro de calcio es como fertilizante tal como lo consideraron los viejos. Full Text Available Introduction. Rotator cuff intramuscular calcification is a rare condition usually caused by heterotopic ossification and myositis ossificans.

    We describe a patient with voluminous calcified mass entrapped in supraspinatus muscle associated with corresponding tendon tear. Histological examination corresponded to a calcified hematoma or necrosis. Patient was surgically managed with open excision of the calcified hematoma and rotator cuff arthroscopic repair. At 6 months, supraspinatus muscle was healed, and functional outcome was good. We hypothesized that supraspinatus intramuscular calcified hematoma was responsible for mechanical stress on the tendon. This association has never been described.

    Zagreb regimen, an abbreviated intramuscular schedule for rabies vaccination. The Zagreb regimen, an abbreviated intramuscular schedule for rabies vaccination, was developed by I. We reviewed the literature on the immunogenicity, safety, economic burden, and compliance of the Zagreb regimen. Compared to Essen, another IM schedule recommended by WHO, Zagreb has higher compliance, lower medical cost, and better immunogenicity at an early stage. Polyostotic fibrous dysplasia associated with intramuscular myxomas: Mazabraud's syndrome, though uncommon, is reported increasingly frequently.

    It represents an entity readily recognisable radiologically on MR imaging. Awareness of the syndrome, particularly when the myxoma is solitary, can prevent misdiagnosis of intramuscular myxomas especially when large as malignant mesenchymal tumors containing myxoid tissue. We review the 34 cases previously reported in the literature and include a recent case from our center. The clearance of liposomes administered by the intramuscular route.

    Iodine labelled lecithin was used to label liposomes entrapping cortisonepalmitate. The lecithin was injected into the fascia latae muscles of rabbits and the percentage of the initial dose remaining at certain time intervals was calculated from gamma camera image data. Release from the intramuscular site occurs by diffusion from intact liposomes. Intravenous paracetamol versus intramuscular pethidine in relief of Intramuscular pethidine is one of most common opioids used for labour analgesia.

    There are a number of concerns in the literature regarding the use of pethidine. The aim of this study is to compare analgesic efficacy of paracetamol with pethidine for labour pain in normal vaginal delivery. Sonographic Appearance of a Solitary Intramuscular Cysticercosis: The development of antiparasitic drugs and public health strategies has reduced the prevalence of cysticercosis in South Korea.

    In contrast, the disease is still endemic in Southeast Asia. The influx of immigrants from endemic areas has been on the increase. We report the sonographic and pathological findings of cysticercosis that presented as an intramuscular solitary mass in a year-old Philippine woman. Sciatic nerve palsy associated with intramuscular quinine injections The purpose of this paper is to show that, in children, gluteal injection of quinine dihydrochloride QDH may result in The use of intramuscular injection of foreign substances for aesthetic purposes is well known.

    Complications are usually local to the site of injection but can be potentially lethal. Here, we present a case of "site enhancement oil" use in a year-old man who died from asphyxia due to hanging. Para tanto, realizou-se um survey, por meio de entrevistas pessoais com clientes potenciais em Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais. Yilmaz, Sabri; Alomari, Ahmad I. Infantile hemangiomas demonstrate a pattern of proliferative growth in infancy followed by a slow phase of involution.

    In contrast a rare type of vascular tumor, intramuscular capillary-type hemangioma, usually presents beyond the period of infancy with nonspecific symptoms and no evidence of involution. The purpose of this study was to characterize the clinical, imaging, histopathological characteristics and management of intramuscular capillary-type hemangioma. We performed a retrospective review of a year period to identify children diagnosed with intramuscular capillary-type hemangioma. Patient demographics, imaging and histopathological findings were recorded.

    We included 18 children 10 boys, 8 girls with histologically proven intramuscular capillary-type hemangioma - and adequate imaging. The mean age at presentation was 8. Twelve lesions involved muscles of the extremities, 4 were located in the trunk and 2 were in the head and neck. MRI had been performed in all children and demonstrated a soft-tissue mass with flow voids, consistent with fast flow. The lesion was well-circumscribed in 16 children and intralesional fat was seen in Doppler US demonstrated a heterogeneous lesion, predominantly isoechoic to surrounding muscle, with enlarged arterial feeders.

    The most common histopathological findings were lobules of capillaries with plump endothelium and at least some adipose tissue. The lesions were excised in six children. Two children were lost to follow-up. There was no change in imaging characteristics on follow-up. Intramuscular capillary-type hemangioma is a rare benign vascular tumor of.

    Comparison of intramuscular olanzapine, orally disintegrating olanzapine tablets, oral risperidone solution, and intramuscular haloperidol in the management of acute agitation in an acute care psychiatric ward in Taiwan. The purpose of this study was to compare efficacy and safety among intramuscular olanzapine, intramuscular haloperidol, orally disintegrating olanzapine tablets, and oral risperidone solution for agitated patients with psychosis during the first 24 hours of treatment in an acute care psychiatric ward.

    Forty-two inpatients from an acute care psychiatric ward of a medical center in central Taiwan were enrolled. They were randomly assigned to 1 of the 4 treatment groups mg intramuscular olanzapine, mg olanzapine oral disintegrating tablet, 3-mg oral risperidone solution, or 7. There were significant differences in the PANSS-EC total scores for the 4 intervention groups at 15, 30, 45, 60, 75, and 90 minutes after the initiation of treatment.

    More significant differences were found early in the treatment. In the post hoc analysis, the patients who received intramuscular olanzapine or orally disintegrating olanzapine tablets showed significantly greater improvement in PANSS-EC scores than did patients who received intramuscular haloperidol at points 15, 30, 45, 60, 75, and 90 minutes after injection. These findings suggest that intramuscular olanzapine, orally disintegrating olanzapine tablets, and oral risperidone solution are as effective treatments as intramuscular haloperidol for patients with acute agitation.

    Intramuscular olanzapine and disintegrating olanzapine tablets are more effective than intramuscular haloperidol in the early phase of the intervention. There is no significant difference in effectiveness among intramuscular olanzapine, orally disintegrating olanzapine tablets, and oral risperidone solution. Intramuscular dissection of Baker's cysts: Baker's cysts are fluid distensions of the gastrocnemius-semimembranosus bursa and are the most common cystic lesion around the knee.

    Typically cysts enlarge along intermuscular planes around the knee. We report three cases in which the expanding cyst did not respect these planes and dissected along an intramuscular route as confirmed by MR imaging. Such behaviour by Baker's cysts is hitherto unreported in the literature. Possible mechanisms to account for this phenomenon are discussed. Mechanisms responsible for smoking-induced insulin resistance are unclear.

    The important contribution to be made by the science of Economic Botany in today's Amazonia environment is emphasized. Economy Botany must be tailored to the current situation where and uneccesary destruction is taking place. The need for a strong programme in Amazonian Economic Bot any is stressed. Islet grafting and imaging in a bioengineered intramuscular space. Because the hepatic portal system may not be the optimal site for islet transplantation, several extrahepatic sites have been studied. Here, we examine an intramuscular transplantation site, bioengineered to better support islet neovascularization, engraftment, and survival, and we demonstrate that at this novel site, grafted beta cell mass may be quantitated in a real-time noninvasive manner by positron emission tomography PET imaging.

    Streptozotocin-induced rats were pretreated intramuscularly with a biocompatible angiogenic scaffold received syngeneic islet transplants 2 weeks later. The recipients were monitored serially by blood glucose and glucose tolerance measurements and by PET imaging of the transplant site with [11C] dihydrotetrabenazine. Parallel histopathologic evaluation of the grafts was performed using insulin staining and evaluation of microvasularity. Reversal of hyperglycemia by islet transplantation was most successful in recipients pretreated with bioscaffolds containing angiogenic factors when compared with those who received no bioscaffolds or bioscaffolds not treated with angiogenic factors.

    PET imaging with [11C] dihydrotetrabenazine, insulin staining, and microvascular density patterns were consistent with islet survival, increased levels of angiogenesis, and with reversal of hyperglycemia. Induction of increased neovascularization at an intramuscular site significantly improves islet transplant engraftment and survival compared with controls. The use of a nonhepatic transplant site may avoid intrahepatic complications and permit the use of PET imaging to measure and follow transplanted beta cell mass in real time. These findings have important implications for effective islet implantation outside of the liver and offer promising possibilities for improving islet survival, monitoring, and even prevention of islet loss.

    Full Text Available The aim of the study was to compare the development of red blood cell indices after subcutaneous versus intramuscular administration of iron dextran to suckling piglets during early postnatal period. Haematological indices of piglets in group III were characteristic for hypochromic anaemia. Anaemia in group III had a detrimental effect on the growth rate of piglets.

    The development of red blood cell indices and iron concentration in blood plasma in subcutaneously treated piglets did not differ significantly from that of intramuscularly -treated group. Both treatments prevented development of anaemia. Intramuscular temperature changes during and after 2 different cryotherapy interventions in healthy individuals. Cryotherapy is used to treat pain from muscle injuries. Cooler intramuscular temperatures may reduce cellular metabolism and secondary hypoxic injury to attenuate acute injury response, specifically the rate of chemical mediator activity. Modalities that decrease intramuscular temperature quickly may be beneficial in the treatment of muscle injuries.

    Eighteen healthy subjects received 2 cryotherapy conditions, crushed-ice bag CIB and cold-water immersion CWI , in a randomly allocated order, separated by 72 hours. Intramuscular temperature was monitored in the gastrocnemius, 1 cm below subcutaneous adipose tissue. A secondary outcome was intramuscular temperature at the end of a minute rewarming period.

    Paired t tests were used to examine outcomes. However, intramuscular temperature remained significantly colder 90 minutes following CWI. These results provide clinicians with information that may guide treatment-modality decisions. Background Since the hepatic portal system may not be the optimal site for islet transplantation, several extrahepatic sites have been studied.

    Here we examine an intramuscular transplantation site, bioengineered to better support islet neovascularization, engraftment, and survival, and demonstrate that at this novel site, grafted beta cell mass may be quantitated in a real time non-invasive manner by PET imaging.

    Methods Streptozotocin induced rats were pretreated intramuscularly with a biocompatible angiogenic scaffold received syngeneic islet transplants 2 weeks later. Parallel histopathologic evaluation of the grafts was done using insulin staining and evaluation of microvasularity. Results Reversal of hyperglycemia by islet transplantation was most successful in recipients pretreated with bioscaffolds containing angiogenic factors as compared to those who received no bioscaffolds or bioscaffolds not treated with angiogenic factors.

    PET imaging with [11C] dihydrotetrabenazine, insulin staining and microvascular density patterns were consistent with islet survival, increased levels of angiogenesis, and with reversal of hyperglycemia. Conclusions Induction of increased neovascularization at an intramuscular site significantly improves islet transplant engraftment and survival compared to controls. The use of a non hepatic transplant site may avoid intrahepatic complications and permit the use of PET imaging to measure and follow transplanted beta-cell mass in real time. These findings have important implications for effective islet implantation outside of the liver, and offer promising possibilities for improving islet survival, monitoring, and even prevention of islet loss.

    Performance was compared to the simultaneous control of conventional myoelectric prosthesis methods using intramuscular EMG parallel dual-site control -an approach that requires users to independently modulate individual muscles in the residual limb, which can be challenging for amputees. Linear regression control was evaluated in eight able-bodied subjects during a virtual Fitts' law task and was compared to performance of eight subjects using parallel dual-site control.

    An offline analysis also evaluated how different types of training data affected prediction accuracy of linear regression control. The two control systems demonstrated similar overall performance; however, the linear regression method demonstrated improved performance for targets requiring use of all three DOFs, whereas parallel dual-site control demonstrated improved performance for targets that required use of only one DOF.

    Subjects using linear regression control could more easily activate multiple DOFs simultaneously, but often experienced unintended movements when trying to isolate individual DOFs. Offline analyses also suggested that the method used to train linear regression systems may influence controllability. Linear regression myoelectric control using intramuscular EMG provided an alternative to parallel dual-site control for 3-DOF simultaneous control at the wrist and hand. The two methods demonstrated different strengths in controllability, highlighting the tradeoff between providing simultaneous control and the ability to isolate individual DOFs when desired.

    The authors report a new case of Mazabraud syndrome in a year-old woman complaining of pain in her right thigh. Plain radiographs demonstrated radiological findings consistent with polyostotic fibrous dysplasia of the right femur and tibia. Magnetic resonance imaging MRI study showed soft tissue tumors located in the vastus intermedius muscle with typical signal features of intramuscular myxomas.

    Biopsy was not performed because of its benign nature. Symptomatic treatment was prescribed and all the lesions remained 1 year after the diagnosis. Muscle enhancement using intramuscular injections of oil in bodybuilding. Self-administered intramuscular injection of site enhancement oil SEO is a cosmetic and performance-enhancing procedure used to reshape muscles in the bodybuilder subculture, but its consequences and complications are only sporadically described. Internet searches were performed, and bodybuilder pharmacopoeias were consulted to describe SEO use and the clinical complications known.

    One review and seven case reports were identified. Eight case reports describe oleomas caused Khartoum State Ministry of Health, P. Box Khartoum, Sudan Um -Jingir is a fermented indigenous Sudanese food product made mainly from Full Text Available Antecedentes y Objetivos. Se presenta como una zona limpia, de aproximadamente 10 cm. In vitro simulation of distribution processes following intramuscular injection. Full Text Available There is an urgent need for in vitro dissolution test setups for intramuscularly applied dosage forms.

    Especially biorelevant methods are needed to predict the in vivo behavior of newly developed dosage forms in a realistic way. There is a lack of knowledge regarding critical in vivo parameters influencing the release and absorption behavior of an intramuscularly applied drug. In the presented work the focus was set on the simulation of blood perfusion and muscle tissue. A solid agarose gel, being incorporated in an open-pored foam, was used to mimic the gel phase of muscle tissue and implemented in a flow through cell. An aqueous solution of fluorescein sodium was injected. Compared to recently obtained in vivo results the distribution of the model substance was very slow.

    Furthermore an agarose gel of lower viscosity an open-pored foam and phosphate buffer saline pH 7. Blood simulating release medium was perfused through the ceramic membrane including filling materials. Transport of the dissolved fluorescein sodium was, in case of the gel, not only determined by diffusion but also by convective transport processes.

    The more realistic the muscle simulating materials were constituted the less reproducible results were obtained with the designed test setups. As amostras foram coletadas em uma rede de hipermercados. O maior percentual de C Lealdade a um acordo estabelecido entre os escolares. Full Text Available Resumo Com o presente estudo objetivamos saber se os alunos consideravam a lealdade um valor mais importante do que a honestidade e a veracidade. O universo pesquisado foi composto de 40 estudantes matriculados no Ensino Fundamental II de uma cidade do interior paulista.

    Os resultados apontaram os seguintes aspectos: Intramuscular vascular malformations of an extremity: To analyze the findings of intramuscular vascular malformations of an extremity on MR imaging and to correlate these findings with histopathologic examination. The findings on MR imaging and the medical records of 14 patients with an intramuscular vascular malformation of the extremity were retrospectively studied. All patients underwent surgical excision. Diagnoses were based on the results of pathologic examination.

    Findings on MR imaging were noted and correlated with the histopathologic findings. Intramuscular vascular malformations of an extremity showed multi-septate, honeycomb, or mixed appearance on MR imaging. Multi-septate areas correlated with dilated and communicating vascular spaces with flattened endothelium.

    Honeycomb areas corresponded to vascular spaces with inconspicuous small lumina and thickened vascular walls. Areas of increased signal intensity on T2-weighted images were found in all intramuscular vascular malformations. Infiltrative margins were more commonly seen in intramuscular lymphaticovenous malformations. Adherence to neurovascular structures and orientation of the lesion along the long axis of the affected muscle were more commonly seen in intramuscular venous malformations.

    Intramuscular vascular malformations showed either a multi-septate, honeycomb, or mixed appearance, reflecting the size of the vascular spaces and the thickness of the smooth muscles of the vessel walls. Prediction of the subtype of an intramuscular vascular malformation of an extremity on MR imaging seems to be difficult, although there are associated findings that may be helpful in the differential diagnosis of each subtype.

    This study examined the impact of eliminating intramuscular PRN medication for agitation on patient and staff safety in an acute psychiatric inpatient setting. The current retrospective chart review investigated the use of PRN medications oral and intramuscular to treat acute agitation, including aggression, and related outcomes before and after a mandated change in PRN practice that required real time physician input before administration of intramuscular medications.

    The use of both oral and intramuscular PRN medications dramatically decreased following implementation of the mandated change in practice. In particular, the use of intramuscular PRNs for agitation decreased by about half. Despite this decrease, the assault rate in the hospital was unchanged, and the utilization of restraint and seclusion continued to decrease.

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