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Yet each day we need to clothe ourselves in His character. We do this by striving to live for and to be more like Jesus, growing in godliness, love, and obedience and turning our back on the sins that once enslaved us. Dear Lord, grow us in godliness, love, joy, and patience. This growth in Christ is a result of the Holy Spirit working in us and our desire to be closer to Him through study of the Word, prayer, and time spent in fellowship with other Christians John When others look at our words and attitudes, what statement are we making about Christ?

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Dear Lord, we want to be a reflection of You. Help us to look more like You each day. Grow us in godliness, love, joy, and patience. What does a well-dressed follower of Christ look like?

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Starting with verse 11 of Romans 13, Paul builds his case. Do you really want to be seen as a follower of Jesus dressed like that?

How to Get Dressed in the Morning

Every Christian lives in a "window" before the world and is responsible to properly represent the principles set forth in the Scriptures. This is true for all men and women regardless of their age. Girls who want to reflect the Christian value of modesty should be aware of their bodies and how they project themselves to others. As 1 Peter 3: Godly women should be modest in their dress.

The word modest means "having a sense of shame or reverence" and indicates soberness and soundness of mind - that of down-to-earth, sensible, considerate people. Modesty refers primarily to a genuine personal concern about the response your dress and behavior produce in the heart and mind of another person.

A godly woman's clothing should properly cover her body Genesis 3: Tight-fitting, revealing or suggestive clothing on a woman can advertise loose morals, poor taste or immaturity and send the wrong message to the opposite sex.

Becoming Jeffree Star for a Day

Young men should also be modest. Their bodies ought to be properly covered in the presence of others. Clothing should not suggest immoral behavior via pictures, slogans, or tight fit. In the prevailing moral climate of our day, we must be aware that the homosexual world thrives on tight-fitting, suggestive men's clothing.

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  4. Although styles come and go, in general, men usually have shorter hair than women and women usually have longer hair than men. In the United States in the s many young men began wearing their hair long as a symbol of their rebellion against authority something God hates, see 1 Samuel Later, the unisex look same hair styles and length became popular.

    Colossians - MSG - Now you're dressed in a new wardrobe. Every ite

    This effort attempted to blur the differences God created in the human race in making us male and female Genesis 1: How sad that so many people today seem more interested in self-expression via their clothes and their hair lengths than they are in God's perspective. But if a woman have long hair, it is a glory to her: But if any man seem to be contentious, we have no such custom, neither the churches of God. If we are going to be godly men and women, we need to be mindful of God's outlook on our appearance.

    We should be more interested in His perspective than having what is popular - especially if the current style is disrespectful to God. While deciding what is appropriate in dress and hair length can sometimes be difficult, consider asking yourself the following questions to help decide what to do:.

    Colossians 3:10-20

    How we dress affects every aspect of our lives, including our friends, our family, our career, our success in life and most of all our relationship with God. Some may want to know if I understand what it is like to be a teen and have conflicts with adults on how to dress? When I was a teen, mini skirts were in style. That was the only length that the girls wore. But the rule for me was two inches below the knee. I stuck out like a sore thumb.

    Top 7 Bible Verses About The Way We Dress

    Fortunately, things are different today. I am glad you asked!!

    We are talking about Holy things or virtues. Please stand and turn with me to the book of Colossians in the New testament to chapter 3: We are talking virtues — Holy things. Because we have become a believer, risen with Christ, we put off the old man! We stripped naked of the past sins, removed the shackles of the evil one, peeled off the ways of the world, slipped out of the spiritual death, putting off ALL of that BAD coverings and PUT ON a renewed man.

    When you put on that new man in Christ, you have no worldly distinction — you just do not fit that world model! You are a child of the Most High God! Now that we have put on the new man, which once put on has no world distinction as we saw in verse 11, the next six Holy things or virtues to put on are shown in the verses 12 and In verse 12, we get some more new stuff! As God's chosen people, holy and dearly loved by God, we get to dress up with 2 bowels of mercies or other words, compassion, with 3 kindness, with 4 humility, with 5 meekness gentleness and with 6 longsuffering or patience.

    Dressed Up

    All of you can get it and look and feel fabulous! You have to take care with your new Holy things and take responsibility for how you present yourself. The way we make that happen is to be SO FULL of these inner qualities — these Holy things, that they can be seen on the outside, like well-fitting and attractive clothing. The 8th item for the outfit is forgiveness or forgiving one another.