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His reign witnessed the decline of royal power and the rise of baronial opposition. He acted as regent during his father's absence in Flanders in , signing the Confirmatio Cartarum. He was created Prince of Wales and Earl of Chester in One of his first acts upon succeeding to the crown on July 8, , was to recall his favorite, Piers Gaveston, who had been banished by Edward I, and to make him Earl of Cornwall on August 6. He also appointed Gaveston regent of Ireland and custos of the realm.

Edward II of England

These two acts aroused such baronial opposition that 21 "lords ordainers" were appointed to administer the country. Under the pretense of attacking the Scottish rebels, Edward marched north in His real aim, however, was to avoid the ordainers and Thomas of Lancaster, the leader of the barons. Civil war broke out. The strife ended with the murder of Gaveston by the Earl of Warwick on June 19, The following year an amnesty was granted. Parliament was scheduled to meet but a great number of nobles stayed away as a protest against the power given to Gaveston.

Parliament met and Edward wanted to discuss funding for war with Scotland, however, the barons wanted to discuss Gaveston. Under immense pressure Edward was forced to accept the Ordinances — a list of terms that limited the power of the monarch and ordered that Gaveston be exiled. By the end of Edward was facing opposition from many of the English barons.

The barons met secretly in London and drew up a plan to capture both Edward, Isabella and Gaveston. In an attempt to outwit their pursuers Edward and Isabella went to York leaving Gaveston at Scarborough.

Gaveston surrendered to the Earl of Pembroke who took him south. The Earl of Warwick conducted a show trial which found Gaveston guilty of treason.

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However, civil war was averted when the Earls of Pembroke and Surrey pledged their support to Edward. With most of the nobles back on side, Edward was able to secure a grant of money from Parliament to reclaim land in Scotland taken by Robert Bruce.

Early Life

The harvest was very poor in this year leading to a rise in food prices. The Earls of Lancaster and Warwick had become increasingly powerful over the past year. Edward had two new favourites, Hugh Despensor and his son also named Hugh. Edward gave lavish gifts and money to both men. The barons once again turned against Edward due to the favouritism shown to the Despensors and called for the Ordinances to be re-introduced and the Despensors exiled.

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She was known as Joan of the Tower because she was born in the Tower of London. Charles IV invaded Gascony. Edward had around 4, soldiers stationed there but knew that this would not be enough to fight Charles IV. The two shared a close relationship. In , Prince Edward was knighted by the King. In , Gaveston was exiled to Gascony. King Edward mobilized a fresh army in for the Scottish campaign.

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Just when Prince Edward was to join the military forces, the king fell terminally ill which finally led to his death. As the King of England, Edward II first recalled Piers Gaveston from exile and appointed the latter as the Earl of Cornwall, a title until then limited to the members of the royalty only. The appointment caused a fury amongst the powerful barons and earned him the wrath of the nobles and magnates.

This appointment was loathed by barons as it gave Gaveston unprecedented powers. In , Edward II married Isabella of France with the hope that the union would strengthen his position in Gascony and bring him much needed funds. However, the negotiations proved to be tough. His precedence at the ceremonial celebrations provoked much fury amongst the English and French contingents.

Originally intended to go to Aquitaine, Gaveston was instead sent to Dublin, where he was appointed as the Lieutenant of Ireland.

King Edward II of England: Reign & Timeline

It also exiled Gaveston whose return in led to his capture and execution. However, he was defeated resoundingly at the Battle of Bannockburn.

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His defeat in the battle led the barons to take control over the administration. By , his cousin Thomas, Earl of Lancaster became the real master of England. The period between and was largely dominated by the Great Famine which ruefully engulfed the whole of England. Adding to the woes was the ascending power of the Scottish regime led by Robert the Bruce. The association with the Dispenser was yet again loathed by the barons.