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Please listen carefully as I explain. I like to listen to music.

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He read the letter aloud. Sophia listened with the studied air of one for whom, even in these days, a title possessed some surreptitious allurement. You should listen for the starting gun. Listen , the only reason I yelled at you was because I was upset, OK?

Good children listen to their parents. A Fairy Story , London: Terms derived from listen. Terms etymologically related to listen.

What is Listen for Good?

L4G can support survey-taking in multiple languages. A new paper offers a consistent and practical definition Download paper. What is Listen for Good? What is the purpose of Listen for Good?

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Accelerate the building of infrastructure needed for strong beneficiary feedback loops in the social sector, including technology, codified best practices, and access to tools and benchmarks. Adapt the Net Promoter System to the beneficiary feedback context, including by experimenting with the survey and its framework and building benchmarks in key issue areas. Engage more funders in supporting, using, and valuing beneficiary feedback.

Capture and share lessons learned with grantees, co-funders, and the field to positively catalyze the feedback movement and inform the work going forward. What does a high-quality feedback loop look like? We believe that for feedback systems to thrive, they need to: Be simple yet flexible Support repeated data collection Provide actionable insights that inform decision making Leverage benchmarks so that feedback can be put into context Include a closing-the-loop process where feedback is shared back with constituents.

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What do nonprofits do as part of Listen for Good? L4G nonprofits implement a semi-standard survey instrument that includes five core questions: How likely is it that you would recommend […] to a friend or family member? What is […] good at?

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What could […] do better? Overall, how well has […] met your needs?

How often do staff at […] treat you with respect? How are we doing? We have increased the capacity of more than nonprofits to systematically collect and act on feedback from the people they seek to help.

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Evaluations show that participation in L4G is helping nonprofits gain new insights, make changes to programs and operations, build capacity for implementing feedback practices, and foster cultures of responsiveness and attentiveness to constituent needs.