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  • fortgesponnen hintergrimmsch (German Edition).
  • Coriant appoints Shaygan Kheradpir as new CEO.
  • CEO and Chairman of the Board of Coriant.
  • Kheradpir's Coriant Comeback.

He next joined Barclays as chief operations and technology officer and also served as a member of the bank's executive committee, the first time an executive responsible for technology had sat on the committee, according to reports. During that period, he developed an integrated operating plan for the company designed to appease activist investors by cutting costs and return capital to shareholders.

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His strategic insight and guidance on focused operational execution have been invaluable since we began working together earlier this year, and we are confident in his ability to drive Coriant to the next level of growth. Robin Mersh takes a look at how the industry is creating next-generation optical access fit for 5G. Related News Ofcom outlines views to define and regulate UK fibre markets. Fibre Systems Autumn Crunching the G serial numbers.

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  • Nocturnal Emissions.
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Shaygan is a reviewer of high ranking journals, and she is a member of Soil Science Australia. Shaygan's research focuses on rehabilitation of degraded landscapes and mine sites, quantification and modelling of water flow and solute and nutrient transport in porous media, characterization of soil hydrological and mechanical properties and soil salinity management. Since the completion of her PhD, Dr. Shaygan has been involved in various research projects on soil, mine wastes, waste rocks and mine waste cover design.

The effect of soil physical amendments on reclamation of a saline-sodic soil: Modeling the effect of soil physical amendments on reclamation and revegetation success of a saline-sodic soil in a semi-arid environment.

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Shaygan, Mandana , Reading, Lucy Pamela , Arnold, Sven and Baumgartl, Thomas Modeling the effect of soil physical amendments on reclamation and revegetation success of a saline-sodic soil in a semi-arid environment. Arid Land Research and Management , Land Degradation and Development , 29 6: Improving the timing of deposition for red mud in waste disposal sites. Germination of Atriplex halimus seeds under salinity and water stress. Partner Perspectives - content from our sponsors.

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Some questions are easy to ask, but hard if not impossible to get answered. I think the larger question is: Each of these companies, made a long string of decisions that led them to be the also-rans in the industry.

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One has to assume that the new owners believe they can bring some fresh management and efficiencies to the new combination to make things profitable. Later doing an IPO or liquidation to earn a return on investment. Each of the companies in the new entity, for whatever the reasons are, failed to demonstrate viability as stand alone entities in their business sector, which begs the question In the case of Tellabs, the company made a decision to narrow their product lines and business model from addressing the needs of a broad swath of Telecom and DataCom customers, public, private and government , by offering hundreds of different products and competing in many product categories, and many channels of distribution to focusing exclusively on offering Synchronous Optical Network SONET products to the Bell Operating Companies the big 5 or 6 and the long haul carriers who had already begun the move to DWDM.