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When Dire Straits finished touring in John became heavily involved in the art world. He is currently working on a new solo album which will be released next year, entitled Coming Up for Air. No audience, no one to listen to or play along with; just you and the paint, the medium… and most importantly the idea. What is your favourite medium of expression? I like to think of myself as an abstract expressionist. How does this form of the arts differ from musical composition, if it all? They are incredibly similar in as much as the artist tries to express himself to the viewer or listener.

The abstract exists purely to provoke thought. Pierre Bonnard and Chuck Berry. At 11 years old I attended the Moseley Road school of Art in Birmingham until I was 16, then girls, music and exploring life took over! But I never stopped painting. My classmates from art school and I started a little band. Now I get the time - usually when everyone else is asleep between 3am to sunrise - to paint. In solitude lies solemnity. Repeating oneself can trap your art in a cul de sac of no return. As luck would have it, our first record Food For Thought was a worldwide hit. The record business has changed dramatically but I still live and feel privileged to be a musi-.

Music had been important to me since I was 14 years old, but despite being in many bands off and on for 10 years it was meeting Mark that made it make sense and led us to create Dire Straits. Every show I paint I attempt to move degrees away from the last show in style. I keep innovating and changing to keep myself interested and keep learning. So if I paint an abstract show of 3 metre wide pictures in technicolour, it will inevitably be followed by a series of smaller black and white figurative studies.

I never went to art school, but I had a wonderfully inspiring teacher who opened my eyes to looking at the world in a unique way. Dire Straits stopping performing in drove me back to painting. What sort of works have you been exhibiting around the world? Does music influence your artwork?

In a million ways, but the same 12 notes are used by Beethoven, Paco de Lucia, Segovia, Elvis Zoreskey, Pablo Cassals, Mozart, Justin Beiber, and The Beatles, which goes to show how very abstract music as a form of artistic expression is, and it should always change. Our job as musicians is to always discover new ways of playing the notes; those precious gems that wait patiently for us musicians to discover them.

Music never hurts anyone, even when it makes us cry. How do you decide on the artwork for the covers for your albums? For many years I have purchased complete shows by an artist and used them for the whole campaign around selling a record. I was asked by my bandmates to paint our latest album to be released on February 8th I painted a skyline to remember the victims of the Grenfell Tower block inferno in London that killed all the residents due to government neglect of the less privileged. I painted it with an abstract explosion of bravery, tenacity, love, pain, fear, resignation spilling over the city.

In answer to your question, I look for inspired art images to wrap our art in. Interesting question… Maybe black and white, in a smoky atmosphere. If you were to compose a song about Gibraltar, what genre and tempo would you choose? What sort of words might form the lyrics? Pretty laid back, and celebrating culture and history. Free guided tours of the exhibition can also be arranged.

The Kempinski Hotel Bahia in Estepona celebrates its 20th anniversary next year. The luxury frontline beach resort has rooms including 17 suites overlooking the Mediterranean Sea and features subtropical gardens and pools, as well as trendy culinary concepts and an exclusive Kempinski Spa. For more information, visit kempinski. Christmas and New Year are the main events of the month to brighten things up a bit, so here are five destinations to take the festivities to the next level. The buildings are even taller than you imagined, the winter is colder than you might expect, and the Christmas lights are as beautifully elaborate as they are sickeningly blinding.

Why not partake in a little bit of ice skating while you take in the backdrop? The decorations are still up in Times Square and the streets are rammed with people eagerly awaiting the dropping of the ball. Make sure your bladder is empty before venturing out onto the streets, as a toilet break will find you at the back of the line when the time to recite Robbie Burns finally arrives.

Sydney Sydney is a well-established. With that in mind, spend the run up to the big day lazing on the beach, sparing few thoughts for your friends at home in their coats and scarfs as they lament their decision not to follow you to the Southern Hemisphere. Get an early night on the 22nd: Get in amongst the other 1. The fireworks are synchronised to music as they explode off the harbour bridge and surrounding areas, including the Opera House. The lights soar into the sky and cascade from the bridge into the water for twelve full minutes to signify the twelve months of the year.

The lights soar into the sky and cascade into the water for twelve full minutes to signify the twelve months of the year. This means heading to the beach in the summer, and finding somewhere cold and preferably with snow in the winter. Other novelty methods of transport are available in this part of the world. Renting a snowmobile or taking a ride in an off road buggy will get your heart rate up a bit in an attempt to keep you warm, or opt for a more Who needs the sun? Fireworks not your thing? Nip on a bus or drive out of the city into the countryside in an attempt to catch the famed northern lights for a natural New Year light show.

The locals stock up with an exuberant supply of gunpowder filled rockets and attempt light up the night sky. The best part of the New Year celebrations in Reykjavik is the firework display. This might seem like a wildcard, but stay with me. It seems like the people of Hong Kong also have their own Christmas characters, although Santa is big here too, as they seem to opt for just dressing up a bit funny with a red jacket.

Maybe like a Christmas duck or chicken. Aside from the visual aspect. You could even pop into the Winner Building and try your hand at crafting your own wreath and other seasonal arrangements. Disneyland achieves an impressive feat of making your visit to the park even more cheerful than usual. With all these activities, many people choose to partake in what Hong Kong is famous for, shopping. You can get lost for days and weeks on end with the plethora of sprawl-. A big part of Christmas over here, like anywhere, is the food. Oh the Christmas markets. Of course you can find the tradition German market here, but you can also find markets from other nationalities such as Italy or Finland.

Although Chinese New Year is the bigger event in this part of the world, the display on December 31st is nothing to turn your nose up at. Even some of the boats in the harbour are equipped with fireworks to add to the depth of the display. Tokyo Sticking around Asia, another wildcard surfaces. Celebrating Christmas in a country where Christianity never really took off might not seem like the foundations of a great celebration.

The overwhelming feeling over this period in Tokyo, aside from a meal based on an original Kentucky recipe, is one of romance. Each district has its own elaborate light decorations adorning the buildings, walls, floor, sky… everything. Notable sights are the wide boulevard of Takeshita Street in Harajuku and the Skytree in.

Most temples will let everyone have a go on the bell though. No prizes for guessing what that is lit up to resemble. Of course, similar to Hong Kong, you could always visit Tokyo Disneyland, transformed to fit the occasion, if you can handle that much happiness. New Year is one of the most important times of the year for the Japanese. The number one thing on their to do list is to get together on the 31st of December For this reason, either search out long lost friends who may be living there, or arrive a couple of weeks early and make some fast friends so you can get in on the action.

After the food, follow the locals to a nearby temple to ring a big bell in order. There is one thing to take away from this whether you are religious or not. We should try to remember to spend the holiday period with the ones we love, be it friends or family, instead of succumbing to making the holiday about feeding the insatiable spectre of consumerism that lies ever present in us all. Need to get to Malaga Airport? If you can hear the cha-ching of the cash registers down Main Street and Christmas music jingles already, you know what that means — spending season is upon us.

The joyous holiday is here, filling us with a generous nature of buying presents we know will make those around us beam with happiness. It is always fun to hunt for popular gifts.

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But there comes the eternal conundrum that accompanies this time of year: For starters, a barrage of advertisements sometimes entices you to spend more than you want. The value of online shopping has nearly doubled in just the past three years. And new events How much should realistically leave your pocket for the family, friends and coworkers in your life?

Last year a survey was done on how much we shell out in Europe as the year ends. The results done by statista. You may also fall into the trap of comparing how much you spend to others in your inner and outer circles. But then the big question is, how much should realistically leave your pocket for the family, friends and coworkers in your life? Gibraltar is known for its generous nature, but dealing with debt in the bleak months of January can turn the kindest soul into a bundle of nerves.

Just remember, presents do not need to be expensive. Kelly Whalen, author of money-saving blog The Centsible Life, advises to sign up to an online tracking service such as Mint - a holiday-budget calculator. Depending on your gross annual income, the service will help you allocate your money. Gift giving is, and always will be, subjective.

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Items come and go, but experiences create emotional connections that stay with us for a lifetime. In the end not only will you be giving better gifts, but you might save some money in the long run. Below are 16 thrifty pocket-friendly gift ideas:. But what is this product? And could it help you? Cannabidiol CBD is a cannabinoid found in hemp and cannabis that has been shown to be particularly beneficial when dealing with pain, inflammation and other illnesses.

Industrial hemp strains used by all reputable EU companies contain a THC content that is so low under 0. THC is the sole psychoactive cannabinoid. CBD has no psychoactive effects whatsoever. As a pharmacist I have been recommending CBD oil in low dos-. At higher dosages I have found that patients have had great relief from the conditions fibromyalgia, autism, and epilepsy. I have also found that patients with arthritis, psoriasis, or eczema have benefitted from applying the topical skin balm.

To date, there have been no known side effects, which means it is great for me to recommend to people for a variety of conditions as there are also no toxicity issues. However, due to its cardiovascular benefits I advise that people taking blood thinning medication such as Warfarin or Eliquis for example, not take it without consulting with their doctor first as a precautionary measure.

You can take CBD oil via oral ingestion, sublingual under the tongue absorption, inhalation, topical absorption cream , or as a suppository. The most commonly found preparation is CBD oil which is placed under the tongue and left there for seconds to be absorbed sublingually. Hemp extract will contain CBD, but my concern with this is that you do not know exactly how much CBD it does contain, and therefore I cannot recommend different strengths for different conditions as I would be doing so blindly.

It feels like only yesterday that we were signing off yet another year, but the countdown to is officially on. Time to raid the wardrobe for your best glitzy garb…. Several family soirees, a carol concert, the annual boozy lunches with friends, and a couple of work parties all pencilled in, and before you know it, not only are you fully-booked, but also in desperate need for some brand new festive outfits. But from snake and zebra to faux-croc and cheetah, there are a plethora of prints to choose from in absolutely all tones and styles. In a similar vein, transitioning from casual to formal, or desk to drinks, can be fairly simple.

Regardless of what I choose to wear, no matter how glam or understated, the. Maxi dresses are continually made to feel like the only safe option, and it can often be easy to feel the pressure to adhere to the expectations that come with festive fashion. While I absolutely love a good old maxi, there are so many other awesome head-turning styles out there up for grabs. Mini dresses are set to be a hot ticket this year, from satin and velvet to sequins and embellishments, worn with elaborate jewellery and shoes, nothing is off limits in the mini dress department.

Red is one of the few colours that apparently suits absolutely all skin tones, scientifically speaking. You may be the type of girl who confidently wears red all year round, but it must be said that forthcoming festive functions invite for such a bold and powerful, but also fun, colour. Also, a side note; red is one of the few colours that apparently suits absolutely all skin tones, scientifically speaking.

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Shoes, as much as I love them, are something I always leave to the last minute without fail. The high-street is absolutely smashing it on the shoe front right now; offering everything from 90s-inspired chunkies, to elegant pointed-toes, and funky embellished disco styles. December is one of those few months that are absolutely jampacked with all sorts of events that require different styles and levels of formality.

Sparkly chandelier earrings and platform heels? Metallic gold mini dress for lunch? There are no rules. As the festive season is now upon us, for those of us who are accustomed to looking good throughout the year, when it comes to making an extra special effort for the work Christmas parties and New Year celebrations choosing that special look can sometimes leave us in a quandary. If you are planning your special occasion hair then here are a few tips to help you decide. The outfit, especially the neckline and back can play a big part in your final decision, as often a low back or off the shoulder straps usually favors a Hair Up-Do.

In this situation it is imperative to book a consultation with your stylist ahead of your appointment to discuss your options and necessary additions. For a more subtle look an addition of some glitzy or long drop earrings can add that final touch. For those of us with longer hair who prefer to have your luscious locks in full glory perhaps a half-up-do or side or partial braid style may be more suitable, again with some added glitz.

It is always advisable especially if you are unsure on style to take along a few pictures to give some guidance your stylist. Some stylists prefer to wash hair and style on the day, others prefer the hair to be washed prior to the salon visit whilst there are some stylists who prefer to work on unwashed hair so it is always advisable to ask ahead of your visit to avoid extra time and costs. To avoid disappointment call Mayfair On Main on to book your Special Occasion hair consultation and appointment.

The team at MoM hope you enjoy the festive season! DHL Express is the global market leader in the international express business, so you probably already know that we can deliver your documents and parcels from Gibraltar to virtually every country in the world. What you might not know is that we can also take care of all your importing requirements. For further information please contact: We are surrounded by ancient trees. Massive trunks covered in lichen and moss. Its chilly and fallen leaves rustle underfoot as the procession moves deeper into the forest.

Next we are heading down a slope — in front of us, a perfectly constructed circle of twisted, knarled branches. Leading the procession is a young man and woman. He is slim with shoulder-length hair wearing no clothes except for flimsy trousers tied at the waist. His ribs clearly visible above a flat stomach which shows no signs of the ravages time will bring. The woman is tall and elegant and wears a beautiful, tightly-fitting, full length, strappy dress of silvery material with patches of wispy gauze here and there.

As she moves forward the pieces of ghostly mesh flutter, shimmering like fishy scales of silvery brightness. On her head is a garland of forest foliage dotted with orange and white berries interspersed with dark green, waxy leaves. The air is heavy; the only sound that of distant crows announcing they are leaving the forest to roost as night-time approaches. The young couple walk into the centre of the circle where a middle-aged woman, wearing an Aztec hat, waits for them.

Her dress of silky purple material, layered hither and thither, make her look like a forest blue-bell though her legs end with sturdy boots. Soon she is calling on the spirits of the east and the west and that of the south and the north. Like marriages, one is never sure how wine from Pinot Noir is going to turn out.

In this case the Domaine de Valmoissine by Louis Latour proved an excellent accompaniment to the venison stew. The wine comes from the Vars region in France. Who would have thought that refined Pinot could be made so near the Mediterranean? This is what is known by enthusiasts as a Grower Champagne.

In recent years many smaller growers, who use to sell their grapes to the Grande Marques, now make their own wines. Soon the vows are read and the couple are man and wife and we clap joyfully and we head back out of the forest to a tent of circus-proportions where an enormous stew of wild venison, lashings of mash and black kale and as much wine as we could wish for wait for us. These wines considered artisanal, made in small quantities, can offer outstanding value for money.

Anglos have their Les Empreintes Ironically the Laherte wines are displayed next to Mumm Champagne the largest producer in the world. It is reckoned that 1 in 10 bottles of Champagne consumed worldwide is Mumm. Anglos also have a good selection of French wines including some expensive, top notch, clarets.

I agree wholeheartedly with his sentiments and I will be writing about this next month. Marks and Spencer rarely disappoint. Whether you buy socks or wines you are likely to get excellent value for money. Their wine selection is small but many regions are represented and its clear their wines have been hand-picked by very knowledgeable tasters. Their staff are very helpful but their range is so varied you may want to check out some of the wines out yourself before you buy.

The last time I asked, the Cellar did not provide a wine list which would have made choosing wines from your armchair simple. Perhaps they do now. The other Main Street stalwart, Lewis Stagnetto, have a good selection of wines. Actually, I should sound more enthusiastic about this family-run business as they have wines affording serious value for money. I recently tasted several Imperials from the s and Monte Real from the 50s showing how long-lived these wines can be. If you prefer modern- styled wines their Roda range can provide mouth-filling voluptuousness with their fruit-driven qualities.

Expect to pay north of fifty or sixty pounds for Vintage Port. See November Gib Magazine - available online. Look out for their Barbadillo range of sherries. Every visit to My Wines has been a positive experience. I do like to browse wine lists before I go to restaurants unfortunately My Wines give no indication on line of the wines they stock.

Nevertheless, their range of wines is good and they are happy to guide your choices dependant on what you like. Their tapas are excellent. Crusted Ports are blends from several vintages and will not designate a year on the label though there may be an indication when it was bottled. They would have been bottled unfiltered, which like Vintage Port, will require decanting. Like Vintage Port it has the potential to mature and improve in bottle for decades. All the top producers now make Crusted Ports. I always feel Christmas is a justifiable excuse to open a bottle of Port. We have a good selection of port in Gibraltar including top-ofthe-range Vintage Ports.

If I have sparked an interest in wine in just one person, I consider my job done. Treat yourself to a quintessential experience. Bake our vegan Christmas wreath with spinach, pine nuts, and tofu as a centrepiece for Christmas Day. Adorn with festive cranberries and dill. Put spinach in a colander; pour over boiling water and leave to wilt. Once cool, wring out the excess moisture using a clean tea towel, then chop and put in a large bowl.

Stir in the tofu, oil, pine nuts, nutmeg, garlic, lemon zest, chopped dill and fruit. Season generously and set aside. Leaving a 1cm border, spoon the spinach mixture along the length of the pastry, leaving a 2cm gap at both short ends. Fold in the two short ends to stop filling escaping and roll the pastry to enclose the filling and create a long sausage shape.

Join the two ends together to create a wreath and stick together with a little almond milk. Transfer wreath to a tray lined with baking parchment and chill for 20 min. Using a sharp knife, slash top of wreath. Mix a little almond milk with some olive oil and brush all over the wreath. Bake for min until golden-brown. Once cooled, decorate with the reserved dill fronds and some dried cranberries. A firm favourite at Christmas time, sweet cranberries combined with a cheesy taste is always a winner.

However, if cranberries are not your thing then you can use dried apricot, dried pineapple, in fact whatever dried fruit you like. This cheese can keep for three days if refrigerated. Apart from the cranberries, add all the ingredients into a blender. If you use cashew nut pieces and have a high powered blender there is no need to soak the cashew nuts beforehand. However, if you If you are stuck for time or forgot to soak them, then boil the cashew nuts for 15 minutes and leave to cool down. Blend until you have a very smooth mixture. Do not use whole cranberries, either half or quarter them, whichever you prefer.

Pour the mixture cheese into a saucepan and heat it at a medium-high heat. This will activate the agar. Stir continuously to ensure it does not burn. Once the cheese is sticking together and forming a paste, add the cranberries. Mix the cheese well. Remove from the heat and place it either directly into a dish that you will serve the cheese from or into a dish that is lined with grease proof paper if you are going to serve the cheese as you would on a cheese board.

Let it cool down before popping it in the fridge. It is ready to eat within two hours, but I found it tasted best if chilled overnight. Serve with crackers or fresh bread. The perfect pies for a Christmas party, with a cherry and hazelnut filling that everyone will love! Mix Cover with a lid or foil and bake for mins until all the sugar has melted, the mixture is bubbling slightly at the edges and the liquid has reduced the mixture firms a bit as it cools, so be careful not to over-reduce. Set aside to cool completely. Tip the flour and coconut oil into a food processor and pulse until the mixture resembles breadcrumbs.

Add the sugar, then pour in the vodka and 2 tbsp ice-cold water and pulse until the pastry is just coming together. Add another 2 tbsp water if a little dry, then tip the dough onto a clean surface and pat into a disc with your hands.

journees scientifiques marcoule: Topics by ogozoqosolym.tk

Wrap in cling film and chill in the fridge for at least 30 mins. Cut off one-third of the pastry and keep covered under a tea towel. Cut the rest into five chunks then roll out on a wellfloured surface to a thickness. Cut out circles using a 9cm cookie cutter and line 18 holes of two hole cupcake tins. Repeat with the rest. Put a heaped spoonful of mincemeat in the middle of each circle, then put the pies in the fridge. Take the remaining pastry from under the tea towel and roll out to 0. Transfer to a baking sheet lined with baking parchment. Chill for 15 mins to firm up. Remove the pastry sheet from the fridge and use an 8cm cookie cutter to cut out nine circles, then use a star cutter to cut out the middles.

Bring the mince pies out of the fridge and top half of them with the stars and the other half with the stamped-out circles.

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Use your fingers to seal the tops and bases, then brush the tops with milk. Bake for 30 mins until the pastry is crisp and the tops are golden. Cool a little, then dust with icing sugar. A delightful terrace, bar, restaurant on the prestigious Queensway Quay Marina.

Path of Exile : Betrayal, la 3.5 est annoncée !

Wonderful location for business meetings, weddings, anniversaries and other special occasions. Specialising in fresh fish caught locally with daily specials including seabass, dorada, sole, and bream, plus a very comprehensive a la carte menu. Also available are tapas and raciones double size tapas to share or not! Mixed paellas also available, as well as fish cooked in rock salt, whole suckling pig and baby lamb to order. Nunos Italian Restaurant, overlooking the Mediterranean, is popular with hotel guests, tourists and local residents.

This 2 rosette rated, AA restaurant is renowned for its eclectic interior, intimate atmosphere and fine cuisine. Savour a wide selection of freshly prepared Italian delicacies, including bread, pasta, meat and fish, followed by delicious desserts. In the summer months, the hotel offers alfresco dining for private parties in the Garden Grill. Sitting nestled in the colonial garden you can enjoy a mouth-watering menu of charcoal-grilled meats and freshly prepared salads in candlelit surroundings.

Modern Italian eatery set in lively Casemates square. Everything from chicory and crispy pancetta salad with walnuts, pears and blue cheese dressing, or king prawn, mozzarella and mango salad to pastas eg: Vesuvio spicy beef, cherry tomatoes, roasted peppers and red onions; and Romana chorizo, black pudding, egg and pancetta and pizzas eg: Quatto Stagioni topped with mozzarella, ham, chicken, pepperoni and mushroom and specialities such as salmon fishcakes, beef medallions and duck.

Daily specials on blackboard. Popular quiz on Sundays from 7pm and a relaxed friendly atmosphere. Solo Bar and Grill is a stylish and modern eatery — perfect for business functions or lunches — and part of the popular Cafe Solo stable. This is a delightful venue in Europort with a cosy mezzanine level and terrace seating. Well worth a visit, or two! Available for private functions and corporate events — call to book your function or event.

Jacket potatoes, main courses, pasta and some innocent salads too. Open for breakfast from 9am serving healthy options, freshly squeezed orange juice and Italian Lavazza coffee. Try the spicy Caribbean rum ribs, southern fried chicken bucket, the popular Texas burger or a selection of tasty salads and homemade desser t s. Situated in the corner of Casemates Square, the bar is a celebration of the life of Lord Nelson.

Lord Nelson Bar Brasserie. Happy hour is daily from pm. Small cosy and famous for its full English breakfast from 8am 9am on Sunday. On Main Street opposite the cathedral, enjoy a meal, coffee or a cool beer on the terrace and watch the world go by! Bar decorated with rare military plaques from regiments and navy ships visiting Gibraltar. Full breakfast menu served from 7am, draught beers on tap include Old Speckled Hen bitter, Murphys Irish stout, Heineken lager and Strongbow cider. Business Information Financial Serv.

Exhibitions also at Casemates gallery. Gibraltar Garrison Library Tel: Free Library tour offered every Friday at 11am. Rock Tours by Taxi Tel: John Mackintosh Hall Tel: Dignity At Work Now Confidential support and advice for those who are being bullied at work. Partners and older children welcome. Enquiries and support Families Anonymous Support group for relatives and friends concerned about the use of drugs or related behavioural problems.

Childline Gibraltar confidential phone line for children in need. Gibraltar Society for the Visually Impaired Tel: Hope miscarriage support Tel: Meets every Thursday Meet Tuesdays at 7pm, Fridays 8pm. Women in Need Voluntary organisation for all victims of domestic violence. Email your high resolution photo to editor thegibraltarmagazine. A communal gasp was followed by a long stunned silence, broken only by a second thunder-clap and the rattle of winter rain against the glass of the penthouse patio. The Olympian family were accustomed to the sudden whims and fancies of the Father of the Gods.

But this was different. And if there was one overriding rule to which the gods had adhered since the days of Plato and Socrates, it was that politics was an area of human folly in which they never became involved. Through the millennia Zeus had mocked, belittled, and derided politicians of every persuasion, but never, NEVER had he considered joining their ranks.

But Zeus brushed aside the interruptions. That was too much for the Father of the Gods. He had taken a bus For the past week Zeus had grumbled about two encounters with the Gibraltar Health Authority, each time involving slightly more effort than his customary strolls from Marina Bay to Casemates to collect his favourite meal of newspaper-wrapped fish and chips, heavily laced with coarse Spanish vinegar.

A regular occurrence, according to several breathless elderly folk struggling up the unmoving steps with him. This had been irritation enough. Then, to cap it — the ultimate indignity. He seldom travelled by bus. Some deliberately rush through the water pushing out waves that soak any pedestrian within range. I was drenched by a Spanish sports-car yesterday. Not one of them offered. The thought that a careless motorist had soaked his clothes-conscious son had cheered him up, lightened his mood.

Would you like to meet other people with a Hearing Loss? The Hearing Loss Support Group includes people like you, who share information and friendly advice over coffee. Tues 11am-3pm, Thurs 5. Free to join and refreshments provided. For more info call Tel: The Fine Arts Association Gallery: Open 10am-2pm, pm Mon-Fri, Sat 11am-1pm. Chairman Claus Olesen claus. Meets on Tuesdays at 3pm. Vin or Roy Dance Adult Dance Classes: Wed evenings at Kings Bastion Leisure Centre from Contact Dilip on Art in Movement Centre: Performance and Film opportunities.

Art In Movement A. Training from 3 years to Adult Advanced. Sessions at Central Hall Fri 8. Mon at Catholic Community Centre 8pm. Yalta or Jolene Mike or info salsagibraltar. Jumpers Bastion, with certified instructor Tyron Walker. Main Guard, 13 John Mackintosh Sq. The Gibraltar Classic Vehicle Association: Main Street up to Casemates Square every Sat at 12 noon.

Rehearses at the Holy Trinity Cathedral. Exciting self-development programme for young people worldwide equipping them with life skills to make a difference to themselves, their communities and the world. For contact or info www. William Tilley , Thurs 8. Buena Vista , monthly, Social Lodge. Spring Flower Show, slide shows, flower arrangement demos, outings to garden centres, annual Alameda Gardens tour. Frequent lectures and seminars on a range of topics.

Meets on Mondays at 7: Induction courses, talks, discussions, competitions etc. For details contact the secretary on, leslinares gibtelecom. Meets 2nd and 4th Wed of the month at 50 Line Wall Road. Adult Volunteers Training Sessions from pm on Tues. UN Association of Gibraltar: PO Box , 22a Main Street. Meets at Star Bar, Parliament Lane, when Spurs games are televised - call prior to matches to check game is televised.

Great food for a lunch if KO is early or an early supper if the game is later. Gibraltar Arsenal Supporters Club: Gooners of all ages welcome. All league games are shown live.

All West Ham supporters and their families are welcome. For details visit www. Gibraltar Artistic Gymnastics Association. Angela or Sally Gibraltar Amateur Athletics Association holds competitions through year for juniors, adults and veterans. Two main clubs Calpeans , Lourdians training sessions at Victoria Stadium.

Recreational badminton weekdays at Victoria Stadium Tel: John , Randy Tuition with ex-pro boxer Ernest Victory. Gibraltar Cheerleading Association, girls and boys of all ages. Nigel or Arturo Gibraltar Cycling Association various cycling tours. Futsal in summer, Victoria Stadium.

Males any age welcome. Andalucia League with Seville and Marbella to play matches home and away monthly. Eric or Peter for info. Shotokan karate midday Mon beginners, other students 8. In town at temporary dojo or privately by arrangement. Contact Frankie or info fhmedia. Gibraltar Motorboat Racing Association Tel: Muay Thai and Muay Boran Club: John — FB: Gibraltar Muay Thai Netball: Member of the EBA home and away league played on Thurs throughout the season, various tournaments played on a yearly basis both nationally and internationally, Tel: Gibraltar Rhythmic Gymnastics Association runs sessions from 4 years of age, weekday evenings.

Royal Gibraltar Yacht Club at Adult and junior tournaments and coaching. Gibraltar Sub-Aqua Association taster dives for over 14s, tuition from local clubs. Commercial sports diving schools available. Time - Thursday Telephone, Jenssen Ellul - Swimming: Junior lessons, squad for committed swimmers, water polo.

Mon to Fri from pm groups training. Mon, Wed, Fri 7. Gibraltar Table Tennis Association training and playing sessions, Victoria Stadium, Tues pm and Thurs pm with coaching and league competition. Mari or www. Tai Chi for children and adults. Courses for adults, leagues and competitions. Hercules Triathlon Club organises swimming, running and cycling training sessions and competes regularly in Andalucia and Internationally. Gibraltar Volleyball Association training, indoor leagues, beach volleyball competition, 3 v 3 competition, juniors and seniors.

Meets 2nd Wed of month, Garrison Library 8pm. He has played too cautiously to claim an opening edge. Anand hopes to use e4 as an outpost for his knight but underestimates the cost of weakening his e3-square. His unpleasant but perhaps best option is to sit passively with 36 Re1 Ra4 37 Kf1. The critical line runs 11 Nxe5 Nd4! A pure strategist would be more tempted by the safer Correct is 25 Qxc7 Qd5 26 Nhf3 Na8! After the fall of both his g- and f-pawns, it becomes clear that White has no hope in the ending. This months high level game is a clash between two super grandmasters who have both participated in the Gibraltar Masters.

For further information please visit www. F Drizzled with truffle oil V. Obi Nwosu, CEO of CFE Ltd, thanked everyone involved in the process and commented the group is very proud to be the first exchange in Gibraltar to have received a full DLT license and is very optimistic for future ahead. Paul Nash had the longest drive and the best senior was Andrew Licudi with a score of 33 points.

Translated by Marie Wallin. The new database, which will feature multilingual titles and index terms French-German-English- and…. The aim of this work is to convert Pu IV nitrate in solution into an insoluble salt. Three methods have been studied: Le changement comme tradition dans la recherche et la formation a la recherche en biotechnologie et en peripherie Etude de cas en sciences de la sante, sciences naturelles et genie.

Le champ de la recherche scientifique et de la formation a la recherche est traverse depuis quelques dizaines d'annees par plusieurs courants et discours associes au changement, mais peu de travaux empiriques permettent de comprendre ce qui change concretement.

C'est la contribution originale de cette these au champ de l'education, plus specifiquement a l'etude sociologique de l'enseignement superieur ou sont concentrees les activites liees a la triade thematique du programme doctoral dans lequel elle a ete produite: L'enquete-terrain a ete realisee en et aupres de repondants affilies a 60 etablissements au Quebec et a produit un vaste materiau de nature mixte donnees quantitatives et qualitatives.

Un portrait de la nebuleuse biotechnologique qui touche les secteurs des sciences de la sante, des sciences naturelles et du genie a ete realise. Ce domaine concerne des dizaines de disciplines et se revele de nature transdisciplinaire, mais les pratiques n'y sont pas davantage marquees par le changement que celles d'autres domaines connexes. Les dynamiques sociales ont fait l'objet d'analyses comparatives dans quatre contextes: Les resultats indiquent que les echanges entre les agents traditionnellement situes au coeur des activites de recherche dominent ces dynamiques dans tous les contextes etudies.

L'etude des representations au fondement des pratiques a revele l'existence de trois ecoles de pensee qui coexistent dans le champ scientifique: Ces ecoles permettent de categoriser les agents en fonction des zones de fractures qui marquent leurs oppositions tout en identifiant ce qu'ils ont en commun.

Les representations et les pratiques liees a la formation temoignent d'un habitus plutot homogene, alors que les contradictions semblent plus souvent ancrees dans des. The new role of scientists. This scientific society has a longstanding tradition of fostering and coordinating, on an international basis, scientific studies, research, applications, exchanges, and communication in the fields of radio science and, more generally, on all aspects of electromagnetism.

One of the URSI's roles is to promote research using interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary resources. Canadian Journal of Physics. Volume 69, Number 2 Revue Canadienne de Physique. Volume 69, Numero 2. Failure occurs most rapidly at high loads. Below a critical value of the load known as the stress Polymers and metals have plastic zones at their crack tips, so that stress corrosion.

Stress Corrosion of Ceramic Materials. This type of interaction is quite different from the chemi- gies for deuterium and protium which, in barn, results in different cal Scientifique Continentale du Verre , Charleroi, Belgium, L'art de la critique. Mondialement reconnu pour ses travaux sur les quasars, il en agace aujourd'hui plus d'un en venant deranger le bel ordonnancement de la cosmologie.

Il porte sur le monde scientifique un regard tres critique, condamnant notamment ces chercheurs qui acceptent trop volontiers d'emprunter les chemins tout traces. Ii appartient bien entendu chaque Gouvernemant dlapprdcier sea prioritds, mais en se plagant dans Is cadre tracE. Volume 36, Number 4. Generalized Equations and Their Solutions. Applications to Nonlinear Programming. Composition des mailles amorphes construites 11 Tableau 2. Proprietes des polymeres et plastifiants utilises 11 Tableau 3. Comparaisons entre les Tt Channel and study permutation codes as a special case.

Under this scheme, the network stations are divided into groups , each of which is assigned a To engage the public to understand how to improve the care of critically ill patients. Public venue in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Members of the general public including patients, families of patients, health care providers, and members of the community at large.

Conventional qualitative content analysis was used to analyze the data. The inductive analysis occurred in three phases: Thirty-eight members of the public former ICU patients, family members of patients, providers, community members attended. Participants focused the discussion and provided concrete suggestions for improvement around communication family as surrogate voice, timing of conversations, decision tools and provider well-being and engagement, as opposed to medical interventions in critical care.

Research stakeholders including health care organizations, governments, and funding organizations should provide more opportunities for the public to engage in meaningful conversations about how to best improve healthcare. Radioactivity levels in major French rivers: Upstream of French nuclear plants, artificial radionuclides still detected by gamma spectrometry in , include Cs, I as well as 60 Co, 58 Co and 54 Mn in the case of the Rhine Switzerland nuclear industries.

Some of these radionuclides were found in aquatic plants until In eastern France, Cs activity in river sediments and mosses is still today two to three times greater than that observed in similar environments in western France. No Cs has been detected upstream of nuclear plants in French rivers since Downstream of nuclear plants, the gamma emitters still detected regularly in rivers in are Cs, Cs, 60 Co, 58 Co, m Ag, 54 Mn, I, together with Am downstream of the Marcoule spent fuel reprocessing plant.

Alpha and beta emitters such as plutonium isotopes and 90 Sr first entered freshwaters at the early s due to the leaching of soils contaminated by atmospheric fallout from nuclear testing. Data gathered over a period of almost thirty years of radioecological studies reveal that the only radionuclides detected in fish muscles are Cs, 90 Sr, plutonium isotopes and Am. At the scale of the. A comprehensive evaluation was conducted of the radiation protection practices and programs at prototype LMFBRs with long operational experience. The evaluation included external and internal exposure control, respiratory protection procedures, radiation surveillance practices, radioactive waste management, and engineering controls for confining radiation contamination.

Decommissioning and Dismantling of the UP1 plant and its associated units started in This facility includes 20 tanks devoted to interim storage of highly active solutions, prior to vitrification. In , a rinsing program was defined as part of the tank cleanup strategy. The main objective of the rinsing phases was to decrease activity in order to limit the volume of 'long-life active' waste produced during the decommissioning operations, so the tanks can be dismantled without the need of remote operations.

To enable this rinsing program, and anticipating large volumes of generated effluent, the construction of an evaporation unit proved to be essential. The main objective of this unit was to concentrate the effluent produced during tank rinsing operations by a factor of approximately 10, prior to it being treated by vitrification.

The evaporator design phase was launched in September The main challenge for the Project team was the installation of this new unit within a nuclear facility still in operation and in existing compartments not initially designed for this purpose. Cold operating tests were completed in , and in May , the final connections to the process were activated to start the hot test phase. During the first hot test operations performed on the first batches of clean-up effluent, the evaporator had a major operating problem.

Among the isotopes of interest, the modelisation of the U capture and fission cross sections represents a challenging task. A new description of the U neutrons induced reactions in the fast energy range is within progress in the frame of an IAEA evaluation consortium. Integration des sciences et de la langue: Creation et experimentation d'un modele pedagogique pour ameliorer l'apprentissage des sciences en milieu francophone minoritaire. Les faibles resultats en sciences des eleves du milieu francophone minoritaire, lors d'epreuves au plan national et international, ont interpelle la recherche de solutions.

Cette these avait pour but de creer et d'experimenter un modele pedagogique pour l'enseignement des sciences en milieu linguistique minoritaire. En raison de la presence de divers degres de francite chez la clientele scolaire de ce milieu, plusieurs elements langagiers l'ecriture, la discussion et la lecture ont ete integres a l'apprentissage scientifique. Nous avions recommande de commencer le processus d'apprentissage avec des elements langagiers plutot informels redaction dans un journal, discussions en dyades En ce qui a trait a l'apprentissage scientifique , le modele preconisait une demarche d'evolution conceptuelle d'inspiration socio-constructiviste tout en s'appuyant fortement sur l'apprentissage experientiel.

Lors de l'experimentation du modele, nous voulions savoir si celui-ci provoquait une evolution conceptuelle chez les eleves, et si, simultanement, le vocabulaire scientifique de ces derniers s'enrichissait. Par ailleurs, nous cherchions a comprendre comment les eleves vivaient leurs apprentissages dans le cadre de ce modele pedagogique. Une classe de cinquieme annee de l'ecole de Grande-Digue, dans le Sud-est du Nouveau-Brunswick, a participe a la mise a l'essai du modele en etudiant les marais sales locaux. Lors d'entrevues initiales, nous avons remarque que les connaissances des eleves au sujet des marais sales etaient limitees.

En effet, s'ils etaient conscients que les marais etaient des lieux naturels, ils ne pouvaient pas necessairement les decrire avec precision. Nous avons egalement constate que les eleves utilisaient surtout des mots communs plantes, oiseaux, insectes pour decrire le marais. Les resultats obtenus indiquent que les eleves ont. Objective To engage the public to understand how to improve the care of critically ill patients. Setting Public venue in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Participants Members of the general public including patients, families of patients, health care providers, and members of the community at large.

Results Thirty-eight members of the public former ICU patients, family members of patients, providers, community members attended. Once the flow develops the state of stress is a function of the rate of Starting from , ECRYS was expanded to a two-week format incorporating summer-school type tutorials of renowned scientists. What would researchers like to improve in communication initiatives? The field of astronomy communication has rapidly evolved in just the past few years, as new techniques and technologies have been adopted.

Research astronomy has also visibly changed, as automation of survey systems and the launch of new telescopes has produced a tsunami of big data sets. Today, scientists and communicators must work together to navigate the raging waters of this data flood as they strive to keep our tech-savvy society informed. Coa jauges , placgos sur chacun des 4ldmonte critiquos au point do Vuo Canadian Data Report of Hydrography and Ocean Sciences No. An assessment of the cf submarine watch schedule variants for impact on modeled crew Consideration of 5 canadian forces fire-fighter shift schedules.

A guide to task analysis. Identification of complex flows in Taylor-Couette counter-rotating cavities. The transition in confined rotating flows is a topical problem with many industrial and fundamental applications. Two complex regimes of wavy vortex and spirals are emphasized for the first time via direct numerical simulation, by using a three-dimensional spectral method. The spatio-temporal behavior of the solutions is analyzed and compared to the few data actually available. Toxoplasmose oculaire atypique chez une femme congolaise de 72 ans: Torleif Ericson 60th Birthday.

  1. The House of Silk: The Bestselling Sherlock Holmes Novel!
  2. Something to Talk About (Cochran/Deveraux Series Book 6);
  3. !
  4. ¿Verdad o Consecuencia? 4 - Luces, cámaras y… ¡Confusión! (Spanish Edition);
  5. Suite in E Minor;
  6. The first heading of your manuscript must be 'Introduction'. Phenix is the only remaining French fast breeder reactor after the shutdown of Superphenix and Rapsodie Phenix is located inside the Marcoule nuclear site along the Rhone river near Bagnols-sur-Ceze in southeastern France. It is a fast breeder reactor FBR developed at the end of the 's. Phenix is a electrical MW power plant. During the first 20 years of operation, its main aim was to demonstrate the viability of sodium-cooled FBRs. Since the radioactive waste management act, Phenix has become an irradiation tool for the actinide transmutation program.

    To extend its operating life for 6 additional cycles, it was necessary to refurbish the plant; this involved major work performed from to at a total cost of about M??. Today, with a realistic expectation, the final shutdown is planned for the beginning of The main objective of the Phenix dismantling project is to eliminate all the process equipment and clean all the building to remove all the radioactive zones. To reach this objective, three main hazards must be eliminated: Fuel criticality hazard , Sodium, Radioactive equipment.

    The complexity of decommissioning a facility such as Phenix is increased by: On the other hand, Phenix plant is still under operating with a qualified staff and the radioactivity coming from structural activation is well known. The investigation and characterization of radioactive waste pits and effluent storage tanks represents a substantial and challenging step in the overall decommissioning programme launched by AREVA NC in on the site of Marcoule on behalf of the French Atomic Energy commission.

    Physical ,radiological and regulatory constraints, combined with a tight schedule, have lead our teams to use proven conventional instrumentation and robotics in innovative configurations. One such investigation, conducted on a particularly challenging radioactive effluent storage pit, is described below. It was used for forty years as buffer storage for high activity effluents and has a length of 5 meters, a width of 3 meters , a height of 2. The mud level ranges from about 20 centimeters to over 50 centimeters. The overall mud volume is around 2. The main purpose of our investigation was to characterize the muds for future recovery and conditioning prior to decontaminating the pit.

    The history of the pit together with the varying mud altimetry lead us to believe that sedimentation had probably occurred throughout the years. We thus decided to combine dose rate measurements using IF probes, gamma spectroscopy with CdTe probes and sample collections at different depths to ensure the representativeness and full characterization of the muds.

    Poor access, ambient dose rates have lead us to conceive a robotic arm, mounted on an shaft which can be modified to fit a wide range of pits and tanks. Custom built robotic tools with maximum manoeuvrability generally involve costs and delays far exceeding our purposes. Radiochemical Applications of Insoluble Sulfate Columns. These columns behave like inorganic exchangers, working by adsorption or ion-isotopic exchange depending on the cases, and they provide selective separation of fission products employing very small volumes of fixing and eluting solutions.

    World first in high level waste vitrification - A review of French vitrification industrial achievements. This vitrification technology was based on borosilicate glasses and induction-heating. AVM was the world's first industrial HLW vitrification facility to operate in-line with a reprocessing plant. The glass formulation was adapted to commercial Light Water Reactor fission products solutions, including alkaline liquid waste concentrates as well as platinoid-rich clarification fines. The R7 and T7 facilities were designed on the basis of the industrial experience acquired in the AVM facility.

    After more than 30 years of operation, outstanding record of operation has been established by the R7 and T7 facilities. CCIM is a water-cooled induction melter in which the glass frit and the waste are melted by direct high frequency induction. This technology allows the handling of highly corrosive solutions and high operating temperatures which permits new glass compositions and a higher glass production capacity.

    Le recours aux modeles dans l'enseignement de la biologie au secondaire: Conceptions d'enseignantes et d'enseignants et modes d'utilisation. Le recours aux modeles et a la modelisation est mentionne dans la documentation scientifique comme un moyen de favoriser la mise en oeuvre de pratiques d'enseignement-apprentissage constructivistes pour pallier les difficultes d'apprentissage en sciences.

    L'etude prealable du rapport des enseignantes et des enseignants aux modeles et a la modelisation est alors pertinente pour comprendre leurs pratiques d'enseignement et identifier des elements dont la prise en compte dans les formations initiale et disciplinaire peut contribuer au developpement d'un enseignement constructiviste des sciences.

    Plusieurs recherches ont porte sur ces conceptions sans faire de distinction selon les matieres enseignees, telles la physique, la chimie ou la biologie, alors que les modeles ne sont pas forcement utilises ou compris de la meme maniere dans ces differentes disciplines. Notre recherche s'est interessee aux conceptions d'enseignantes et d'enseignants de biologie au secondaire au sujet des modeles scientifiques , de quelques formes de representations de ces modeles ainsi que de leurs modes d'utilisation en classe. Les resultats, que nous avons obtenus au moyen d'une serie d'entrevues semi-dirigees, indiquent que globalement leurs conceptions au sujet des modeles sont compatibles avec celle scientifiquement admise, mais varient quant aux formes de representations des modeles.

    L'examen de ces conceptions temoigne d'une connaissance limitee des modeles et variable selon la matiere enseignee. Le niveau d'etudes, la formation prealable, l'experience en enseignement et un possible cloisonnement des matieres pourraient expliquer les differentes conceptions identifiees. En outre, des difficultes temporelles, conceptuelles et techniques peuvent freiner leurs tentatives de modelisation avec les eleves.

    Toutefois, nos resultats accreditent l'hypothese que les conceptions des enseignantes et des enseignants eux-memes au sujet des modeles, de leurs formes de representation et de leur approche. Il ne pourrait exister sans elle. Master equation with quantized atomic motion including dipole-dipole interactions. We derive a markovian master equation for the internal dynamics of an ensemble of two-level atoms including all effects related to the quantization of their motion.

    Our equation provides a unifying picture of the consequences of recoil and indistinguishability of atoms beyond the Lamb-Dicke regime on both their dissipative and conservative dynamics, and is relevant for experiments with ultracold trapped atoms. We give general expressions for the decay rates and the dipole-dipole shifts for any motional states, and we find analytical formulas for a number of relevant states Gaussian states, Fock states and thermal states. In particular, we show that the dipole-dipole interactions and cooperative photon emission can be modulated through the external state of motion.

    The effects predicted should be experimentally observable with Rydberg atoms. FD would like to thank the F. In its third year of existence, the French Phage Network Phages. With more than 25 groups, mostly based in France, working on the various aspects of phage research, the network has increased its visibility, interactivity, and activity.

    The third meeting of the Phages. Here we provide a summary of the work presented at this occasion during the oral presentations and poster sessions. Challenges to reestablishment of free-ranging populations of black-footed ferrets. The black-footed ferret Mustela nigripes of North America is critically endangered due in part to its extreme specialization on formerly stable and abundant prairie dogs Cynomys. Its close relative, the Siberian polecat M.

    One source of environmental variation in Asian steppes was plague caused by Yersina pestis , which was absent from North America. Introduction of plague to North America presents serious challenges to ferret recovery. Partial solutions to other biological and political problems have been found, resulting in improved production in captivity, increased survival post-release, and thriving populations in plague-free South Dakota. One of the greatest discoveries of modern times is that of the expanding Universe, almost invariably attributed to Hubble Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America The French paper was meticulously censored when published in English: Stigler's law of eponymy is yet again affirmed: Il a obtenu le prix Nobel en D1B a suitable instrument for studying a large variety of polycrystalline materials.

    Its gold wires provide a neutron detection point every 0. The ROC is made of gadolinium- based absorbing collimation blades, regular placed every 0. Here the present characteristics of D1B are reviewed and the different experimental performances will be presented. Making Time for Spacetime: Science Cafes are live and lively events that take place in casual settings such as coffeehouses or bars, are open to everyone, and feature an engaging conversation with a scientist about a compelling scientific topic.

    The Science Cafe movement in the United States is a grassroots effort to really engage the public in discussions about science and its relevance to society, inspired by the United Kingdom Cafe Scientifique organization. With support from NOVA and the related website sciencecafes. This presentation will discuss the goals and models of the Science Cafe movement, the Cosmic Cafe effort, lessons learned, and how you can get involved. A model for the construction of elementary concepts.

    The career paths of women and men in French research. This paper presents results from a qualitative study of perceptions of science careers in the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique CNRS , the main research institution in France. Its aim is to understand the 'glass ceiling' effect, which reduces the proportion of women at the higher levels of the career hierarchy.

    Long interviews were carried out with men, as well as women, support staff and researchers. Factors such as tension between individual and collective dimensions of research activity, and long-term time-management problems, were identified: Organizations bear an important responsibility through the way they reinforce or alleviate difficulties that women and men face in contributing to scientific research at all levels. Morocco, Kingdom of the young geologist! The Kingdom of Morocco is a country of 33 million people where about thirty French schools enroll 32, students including a majority of Moroccans.

    E, "Agency for French Teaching Abroad". Sixteen professors teach S. The programs involved are French but the biology-geology colleagues seek to place the teaching of geology in the context of Morocco through the choice of Moroccan examples. The laboratory is equipped with a seismometer in the network "Sismos to School" https: We organize several field trips: These field trips will be presented in this poster. Students make field studies: Some works are evaluated during the field trip, others are the subject of home work: Conference on Precision Electromagnetic Measurements.

    This conference, which is held every two years and whose importance and high level, confirmed by thirty years' experience, are recognized throughout the world, can be considered as a forum in which scientists, metrologists and professionals will have the opportunity to present and compare their research results on fundamental constants, standards and new techniques of precision measurement in the electromagnetic domain.

    Topics The following topics are regarded as the most appropriate for this conference: There will also be a session on international cooperation. Conference Language The conference language will be English. No translation will be provided. Throughout history, the mysterious dark skies have inspired our imaginations in countless ways, influencing our endeavors in science and philosophy, religion, literature, and art. Filled with full-color illustrations, Celestial Treasury shows the influence of astronomical theories and the richness of illustrations in Western civilization through the ages. The authors explore the evolution of our understanding of astronomy and weave together ancient and modern theories in a fascinating narrative.

    They incorporate a wealth of detail from Greek verse, medieval manuscripts and Victorian poetry with contemporary spacecraft photographs and computer-generated star charts. Celestial Treasury is more than a beautiful book: When and how did Earth come about? No other book recounts humankind's fascination with the heavens as compellingly as Celestial Treasury. He is the author of Black Holes, Cambridge , as well as science documentaries for television.

    Since the French Atomic and Alternatives Energy Commission CEA was founded in to carry out research programmes on use of nuclear, and its application France has set up and run various types of installations: Some of these are currently being dismantled or must be dismantled soon so that the DEN, the Nuclear Energy Division, can construct new equipment and thus have available a range of R and D facilities in line with the issues of the nuclear industry of the future. The dismantling techniques are nowadays operational, even if sometimes certain specific developments are necessary to reduce the cost of operations.

    Thanks to availability of techniques and guarantees of dismantling programme financing now from two dedicated funds, close to euro 15, M for the next thirty years, for current or projected dismantling operations, the CEA's Nuclear Energy Division has been able to develop, when necessary, its immediate dismantling strategy. Currently, nearly thirty facilities are being dismantled by the CEA's Nuclear Energy Division operational units with industrial partners. Thus the next decade will see completion of the dismantling and radioactive clean-up of the Grenoble site and of the facilities on the Fontenay-aux-Roses site.

    By , the dismantling of the UP1 plant at Marcoule , the largest dismantling work in France, will be well advanced, with all the process equipment dismantled. A special feature of dismantling operations at the. The irradiations were carried out at the 7-MV Van de Graaff accelerator. The induced activity was measured by standard gamma-ray spectrometry using a high-purity germanium detector.

    Below 15 MeV, the present results are in agreement with data obtained earlier. The present data are in good agreement with predictions obtained with the talys code that uses an optical and fission model developed at CEA. This is the latest in this successful and popular series of conferences, which previously took place in Toronto , London , Amsterdam , Heidelberg , Athens , New Orleans , Geneva , Edinburgh , Hamburg and Ann Arbor Grenoble is one of the major research centres in Europe, with a very large number of researchers in various fields, especially Physics and Chemistry, Mathematics and Computer Sciences, Biology and Medicine, and Earth and Universe Sciences.

    There are two internationally recognized scientific Universities: These two volumes contain papers presented both in oral and poster sessions. The papers are not organised in order of presentation, but according to the alphabetical order of the family name of the first author of each paper. It is our pleasure to thank the authors for the excellent level of their submissions. We would like to take this opportunity to. Magnetic field structure in single late-type giants: The weak G-band giant 37 Comae from to This work studies the magnetic activity of the late-type giant 37 Com. This star belongs to the group of weak G-band stars that present very strong carbon deficiency in their photospheres.

    The paper is a part of a global investigation into the properties and origin of magnetic fields in cool giants. One map of the surface magnetic field of the star is reconstructed via the Zeeman Doppler imaging ZDI inversion technique. A periodogram analysis is performed on our dataset and it reveals a rotation period of days. We interpret this period to be the rotation period of 37 Com. The reconstructed magnetic map reveals that the structure of the surface magnetic field is complex and features a significant toroidal component.

    The time variability of the line activity indicators, radial velocity and magnetic field Bl indicates a possible evolution of the surface magnetic structures in the period from to For completeness of our study, we use customized stellar evolutionary models suited to a weak G-band star.

    Synthetic spectra are also calculated to confirm the peculiar abundance of 37 Com. We deduce that 37 Com is a 6. The same period is also found in our spectral data. The light curve is non-sinusoidal with hints of a gradual change in its shape as a function of time. The photometric variations nevertheless remain coherent over several cycles and we estimate that the coherence timescale of the light curve is of the order of 60 days.

    The spectroscopy shows large-scale line-profile variability which can be interpreted as excess emission peaks moving from one side of the profile to the other on a timescale of several days. Although we cannot unequivocally exclude the unlikely possibility that WR 1 is a binary, we propose that the nature of the variability we have found strongly suggests that it is due to the presence in the wind of the WR star of large-scale structures, most likely corotating interaction regions CIRs , which are predicted to arise in inherently unstable radiatively driven winds when they are perturbed at their base.

    Finally, assuming that the period of CIRs is related to the rotational period, we estimate the rotation rate of the four stars for which sufficient monitoring has been carried out, i. Evaluation d'un scenario d'apprentissage favorisant la mobilisation des habiletes reliees au processus d'enquete. Les resultats au Programme international pour le suivi des acquis des eleves PISA demontrent que les jeunes neobrunswickois francophones se classent b un niveau significativement inferieur comparaiivement aux eleves anglophones du Nouveau-Brunswick, aux eleves des autres provinces canadiennes et se classent sous la moyenne internationale de tous les pays participants quant b la culture scientifique.

    L'evaluation de cette culture scientifique est basee sur une serie de savoirs, de savoir-faire et de savoir-etre reliee au processus d'enquete scolaire. Le processus d'enquete scolaire est une approche b l'apprentissage ou les eleves effectuent des recherches d'informations, discutent d'idees et entreprennent des investigations pour augmenter leur comprehension d'un probleme ou d'un sujet. Les recherches demontrent que le processus d'enquete scolaire est rarement une composante pedagogique importante de la salle de classe et les recherches portant sur l'implantation du processus d'enquete scolaire recommandent de rendre ce dernier plus accessible aux enseignantes et aux enseignants.

    Afin de rendre le processus d'enquete plus accessible aux enseignantes et aux enseignants, notre recherche porte sur l'evaluation de la valeur pedagogique d'un scenario d'apprentissage PhaRoboS concu specialement pour creer un environnement dans lequel les eleves auront plusieurs occasions a mobiliser les habiletes reliees au processus d'enquete. Les retombees de cette evaluation nous permettront d'offrir des pistes de remediations afin d'aider plus d'enseignantes et d'enseignants b creer un environnement dans lequel les eleves auront plusieurs occasions b mobiliser les habiletes reliees au processus d'enquete.

    Cette evaluation s'est faite a partir d'une methodologie inspiree de l'evaluation pour fin d'amelioration d'un objet pedagogique. L'analyse des donnees qualitatives recueillies aupres des eleves et de leur enseignante d'une ecole francophone du Nouveau-Brunswick semble montrer que. The MiMeS survey of magnetism in massive stars: CNO surface abundances of Galactic O stars.

    The evolution of massive stars is still partly unconstrained. Mass, metallicity, mass loss, and rotation are the main drivers of stellar evolution. Binarity and the magnetic field may also significantly affect the fate of massive stars. Our goal is to investigate the evolution of single O stars in the Galaxy.

    For that, we used a sample of 74 objects comprising all luminosity classes and spectral types from O4 to O9. We relied on optical spectroscopy obtained in the context of the MiMeS survey of massive stars. We determined the surface properties of the sample stars, with special emphasis on abundances of carbon, nitrogen, and oxygen. We show that nitrogen is more enriched and carbon and oxygen are more depleted in supergiants than in dwarfs, with giants showing intermediate degrees of mixing.

    CNO abundances are observed in the range of values predicted by nucleosynthesis through the CNO cycle. More massive stars, within a given luminosity class, appear to be more chemically enriched than lower mass stars. The effect of magnetism on surface abundances is unconstrained. Elliptical Chandler pole motions of the Earth and Mars. The account of influence of a liquid core on considered parameters of motion of poles of planet with elastic mantle also is discussed in report on the base of author's approach developed in the paper Ferrandiz, Barkin, Arlot Dynamics, ephemerides and astrometry of the solar system.

    Astronomical and Astrophysical Transactions, v. Journees 'Systems de reference spatio temporals' September, , Paris, France. New concepts and models for high accuracy observations. Book of abstracts, Observatoire de Paris, pp. Astronomy and geodesy in new. This paper discusses the galaxy populations of three rich clusters, with redshifts 0.

    Our recent first-principles calculations of the electronic and vibrational properties of the hexagonal transition-metal dichalcogenides reveal that their Born effective charges display a counterintuitive sign when compared to most other materials or transition-metal dichalcogenides with trigonal symmetry. We determine the origin of this counterintuitive sign by calculating the electronic, vibrational, and optical properties of these systems. We show that the sign of the Born effective charge is directly related to the electric field response of the electronic density, and, in turn, to the bonding characteristics of the material.

    We propose a method of determining if other materials display a similar counterintuitive sign, based on their bonding characteristics, and propose experiments which could measure the sign of the Born effective charge using different spectroscopies. The National Optical Astronomy Observatory has designed and implemented a prototype educational program designed to test and understand best practices with high school students to promote an understanding of modern astronomy research with its emphasis on large data sets, data tools, and visualization tools.

    In our program, we provide a free, fun way for teens to explore current research topics in astronomy on Saturday mornings at the NOAO headquarters. The program encourages stimulating conversations with astronomers in an informal and relaxed setting, with free food of course.

    The high school students who attend have the opportunity to interact with expert astronomers working with large astronomical data sets on topics such as killer asteroids, the birth and death of stars, colliding galaxies, the structure of the universe, gravitational waves, gravitational lensing, dark energy, and dark matter.

    The students also have the opportunity to explore astronomical data sets and data tools using computers provided by the program. The meeting drew more than attendees and most contributed through poster presentations , invited talks and short talks selected from poster abstracts 48 in total. The talks were organized into four scientific sessions, focused on: Here, we present highlights from the talks given during the platform sessions. Autisme et douleur — analyse bibliographique. The present study deals with the welding of titanium alloys thin sheets 1.

    The experimental part of the work took place at a medium size solar furnace at the installation of the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique , at Odeillo, in Southern France, where similar and dissimilar defect-free welds of titanium Grades 4 and 6 were achieved, in the butt joint configuration. After the determination of the appropriate welding conditions, the optimum welded structures were examined and characterized microstructurally, by means of light optical microscopy, scanning electron microscopy, and microhardness testing. In addition, test pieces extracted from the weldments were tested under uniaxial tensile loading aiming to the estimation of the strength and the ductility of the joint.

    The analysis of the experimental results and the recorded data led to the basic concluding remarks which demonstrate increased hardness distribution inside the fusion area and severe loss of ductility, but adequate yield and tensile strength of the welds. Redistribution of annexin in gravistimulated pea plumules. We used immunocytochemistry to investigate the effects of gravistimulation on annexin localization in etiolated pea plumule shoots. In longitudinal sections, an asymmetric annexin immunostaining pattern was observed in a defined group of cells located just basipetal to apical meristems at the main shoot apex and at all of the axillary buds, an area classically referred to as the leaf gap.

    The pattern was observed using both protein-A-purified anti-annexin and affinity-purified anti-annexin antibodies for the immunostaining. A subset of the cells with the annexin staining also showed an unusually high level of periodic acid Schiff PAS staining in their cell walls.

    Prior to gravistimulation, the highest concentration of annexin was oriented toward the direction of gravity along the apical end of these immunostained cells. In contrast, both at 15 and 30 min after gravistimulation, the annexin immunostain became more evenly distributed all around the cell and more distinctly cell peripheral. The asymmetry along the lower wall of these cells was no longer evident. In accord with current models of annexin action, we interpret the results to indicate that annexin-mediated secretion in the leaf gap area is preferentially toward the apical meristem prior to gravistimulation, and that gravistimulation results in a redirection of this secretion.

    These data are to our knowledge the first to show a correlation between the vector of gravity and the distribution of annexins in the cells of flowering plants. Science on the Fairgrounds: From Black to White Magic. During the 18th and 19th centuries, numerous "entrepreneurs de spectacles scientifiques " — a new category of "stall-keepers" — travelled around France, displaying their scientific shows to the public. They turned out to be physics demonstrators, magicians, mechanical engineers or curators of museums of anatomy.

    A general survey of these shows is not easy because we have but few documents to consider. Through a various set of texts and pictures, we'll try to understand the general philosophy of these shows: But above all, we will see that these shows played an important part in popularizing the 19th century scientific achievement as well as achieving the 18th century goal of the Enlightenment. Finally, we may question and discuss the 21st century answer to the question of science understood as entertainment: Stargazers who may have missed the last total solar eclipse of the 20th century this past summer have just been given another chance to observe this "once in a lifetime" occurrence.

    Inside Glorious Eclipses they will find startling images and rich personal accounts that fully capture this event and other recent eclipses. The book will also insure that readers will not miss another eclipse in the next 60 years! Specially designed in a beautiful, large format, the volume portrays eclipses of all kinds--lunar, solar, and those occurring elsewhere in the Solar System and beyond. Brunier and Luminet have gathered together all aspects of eclipses, and carefully selected a host of lavish images.

    The authors detail the history of eclipses, the celestial mechanics involved, their observation, and scientific interest. Personal accounts of recent eclipses are also included as well as all relevant information about forthcoming eclipses up to Complete with NASA maps and data, Glorious Eclipses is the ultimate source for all those interested in these remarkable and rare celestial events.

    Serge Brunier is chief editor of the journal Ciel et Espace, a photo-journalist, and the author of many nonfiction books aimed at both specialists and the general public. He is the author of many popular astronomy books, including Black Holes Cambridge University Press, Facility for assessing spectral normal emittance of solid materials at high temperature. Spectral emittance is a key topic in the study of new compositions, depositions, and mechanical machining of materials for solar absorption and for renewable energies in general.

    The present work reports on the realization and testing of a new experimental facility for the measurement of directional spectral emittance in the range of 2. We describe the layout and first tests on the device, comparing the results obtained for hafnium carbide and tantalum diboride ultrarefractory ceramic samples to previous quasi-monochromatic measurements carried out in the PROMES-CNRS PROcedes, Materiaux et Energie Solaire- Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique , France solar furnace, obtaining a good agreement.

    Finally, to assess the reliability of the widely used approach of estimating the spectral emittance from room-temperature reflectance spectrum, we compared the calculation in the 2. In a momentum transfer range between 0. At every kinematics H e,e' data were taken to study systematic effects of the measurement. These new precise measurements resolve discrepancies between older data sets and put significant constraints on existing models of the deuteron electromagnetic structure.

    Arat - Fokker 27, aircraft facility. ARAT is a versatile flying laboratory offering several scientific configurations: A new project, with new aircraft, within the frame of an Integrated Infrastructure Initiative of the Sixth Framework Programme is currently in preparation. Probability distribution of financial returns in a model of multiplicative Brownian motion with stochastic diffusion coefficient. It is well-known that the mathematical theory of Brownian motion was first developed in the Ph.

    We solved the corresponding Fokker-Planck equation exactly and found an analytic formula for the time-dependent probability distribution of stock price changes returns. The formula interpolates between the exponential tent-shaped distribution for short time lags and the Gaussian parabolic distribution for long time lags.

    The theoretical formula agrees very well with the actual stock-market data ranging from the Dow-Jones index [2] to individual companies [3], such as Microsoft, Intel, etc. The Paris Observatory Library. Paris Observatory founded in by Louis XIV is one of the so called "Grand Etablissement" under of the aegis of the Ministry of higher education and research, and includes two other centres: Meudon Observatory and the Radioastronomy centre in Nancay, created respectively in and The decree which gave birth to the library itself was signed in by Louis XVI.

    In Meudon is joined to Paris. The total number of bound volumes, including journals, is This comprises periodical titles of which are current titles , monographs, photographs, incunabula and manuscripts from the 16th to the 20th century, microfilm versions of historical material. The collections of two libraries are complementary. The catalogue is available on national networks such as the Pancatalogue or CCN. It may also be accessed on the international OCLC network. Finally the library may be accessed on internet via WWW.

    Year has been marked in France by the vote in the Parliament of the Planning Act of 28 June, , concerning the sustainable management of radioactive materials and waste. It included the study of several alternatives to the geological disposal of long lived high level radioactive waste.

    Those alternatives have been thoroughly studied and assessed before the Government decided to submit the bill to the Parliament. Experience has been gained not only on the scientific and technical aspects, but also in the field of decision making process, also called now governance.

    However, not only the results of the research programme were decisive in preparing the bill, but also of major importance were the industrial experience of ANDRA and the rigorous programme management along all those years. Main lessons learnt from the experience are given in this paper. The Adler serves diverse audiences in the Chicagoland area and elsewhere. Each audience has unique needs to be taken into account when designing for IYA. The Adler has created a suite of programs for IYA that addresses a number of topical strands, tailored for the many audiences that Adler serves.

    Adler has found synergy between some existing programs designed for these audiences and IYA thematic strands. One advantage of this is that it increases the likelihood of program sustainability. The presenters will focus on the range of programming and how they bring together IYA topics as well as addressing the needs of our identified audiences. Plasma membrane NADH oxidase of maize roots responds to gravity and imposed centrifugal forces. NADH oxidase activities measured with excised roots of dark-grown maize Zea mays seedlings and with isolated plasma membrane vesicles from roots of dark-grown maize oscillated with a regular period length of 24 min and were inhibited by the synthetic auxin 2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetic [correction of dichorophenoxyacetic] acid.

    The activities also responded to orientation with respect to gravity and to imposed centrifugal forces. Turning the roots upside down resulted in stimulation of the activity with a lag of about 10 min. Returning the sections to the normal upright position resulted in a return to initial rates. The activity was stimulated reversibly to a maximum of about 2-fold with isolated plasma membrane vesicles, when subjected to centrifugal forces of 25 to x g for 1 to 4 min duration.

    These findings are the first report of a gravity-responsive enzymatic activity of plant roots inhibited by auxin and potentially related to the gravity-induced growth response. Follow-up of a report of a potential linkage for schizophrenia on chromosome 22qq Diagnostic, laboratory, and analytical reliability exercises were conducted among the groups to ensure uniformity of procedures.

    This study provided no evidence for linkage or heterogeneity for the region 22qq13 under this model. We conclude that if this region confers susceptibility to schizophrenia, it must be in only a small proportion of families. Collaborative efforts to obtain large samples must continue to play an important role in the genetic search for clues to complex psychiatric disorders such as schizophrenia. Charles Gerhardt's life and work is rather well-known thanks to Grimaux and Tiffeneau. His reform of the equivalents, his classification, his obtention of organic acid anhydrids and his famous Treatise of Organic Chemistry.

    His active collaboration to the Revue scientifique et industrielle du Docteur Quesneville, the creation of his Comptes-Rendus des Travaux de Chimie. Are not so often quoted. Thanks to his translations and reviews, German chemical advancements became well known in France Gerhardt was Liebig's translator for almost all his life, even through the fluctuations of their personal relation. He was the representative of German chemistry in France. With Auguste Laurent, with whom he is constantly associated, things need to be examined precisely.

    Laurent and Gerhardt, friends at a moment, cannot be confounded. Though they worked together for some years, they were not engaged in a similar project. Besides an experimentalist, Laurent was essentially a theorician of chemistry, whereas Gerhardt refused to think about atoms and arrangements. Formulas have to describe relations between facts, in no case anything about arrangements. For posterity however, Gerhardt will be, on the same level as Laurent, the creator of modern chemistry doctrines.

    On the performance of updating Stochastic Dynamic Programming policy using Ensemble Streamflow Prediction in a snow-covered region. Stochastic Dynamic Programming SDP is known to be an effective technique to find the optimal operating policy of hydropower systems. Managed by Rio Tinto Alcan RTA , this system is subject to large streamflow volumes in spring due to important amount of snow depth during the winter season. Therefore, the operating policy should not only maximize production but also minimize the risk of flooding. These scenarios are used into the SDP to optimize the new release policy for the next time steps.

    This routine is then repeated over the entire simulation period. Results are compared with those obtained by using SDP on historical inflow scenarios. Encore et toujours une femme Pourtant, quand on doit citer un astronome -- historique -- au hasard, on pense le plus souvent -- des hommes: Micromechanical Study of Metals.

    The Institut Scientifique Experimental des Transports at Moscow established toward the end of had since its inception included in its program the study of the mechanism of plastic deformation and the problems associated with it with reference to the materials of the means of transport. Before the program thus determined upon could be carried out, it was necessary to adopt a method of research, or, more exactly, a system of such methods.

    Because of the modest equipment of the laboratory of the recently established institute, the choice of any particular method was determined not only by the advantages it offered but also by the resources available. As a result of a series of studies and investigations, a method was determined upon which in this paper will be denoted as the micromechanical method. The underlying basis of this method is already known.